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Toolbank Launch NEW Leica Laser Calibration Service


Leica Geosystems is the market leader in measurement technology, and rapidly becoming the fastest growing manufacturer of laser technology products in our industry. 

Leica’s renowned Rugby range is highly regarded as the best rotational lasers on the market, however all lasers should be regularly checked for accuracy, and some applications will require a laser to carry a valid calibration certificate before being used on site.

We are proud to now to offer an in-house calibration service for Leica rotational lasers.

Which lasers can be calibrated?

Although most professional lasers can be calibrated, using the Leica Calmaster system we will only service Leica Rugby rotational lasers.  These include:

Leica Rugby 600 series:

                  Rugby 610            Horizontal levelling Only

                  Rugby 620            Horizontal levelling with slope

                  Rugby 640            Horizontal & Vertical with slope

                  Rugby 670            Horizontal with gradient control

                  Rugby 680            Horizontal with dual gradient control

Leica Rugby 800 series:

                  Rugby 810            Horizontal levelling with slope

                  Rugby 820            Horizontal with slope matching & gradient control

                  Rugby 840            Horizontal & Vertical with slope & gradient control

                  Rugby 870            Horizontal with gradient control

                  Rugby 880            Horizontal with dual gradient control

The Service:

Toolbank have installed Leica’s Calmaster calibration system, which allows us to check, adjust and provide a calibration certificate for all Leica Rugby lasers. 

Toolbank are accredited as Leica service partners and laser calibration will be as per Leica’s own factory based systems, using Leica equipment and recorded as a service record which will be shared with Leica to provide a service history for each laser.

A calibration certificate will be produced for each serviced laser, showing the actual laser output against the allowable tolerances.  This is valid for one year as proof of calibration.

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