Dormole continues to invest in Tools and Fixings Trade

FORGEFIX owner, Dormole Ltd has continued its policy of investing in independent suppliers to the Tools and Fixings Trade by taking a majority stake in Harrison & Clough (H&C), the fixings and fasteners wholesaler based in Keighley.

Michael Brown, MD of Forgefix who led the discussions with H&C commented: “We have long been admirers of H&C who have developed several market leading brands such as MetalMate, MasonMate and TimberMate that all complement our existing ranges and we believe that by combining resources we can greatly improve our offering to customers.”

H&C Managing Director Mark Hutchinson said: “As an independent, privately run business it has become increasingly difficult for us to maintain the level of investment that is required to develop our ranges and services in the way that we want, and the market demands. Therefore, the opportunity to join the Dormole group, who share our values and ambitions, is ideal.

“We have seen the way they have invested in companies such as Forgefix, Olympia and BIZ and have been impressed by how they have grown those businesses. We are all really excited by the opportunities this collaboration will bring for all stakeholders - customers, suppliers and colleagues.”

Michael Brown continued: “I am absolutely confident that this investment is an excellent fit for all involved and will enable us to improve our offer to our customers whilst at the same time providing a very positive future for the H&C and Forgefix teams.

"The management team at Keighley, will continue to run the business with the additional backing of the resources and support of the Dormole group.”

Obituary feature: John Twallin

JOHN Twallin, who died on December 14, was the driving force behind the creation and growth of the tools and hardware distributor Toolbank, and of its parent company, the Dormole group.

John Twallin (or JT as he was affectionately known) was effectively born into the tool trade: he was a direct descendant of Ann Buck and her son John Roe Hickman, who together founded the tool distributor Buck & Hickman in London in the mid 19th century.

Following national service, which included qualification as a Russian interpreter, John joined Buck & Hickman in the early 1950s and rose to become purchasing director. In late 1971, however, the firm fell victim to a hostile takeover bid, and the new owners told him his services were no longer required and he could leave at the end of the week.

Arthur Clemson, Buck & Hickman’s sales director, was unimpressed with the new owners and the way the family had been treated. “If I had my time again,” he told John, “I would start on my own”; and together they planned the launch of a midlands-based wholesale tool distributor with a crucial difference from Buck & Hickman: they would sell only to the retail trade, not to end-users. They re-mortgaged their houses, and with a loan from John’s mother, set up CA Clemson & Sons. Clemsons opened for business on February 28 1972, achieving sales of £204,000 and net profit of just £1,056 in its first year. 

It was clear that the new business would not initially be able to support both of them, so John took a job with the engineers’ merchants Thomas P Headland; and while still working there he was introduced to Curtis Holt, a small tool wholesaler in Kent. Curtis Holt MD David Lister could see the potential benefits of having Buck & Hickman’s former purchasing director on board, and appointed John as a non-executive director in December 1971. Then early in 1974, David Lister invited John and Arthur to buy him out. They didn’t have the cash, but persuaded Lister and the other Curtis Holt shareholders to take loan stock, repayable over five years. An off-the-shelf company, Dormole, was used to complete the purchase, and John became chairman with Arthur as MD.

Over the following 45 years, Dormole grew to become the UK’s leading distributor of hand tools and power tools to the hardware trade, to builders merchants, and later to the fast-growing online market. Early expansion included opening branches in south Wales, Norwich (under the noses of rivals RCF, who were planning a move in the same territory), Bradford, and Southampton.

But the emphasis was never on sheer size. The 1979 catalogue spelled out the ethos of the business: “We do not wish to give anyone the impression of great size, for great size does not add anything to the efficiency of a distributive unit. We aim to be considered as small but efficient companies, servicing local areas but strengthening each other through our association together.” John believed deeply in letting the branch managers run their branches, and fostered a policy of branch autonomy which continued as the group grew. Having the stock was a vital point, too: “Stock was the basis on which our business was founded,” John recalled much later. “We weren’t great businessmen, but we did know that the only way to get business was to have the stock.”

The Toolbank brand was registered in 1979, but at trade shows in the early 1980s the company was still exhibiting as Curtis Holt and Clemsons, sub-titled ‘The Tool Bank Group of Companies’. It was not until the 1984 edition of the catalogue was published – the first of many Big Blue Books – that the Toolbank name appeared as a national brand for the first time, and definitively as a single word.

