Demolition Screwdriver Refined – punch holes effortlessly and safely with the Wiha dowel racket

Hand tool manufacturer Wiha presents an innovative new product making it easier than ever to insert dowels into soft materials. Unique in its shape and versatility, the dowel racket allows users to safely insert dowels without a drill.

A simple strike of a hammer on this new hand screwdriver avoids the need for heavier power tools, and guards against the risk of electrocution, should users hit hidden wires or cables beneath the plaster, thanks to the galvanic separation in the solid steel cap.

"Isn't there an easier way of embedding dowels in softer construction materials such as hollow block masonry, plasterboard or porous concrete, than the hassle of using a drill and an extension lead?" This is a question aimed at the manufacturer which consistently came up in Wiha user-surveys regarding existing gaps in the range. Wiha’s aim was to provide a simple, easy-to-use, quiet, lightweight and, most importantly, safe solution. What they have delivered is a hand tool for your pocket as an alternative to a conventional power drill.

The scaled 6-mm round screwdriver blade also allows you to measure depth precisely. The dowel hole itself is perfectly dimensioned as a result, thanks to the proportions of the impact screwdriver blade. With a potential electric shock prevented by the galvanic separation of the striking cap and the blade within the ergonomic handle, users avoid the risk of an electric shock if they should happen to hit wiring or cables hidden in the wall.

This new product is available from retailers in a set consisting of the dowel racket (6 mm round blade, PH2 profile) and a total of four Fischer dowels. After a prior comprehensive survey on needs and demand, and a thoroughly positive follow-up user survey on the Wiha dowel racket, Wiha is looking forward to a market launch which will not only fill a gap in the market, but will also bring user benefits.

Wiha Innovation launch dowel racket Screwdriver
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