MASTER BV 500 heater - the new aspect of heating

MASTER Climate Solutions has introduced a new and absolutely innovative indirect oil heater - MASTER BV 500 - which perfectly combines the best features of the existing BV and AIR BUS ranges. This top quality, portable air heater is suitable for a wide range of applications, in particular for construction and industry.

Its main advantage is the easy adjustability of the burner, for example, at high altitude. The standard output of the device is 117 kW, however this may be increased to 150 kW by changing the nozzle. The fuel nozzle change is facilitated by a separate burner which is easy to assemble. The BV 500 heater air-flow is 7,700 m3/h, and the exceptionally high external static pressure - up to 443 Pa - can convey warm air to a distance of over 30m. A further model includes a radial fan which increases the external static pressure to 770 Pa, allowing the warm air to be conveyed for up to 50m.

The compact housing, practical pneumatic wheels and ergonomic handles make the heater fully mobile and easy to transport, even over uneven ground, and the latest technology ensures failure-free operation and comfort of use. The BV 500 heater is provided with, among other things, snap-on connectors, and inspection windows on the combustion chamber, which facilitate maintenance. The numerous accessories which allow for customisation of the device include: the one-way or two-way air outlet, flexible tubes, and electronic and mechanical room thermostats.

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