More expansion followed: the Exeter branch opened in 1980, and in 1981 the group acquired a garden machinery business called Godfreys – later sold to a management buy-out. The same year, John was tipped off that rival distributor PTS was in talks to buy the Glasgow wholesaler Finnie & Co. His buccaneering instinct came to the fore – he and Arthur flew to Scotland and a deal was agreed within two weeks. “So quickly, in fact, that Finnie’s agreement came through on the very same day as we got approval from the Midland Bank, on whose support we had rather irresponsibly been relying,” said John. Dennis Lloyd, his financial advisor, was less than impressed: “Don’t you ever do that to me again,” he said.

Expansion continued through the 1980s: the launch of the Hand Tool Distributors operation, servicing DIY superstore customers; the acquisition of Rees Jones in Warrington and the opening of the north London branch in Bushey; the acquisition of a minority shareholding in the French wholesaler Denuziere; the start of a daily delivery service, initially from the Bushey branch; the launch of the XMS Christmas promotion; and the successful re-launch of the Faithfull brand. Amid all this, Arthur Clemson retired in 1985, and thereafter John drove the business forward at the head of a team of long-serving and trusted colleagues.

The 1990s saw the creation of a national warehouse for slower-moving specialist lines, freeing up space in the branches and reducing the group’s overall stock level without impairing availability. But it was also in the 1990s that John fought his biggest battle, after the power tool maker Bosch, which accounted for 25% of Toolbank’s turnover, abruptly ended their 10-year trading relationship. In the absence of a formal written contract – John was a firm believer in the weight of a handshake – Bosch refused to accept that their action had been in breach of the gentlemen’s agreement. It took four years of legal argument, including a period of several months when John was seriously ill, before Toolbank’s claim was settled, the day before the case was due to come to court.

In the meantime, Toolbank had successfully replaced the Bosch range with other brands; and a successful and amicable trading relationship was re-established some years later when Dormole acquired a majority shareholding in the specialist power tools distributor Biz, which included Bosch in its range.

Following his illness, John decided to take a step back from the day-to-day management of the group. A Toolbank management board was set up with Andrew Strong as CEO, and John focused on his role as chairman of the Dormole parent board, although for many years afterwards he continued to play an active part in trading matters.

In 1995, the company unveiled Toolbank Express, the first significant step taken by a UK tool wholesaler towards a coherent online proposition, and which would evolve into a few years later; and in 1997 it opened its first accounts with stockists in the Republic of Ireland. Profits were continually ploughed back into the business, funding new and bigger warehouses, continuously updated IT systems, and more marketing and promotional support for the customers. By 2002, group sales had reached £100m.

When in 2003 Neill Tools terminated a 25-year trading relationship without warning, John and his colleagues decided not to pursue a legal fight; instead they concentrated on replacing the Neill-owned ranges, and with the support of their other key supply partners quickly retrieved the lost business.

The global financial crisis in 2008 saw Dormole sales decline by 9%, and then by a further 9% the following year. For Andrew Strong, it showed the importance of shareholder support. “It was the ultimate test – in contrast to many companies in the industry, where there were people having to re-apply for their jobs and so on,” he said. “John and his family were all massively supportive – and over the long term, they have given huge support to the management team and its policies.”

Acquisitions continued: the hand tools maker Olympia, the fastenings specialist ForgeFix, and the aforementioned majority share in the distributor Biz Power Tools. These companies were consolidated within Dormole’s acquisition operation Galleon Investments. In 2018, with Brexit looming, the group strengthened its position in the EU with the takeover of the leading Irish tool distributor, Tucks O’Brien, and its sister company Tucks Fasteners & Fixings.

John decided in 2014 to step down as chairman of the business he had co-founded 42 years earlier. “Andrew and other members of the Dormole and Toolbank boards have taken on a greater and greater share of my workload in recent years, so it is therefore very much ‘business as usual’ as far as the company is concerned,” he said. He remained a non-executive director and continued to take a close interest in the group’s progress – but his presence at the Dartford office became less and less frequent.

“He was a real entrepreneur, a fearsome negotiator, and passionate about promoting the interests of wholesale distribution and Dormole in particular,” said Andrew Strong. “He drove us on at times when the odds seemed insurmountable because he believed so strongly in the business and the team that he had built. His love of the business and everyone in it, who he referred to as the Toolbank family, meant that the development of Toolbank and Galleon became one of the major focuses of his life. He and his family therefore kept re-investing in the business in order that it could grow and prosper.”

