Not just any new toolbox – Wiha presents the true electrician's case.

Wiha's new electrician's assortment case unites practical conceptual design and simple portability with optimum standards in efficiency, electronics and functional design in a 115-piece set

Not just any new toolbox – Wiha presents the true electrician's case.

Hand tool manufacturer Wiha is launching its new, second generation Electrician's Competence XXL.  Tested and approved since 2015, this case concept is now offered with optimised contents precisely tailored to electricians' needs. Even more detailed segment knowledge and a continuous, active dialogue with users have inspired Wiha to implement this comprehensive upgrade. Thanks to its safety, functionality and ergonomic design, the Wiha case trolley promises a true, all-round weapon to tackle everyday tasks with its 115-piece content. The new, perfected equipment set includes the new Wiha torch, the dowel racket and other original features which come onto the market as part of the case relaunch.

The manufacturer affirms that each of the 115 pieces has rightly earned its place in the new case. Every item has at least one product feature which brings an additional benefit to the user. "We have replaced a few products from the first case generation with newly developed items precisely tailored to the needs of the electricians' trade," explains Ronny Lindskog, Director of Sales and Marketing at Wiha. "We further enhanced the new selection until we were fully convinced that we had put together an ideal package for users in this segment."

Established Wiha classics remain part of the equipment set. These include plier innovations such as the all-round, 3-in-1 TriCut installation pliers, and the VDE screwdriver and torque solutions from the Wiha slim family, which offer easy, protected access to low-lying screws. The same goes for the LiftUp electric magazine bit holder. Its new upgrade version includes an even more specific selection of six VDE slim bits for electrician applications, which are ready for withdrawal at the press of a button.

Many new product development processes have emerged from our even stronger grasp of the sector's needs, the deeper knowledge of gaps in the range and the approach to make the working day easier for users. The newest items will now take their place in the case.

At just over 10 cm, the short Stubby VDE screwdriver bit holder with slim bits guarantees greater safety in confined spaces.

The new automatic stripping pliers can be used for a wide range of cables between 0.03 and 16 mm². Plier cutters can be quickly exchanged thanks to replacement blades, instantly provided in the handle when needed. The user's health is also protected thanks to the supplied damper, which reduces recoil when skinning large cable gauges.

The automatic crimping pliers make crimping wire-end sleeves easy as they combine two crimping pliers in one to handle cable gauges between 0.08 and 16 mm². A feed mechanism for wire-end sleeves prevents the plastic cover from being crimped along with the wires. Especially small wire-end sleeves no longer get caught or twisted thanks to the hexagonal crimping.

Wiha now offers its new dowel racket as an alternative solution to conventional power drills for inserting dowels into soft construction materials. A simple strike of a hammer replaces the use of much heavier power tools, which generally produce much more noise and dust. The dowel racket protects users from sparkovers thanks to galvanic isolation in the solid steel cap.

New problem solvers in the case also truly impress.

The Wiha electrician's hammer stands out due to optimised weight distribution, which brings noticeably improved balance and effective handling. Thanks to the flat surface on the hammer handle, cables and dowels are positioned effectively without causing any damage. The flat claws ensure that nails and nail clamps can be easily removed.

The new electrician's spirit level provides vari distance marks for up to four flush boxes, therefore making work a lot easier. Both bubbles can be seen perfectly, even from a sharp angle, thus making things more efficient while you are working on ceiling fixtures or floors. The ingeniously positioned linear measurement scales ensure that you can make measurements comfortably from a wide variety of work positions.

The Longlife 2m electrician's folding ruler allows users to make distance marks for up to three flush boxes. The integrated cable retractor for cables between 3-7mm also helps with such tasks. It glows when under a UV light, so it can be found effortlessly in the dark and is thus quickly and easily located with the Wiha torch.

The multifunctional torch with a 2-stage LED light, UV and laser function forms the basis for other equipment which will make the case shine bright in the future. High-performance impact-perfect bits from the new bit concept and luminous L-keys with ball end in the practical ErgoStar holder are just a few of such items. The L-keys are also quick and easy to find thanks to their UV coating while colour coding ensures that they can be selected in seconds.

Thanks to the ample space in the tool inserts, the individual tools can be quickly and conveniently taken from the robust case.  The possibility to transport this "mobile workshop" on wheels, makes it a convenient day-to-day companion. Gas-filled shock absorbers hold the lid in the open position and ensure it doesn't close shut, thus preventing work accidents such as fingers getting caught as the lid falls. All in all, Wiha believes the comprehensive, innovative VDE contents in this case are hard to beat on the market. Cases are available now from specialist trade retailers.

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