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Padlocks for all applications

Whatever the commercial or site padlock requirements, ABUS have the right security solutiont, complemented by appropriate, hasps and staples, chains, cables and wall anchors.

The ABUS padlock flagship is the solid steel ‘Granit’ range, offering maximum security via its core strength and proven ‘Plus’ key system with 250,000 unpickable key differs. Granit’s top security level can now be matched within the ABUS range with the ’83 Rock’, boasting CEN class 6, and like the rest of the 83 padlock range, can be integrated into existing or new building locking systems.

ABUS still remains the world’s largest supplier of brass padlocks, but moving with commercial and technological needs, developed the new ‘Titalium’ ranges. These offer mid-level security that not only is stronger than brass, but size for size offers a more cost effective security option. The ABUS brass and Titalium ranges are available in many grades and sizes, with keyed to differ, keyed alike, and master keyed options, as well as a comprehensive range of combination padlocks ideal for leisure and travel.

In addition to a high level of service and range options ABUS padlocks also feature key and none key retaining and re-keyable options. Add to this the multi-coloured and engraved padlocks that can service both industry and leisure alongside the ABUS name for quality and range, it is easy to see how ABUS is still the name for padlocks.

For more information on ABUS security solutions, please contact ABUS UK, on 0117 204 7000 or [email protected]

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