Recognition of the group’s achievements came from an unexpected quarter in 2015, when Toolbank was ranked number 219 out of 250 in the Sunday Times Top Track 250 ‘league table’ of independent medium-size private companies in the UK ranked by turnover. The ranking actually understated the group’s position, as the Sunday Times looked only at Curtis Holt’s accounts, and neglected to include CA Clemson. When the companies merged in 2018, and the figures included Clemson’s sales as well as Dormole’s, Toolbank rose to number 114 in the table.

John always saw his role as an employer as something like a benevolent patriarch, and research during 2018 confirmed that the Dormole group had an extraordinarily high proportion of long-service employees. Of the 939 people employed, nearly half had clocked up 10 years with the company. 299 had reached 15 years, and of those 299, 197 had done 20 years. In fact there were 72 people who had been with the group for 30 years or longer. There can’t be many companies – in any industry – that could match this record of loyalty and long service.

The ‘family company’ feeling is evident throughout the group, and not just because the business is still owned and run by the founders’ families. There are family connections at all levels in the business: fathers and sons, husbands and wives, generations of employees. Another staff member put it this way: “There is a ‘pitch in together’ mentality about the place”.

John was much more than just a successful businessman: he was a long-standing supporter of the industry charity, the Royal Metal Trades Benevolent Society, later re-named the Rainy Day Trust. He served as a trustee for many years, and when he stepped down, he ensured that other Dormole group representatives took his place on the charity’s board. In addition, he was a committed and generous governor of Sir Robert Geffery’s School in Landrake, Cornwall, through his association with the Worshipful Company of Ironmongers, for whom he had previously been the Master.

Also behind the scenes, he built up one of the UK’s most significant collections of rare and historic hand tools, working with honorary curator Wally Flude. For many years the collection was displayed in a locked room at the Dartford office, where it could be seen only by invited guests, but John had long cherished an ambition to have it on public view. This was finally achieved with an agreement to transfer the collection to the Ken Hawley Collection Trust in Sheffield, and the transfer took place in 2019, a few months before his death.

He is survived by his widow Elizabeth, his daughters Frances, Catherine, Philippa and Alex, and their families. His life and work will be recalled at a service of thanksgiving in Sevenoaks.

Samac grows sales team with two new appointments

LEADING nails, screws and fixings supplier Samac has grown its sales team with the appointment of two area sales managers, allowing the company to expand its distribution.

James Drury has 12 years of industry experience gained after running an independent builders merchant and developing specialist adhesives and sealant knowledge at Bond-It. James will be covering the north west coast region in an area stretching from Scotland down to Birmingham.

Steven Fielding, who has spent the past 20 years at a similar company, brings extensive product expertise to his new position. He will be covering the London and East Anglia region, and has taken over from Net Franklin who is now developing Samac’s offering in the south west of England.

During his time at an independent builders merchant, James was a Samac customer so is extremely familiar with the company’s products. He commented: “I used to buy and recommend Samac’s products, which gives me a unique view when speaking to potential customers. It’s a fantastic company and has a real family atmosphere with everyone helping and supporting each other, so I’m delighted to have joined the team.”

Steve agreed, adding: “It’s refreshing to be working for a company where everyone is extremely proactive and pushing in the same direction. I’m looking forward to growing the area and bringing in new customers.”

Trime complete the acquisition of DOA Srl

TRIME, a company specialising in the design and production of mobile light towers and associated equipment for the construction and event markets, have announced the completion of the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of DOA Srl.

DOA Srl is a well-established company currently active in the marketing of power generation machinery and hydraulic tools. They are based in Novedrate, 30 km north of Milan. The DOA management teams will continue support the company during the integrating phase with Trime in order to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

This latest acquisition is part of Trime’s strategic industrial plan. This programme includes both internal development of the Trime Group whilst pursuing similar opportunities to acquire like-minded companies with complementary product portfolios.

Mr.Andrea Fontanella, President of Trime, who leads the company together with the CEO Mr.Paolo Tacconi said: "We are delighted to welcome DOA to the Trime Group; this acquisition represents a fundamental step in our strategy to grow international markets. From today, customers around the world will be able to benefit from an even broader range of products, in addition to our range of equipment which is currently based around mobile light towers and generators”.

DOA shareholders added, "The transaction with Trime is the natural step for our company to develop a greater range of products and a wider distribution platform especially to the global rental markets".

