Durability, comfort and support brought to the knees in a snap with ToughBuilt™

Wear and tear from kneeling all day can lead to more prolonged issues in the long-term so it’s important that tradesmen always have the right support to hand. Providing a stable base on a roof, preventing damage to delicate flooring and offering protection against hard and gravelly surfaces, the new ToughBuilt kneepad range from Hyde has it all covered.

This patented system eliminates the need to carry around several different pads for various jobs and removes the nuisance of pads placed in work trouser pockets moving out of place and becoming uncomfortable.

Available in a choice of foam or gel, the base of the kneepad features a TRUErgonomic design for a comfortable fit that embraces the natural shape of the knee and upper shin.. The range comprises the Rocker Snapshell cover for rough terrain, Non-Marring with a pliable rubber which won’t mark the floor, and Stabilizer featuring a wide footprint to create a stable kneeling platform and prevent pressure on the ankles.

Completing the new ToughBuilt collection are a range of foam and gel thigh support knee pads, which are perfect for the professional who spends the majority of the day kneeling. Integrated thigh support keeps the knee perfectly centred, whilst the lower platform raises the shin off of the ground to alleviate pressure on the ankles.

ToughBuiltTM products are distributed in the UK by Hyde. For more information call 0121 705 7987, visit www.toughbuilt.co.uk or email [email protected].

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