MASTER XL 61 – professional infrared oil heater in high demand

In a new autumn/winter season, Master Climate Solutions have introduced an updated version of the 17 kW infrared oil heater: Master XL 61. In response to market needs, some improvements have been made to provide better performance and higher work comfort.

XL 61 completes the 43 kW models offer well-known across Europe for many years. It is made in Italy from the highest quality components. The most important update from the user point of view is a new socket for remote thermostat: analog or digital which greatly expands the application possibilities. There are also some modifications in air flow system and ignition transformer which now enables 100% runtime.

Infrared oil heaters have had a wide appeal to many end-users since their introduction, becoming one of the most effective and efficient forms of heating. Owing to their method of operation, these heaters do not warm the air, but radiate heat towards the target area or object, so that 100% of the heat produced is used effectively, nothing wasted. The heat is radiated rather than blown so no dust is sucked into the heater and blown into the atmosphere.

Spot heating is used extensively in the manufacture, construction, logistics and farming industries. Master XL 61 is a response to the large market demand that is expanding every year.

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Product Showcase heater Master XL61 infrared oil oil heater
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