The Trime Group is headquartered in Cassinetta di Lugagnano, near Milan, Italy. The company manufactures a wide range of sustainable lighting towers for the use on outside events, construction, rail and highway projects. Trime equipment is distributed worldwide through a line of dedicated dealers and distributors.

Bradfords invests in future local tradespeople

BRADFORDS Building Supplies, the oldest builders’ merchants in the UK and number one builders’ merchant in the South West are providing apprentices from award winning  housing association, Aster Group with tool kits to help them kick start their careers.

Seven apprentices visited Bradfords Blandford branch on 5 December to collect their Stanley Babushka toolboxes which are each worth £1000.

Carpentry and plumbing apprentices, Will Green, Liam Gale, Karl Jackson, James Hodge, Tyler Baker, Alex Sanchez, Billy McNeilly joined Aster in the Autumn of 2019 and are part of the Dorset Response East and West teams.

David Cooke, Partnership Director, Bradfords Building Supplies commented: “As an independent and family owned business with 700 staff and 55,000 customers, we take our commitment to the communities where our 42 branches are based very seriously. Working with organisations like Aster helps Bradfords to deliver on its own social value commitments. We hope the tools, provided by Bradfords will help each apprentice at the start of a rewarding career with Aster.”

Neil Shardlow, Aster head of operations, South said, “Our apprenticeship programme is an important part of our ongoing work to support the next generation of skilled trades to ensure our homes are good quality, well maintained and safe. This year we invested a record £52.5 million into repairing and maintaining our homes across the South and South West of England and this group of young people will help us to continue that delivery into the future. It’s great to see Bradfords working with us to support them.”

Bradfords, who are celebrating their 250th anniversary in 2020, have been providing building materials to developer and ethical landlord, Aster Group, since 2016. Bradford’s Partnership Team was formed to provide, innovative, customer focused solutions to Housing Providers and is an important and growing part of Bradfords business model.

Bradfords is committed to apprenticeships and currently has eight apprentices on its award-winning programme. Six apprentices from previous cohorts have entered full time employment with Bradfords.

Morris Site Machinery shines a light on innovation

ECO-aware Morris Site Machinery will spotlight its green credentials when it unveils an innovative new lighting tower alongside its world-class machinery range at the 2020 Executive Hire Show.

The UK’s number one manufacturer of mobile lighting towers plans to showcase a ground-breaking new hybrid product to meet growing demand from hirers for sustainable and reliable solutions that are better for the environment.

The new prototype will be displayed alongside the most recent addition to the SMC lighting range, the SMC SL60 Link  The six-metre-tall lighting tower can be powered from mains supply, another lighting tower, such as the SMC TL90 Evolve  or from a generator. A single Denyo Eventa 20 (20kVA three-phase generator) can power 24 SMC SL60 Link’s simultaneously using innovative daisy chain capabilities, producing an incredible 2.3 million lumens.

Morris Site Machinery will also be showcasing a new range of welders and generators at the show. The improved SMC Genpac generator range, from 6 to 200kVA, offers a reliable and robust solution for a wide range of power requirements. The SMC Weldpac 400 is the first large scale welder in the SMC range and has an impressive 3x 32A sockets delivering both three-phase and single-phase auxiliary power.

Richard Denholm, UK Sales Director, said: “We are very excited to reveal our prototype hybrid model. Our skilled designers are known for their innovation and commitment to help the hire sector to reduce its environmental impact.

“They have designed a very special addition to our range of eco-friendly lighting towers which are super silent and energy efficient. We can’t give away too many details at present, but we are confident it will make a real impact.

“We are committed to supplying the brightest and best machines which deliver value and reliability for customers. We’re looking forward to demonstrating and reinforcing our green forward-thinking approach at the show.”

The company has been exhibiting at the show since the very first Executive Hire Show in 2007. It sees it as a key event to showcase their latest product ranges and provide an opportunity to meet existing and potential customers.

Morris Site Machinery is on Stand F30 at Executive Hire Show, 5 and 6 February, Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

Pramac-Generac appoints new sales manager

WITH demands for energy increasing and a flourishing construction market in Northern and Southern Ireland, Pramac-Generac UK is growing its customer support into the territory with the appointment of a dedicated sales manager, Gavin Myers.

With over 20 years’ experience working with premium brands including Bosch, Makita and Stihl, Gavin Myers has joined the company to strategically build market share for both the Pramac and Generac portfolios across hire, agriculture, construction, hardware and engineering.

Gavin is focused on driving visibility of the full range of products including portable and industrial power, materials handling and mobile solutions featuring lighting towers, wash racks and dust suppression units, in line with the brands’ global strategy.

