ABUS ‘Shop-in-Shop’ Merchandising Gives Distributors Presence, Margin & Stock Turn

The ABUS ‘Shop in Store’ (SiS) merchandising unit system was first launched in the UK in 2011 and has been a spectacular success. The modern look, accentuated by the ABUS brand colours effectively puts the spotlight on the system and products on display.

Many ABUS partners have already implemented the SiS system with great success and take advantage of this modern sales solution to reap the benefits in their day-to-day business.

Cleverly packed on portable pallets, the innovative and handsome merchandising units can be quickly and efficiently set up in-store. The displays enhance and showcase the world-class market leading ABUS padlock and security ranges making eye-catching and brand enhancing merchandising.

In addition these innovative SiS units come with a complete set of colour barcode product labels for the suggested ranges. The labels are applied to backing cards specifically designed to complement the ABUS product hooks provided to make re-ordering and barcode pricing simple.

The original ABUS 1m SiS unit now has some 250m of UK exposure and includes a full range of padlocks, ‘KeyGarages’, ‘VanLocks’, wall anchors, chains and cables. This SiS im unit is an impressive 225cm high x106cm wide x 60cm deep.

Alongside the original padlock selections, ABUS SiS units can be exploited for displaying and demonstrating the increasingly popular ABUS 2 wheel, cylinder, and CCTV ranges.

For more information on the ABUS ‘Shop-in-Shop’ system, please contact ABUS UK, on 0117 204 7000 or [email protected]

ABUS Security Safety Shop in store SiS Merchandising
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