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Compact grinder removes old adhesive and more

For removing problematic materials from concrete, stone and ceramic tiles, The Preparation Group, a leading expert in environmentally friendly solutions for surface preparation, polishing, cleaning and dust containment, recommends the 180 Grinder. Ideal for professional and domestic use, its steel construction and powerful 2.5kw motor (6,600rpm) offers optimum grinding performance combined with simplicity and greater user comfort. 

The 180 Grinder’s compact design might not look as big and impressive as other 110v/240v models on the market but it packs a punch, efficiently cleaning and keying all types of surfaces, removing concrete laitance, smoothing and levelling, de-scaling and removing glue, bitumous adhesives and paint, including thermoplastic lines.

Interchangeable accessories include turbo grinding discs for hard and soft floors and PCD’s (Polycrystalline Diamond discs) for removal of adhesive and other sticky substances. 

Its condensed design enables the 180 Grinder to prepare confined spaces, tight areas and edges inaccessible to larger plant and means no more kneeling or stretching. Anti-vibration features remove the risk of hand/arm vibration meaning that there is no restriction on the length of usage. Weighing only 22.7kg and featuring a simple fold-down handle, it is quickly assembled and disassembled and easily stored and transported in a standard car boot. The unique steel floating dust shroud provides airflow, preventing restriction of movement for ease of use and is designed to be connected to a vacuum for complete dust control.

Says Tracey Glew, Group Managing Director; ‘The 180 Grinder, at up to half the price of competing grinders and operating six times faster, eats through adhesives, bitumen, sticky residue, asbestos and tar. Pairing it with one of our vacuum models creates a formidable team with no handling of dust. Robust for daily use, the 180 Grinder is a cost-effective solution, offering high productivity with low operating costs and no maintenance, for an impressive ROI and hire potential.’

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