The Irish construction market, currently worth €20.8 billion, continues to boom as the government drives and invests in its regional development and infrastructure plans under Project Ireland 2040.

Gavin said: “Ireland is undergoing significant growth and development which presents a prime opportunity for our plant solutions. Having sold to multiple channels in the Irish market, my diverse customer network will be an ideal fit to strategically grow our footprint and help Pramac and Generac develop long term customer relationships in Ireland.”

This latest appointment will ensure that partners and customers can now have access to Pramac and Generac’s robust and hardworking solutions portfolio with direct access to teams and service requirements.

David Oates, managing director at Pramac-Generac UK, said: “We extend a warm welcome to Gavin and we’re very excited about the opportunities this market represents for our full product portfolio.”

Screwfix announces roll out of stores across Ireland

SCREWFIX has officially opened in Ireland with the roll out of its first three stores ahead of Christmas, to support its strong online business

Screwfix Sandyford and Swords have opened in Dublin with a Waterford store set to open this month, with more stores planned for next year. As part of Screwfix’s expansion plans, there is the potential for the business to open up to 40 stores over the coming years, creating over 400 employment opportunities in Ireland. The vacancies will be available in a variety of areas such as retail management, service assistants and supervisor roles.

Each store will stock 10,000 products, from power tools and work wear to heating and electrical with 24,000 products available to order online and over the phone for delivery and collection from store.

With a heritage of over 40 years in the trade and DIY industry, Screwfix are excited to announce plans for bricks and mortar stores in the Irish market to complement its already successful online business.

On the back of a particularly buoyant period in the Construction industry, Screwfix stores will open every day to provide a vast selection of essentials for tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts. The stores will help busy tradespeople get their jobs done quickly and affordably, with a Click & Collect service allowing customers to order and collect stocked goods in as little as one minute. 

Speaking about the brand’s arrival into Ireland, Screwfix CEO, John Mewett, said: “We’re extremely excited to be launching Screwfix stores in Ireland to help tradespeople get their jobs done quickly, affordably and on time. The creation of bricks and mortar stores in Ireland is a major milestone for us and a direct result of the increasing demand from Irish tradespeople for our fantastic range of products.

"Our Irish customers are already committed to our website, but we know the convenience a Screwfix store provides their local town. Screwfix offers fast, high quality customer service and a large product range that allows tradespeople to get what they want, when they need it. We’re excited about the times ahead and look forward to welcoming customers to our new stores.”

Screwfix Ireland is part of Kingfisher plc, the international home improvement company, with over 1,300 stores in 9 countries in Europe, Russia and Turkey. The company plans to invest in the Irish market to ensure that both its trade and public customers alike receive the fast, efficient counter turnaround times and service the company has built its reputation on.

European cities commit to net zero buildings

ON Wednesday 4 December, leading European cities and companies pledged to slash carbon emissions from their buildings to net zero.

Helsinki, Finland and Valladolid, Spain have signed the World Green Building Council’s (WorldGBC) Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, alongside property sector leaders BuroHappold, Carbon Credentials, Deerns, Grimshaw Architects, Grosvenor Group, Newsec Finland and Ylva.

By signing the Commitment, the cities and companies pledge to reach net zero emissions for their own buildings by 2030, and cities pledge that all buildings in their cities will meet the target by 2050. Several signatories including Helsinki have announced their intention to get there even faster, with buildings playing a central role in the city’s goal to be entirely carbon-neutral by 2035, one of the world’s most ambitious city climate targets.

Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor of Helsinki, said: “Climate change is the most crucial challenge of our time and buildings are at the heart of the fight against it. The City of Helsinki is committed to taking very ambitious measures in its building stock to reduce heat consumption and increase the use of renewable energy. About 45 percent of Helsinki's emission reduction potential is related to buildings, so for us it’s the natural place to take climate action.”

Óscar Puente Santiago, Mayor of Valladolid, said: “The climate challenge is huge and Valladolid has demonstrated its ambition to improve citizens’ lives by improving our buildings. We are working on innovative energy efficiency projects in public and private buildings, retrofitting our buildings and using solar energy. Becoming the first city in Spain to sign the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment is a great opportunity to demonstrate what must be done.”

Valladolid has committed to releasing an ambitious new law next year to drive district heating and renewable energy in new buildings, and energy improvements in some 3,000 homes per year between 2020 and 2050. Net zero carbon will also become a precondition for buildings rented by the City Council from 2030.

Helsinki and Valladolid join 26 other leading cities across the world that have already signed the Commitment. This signal of increasing ambition from European cities gives an early boost to the ‘European Green Deal’; the upcoming European Union’s flagship strategy to establish the first-climate-neutral continent.

The commitments were unveiled today at a Brussels summit hosted by the BUILD UPON2 project. Bruno Sauer, CEO of GBC España the project coordinator, said: “As the COP25 climate negotiations open in Madrid this week, the partners of the BUILD UPON2 project are calling on public and private sector leaders to commit to decarbonising their building stock, and work with us to develop ambitious strategies to renovate and regenerate our buildings.”

Private sector leaders are also stepping up to the challenge. Ylva, a major property owner in the Helsinki area is committing to net zero carbon in operations across all its buildings by 2025. Like the City of Helsinki, the company is also starting to tackle embodied carbon, a climate issue for construction that is on the rise.

Antti Kerppola, CEO, Ylva  said: “It’s our role to support Helsinki’s climate neutral city goals, and by joining the commitment we want to demonstrate that you can change the game if you set out an ambitious target and plan. Through this action we hope to inspire the 30,000 strong student community owners that our business interacts with every day.”

They are joined by Newsec Finland, a full service real estate business solutions provider for investors and building owners managing €15 billion in assets in Finland. Under the Commitment, all their occupied offices will be net zero carbon by 2030.

Grosvenor Group, one of the world's largest privately owned international property companies, has also signed the commitment. On top of taking property it directly manages - including some historic listed buildings - to net zero by 2030, the company is committed to work towards all buildings across its portfolio, directly and indirectly-managed, to be embodied and operational net zero carbon by 2050.

Grimshaw Architects is an architectural firm based in London, will achieve net zero carbon in their studios across the UK, Australia, Dubai and North America before 2030. They are also committed to designing net zero carbon buildings by 2030, and will work with the construction value chain to support this objective.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Deerns is an independent engineering firm which operates worldwide, committed to achieving zero operational carbon emissions in its own offices by 2025, and educating and influencing industry to make net zero carbon mainstream by delivering future-ready, carbon neutral designs.

BuroHappold Engineering, a UK based integrated engineering consultancy operating in 23 locations worldwide, is committing to net zero carbon in their own business operations by 2021, along with a pioneering target related to their design projects: all new build projects will be net zero carbon in operation by 2030, and all projects by 2050. Buro Happold also spearhead the recently launched ‘Engineers Declare’, a campaign calling on UK industry collaboration to drive rapidly towards zero carbon buildings.

Carbon Credentials is a professional services organisation that works with major corporations and real estate owners to reduce energy usage and manage sustainability impacts. In addition to reducing their own impacts, Carbon Credentials commits to enabling the transition to a zero carbon economy, and in 2019 impacted emissions reductions in excess of 40,000 tCO2e through work with clients.

For Ylva, Newsec, Grosvenor, Grimshaw Architects, Deerns and BuroHappold, joining the Commitment is a pathway to becoming members of EP100 – a global corporate leadership initiative for energy-smart companies, delivered by The Climate Group in partnership with the Alliance to Save Energy. It brings together energy-smart companies committed to using energy more productively, to lower greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and accelerate a clean economy. The Commitment’s inclusion of energy efficiency as an essential component to a net zero carbon strategy supports the improvement of energy productivity.

Morris Site Machinery’s new man in the North

AN experienced sales executive with an engineering background has joined leading manufacturer and distributor Morris Site Machinery.

Adrian Poole has been appointed Sales Executive for the North to sell its range of quality equipment from lighting towers to generators, welders, pumps and pressure washers, to hire companies and end users.

Based at his home in Littleborough, near Rochdale, Adrian will cover a patch from Cheshire to the Scottish borders. He said: “I started out as an engineer and have spent 25 years in sales. I wanted a new challenge where I would feel at home and could use all my experience. Joining this long- established family company is a really good fit and everything I thought it would be.”

Formerly Regional Sales Manager for Kidde Fire Systems, Adrian has sold fire protection systems for high value assets and has also worked with UK fire and rescue services, training firefighters in the use of fire pumps.

Adrian added: "I’m looking forward to renewing relationships with former contacts, meeting existing customers and building new business with the great products we have to offer.”

Morris Site Machinery is part of a fifth-generation family business group. It manufactures and supplies world leading site machinery brands and products to serve a range of sectors.


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