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Retran - A new clear tube solution made using redundant drinks bottles

This product joins the Jetran® family which provides the world’s leading solution for clear tubing.  This is produced using PET film which includes up to 70% post-consumer waste derived from redundant drinks bottles.

The bottles are collected, sorted, cleaned and processed into PET flake that is then converted into rigid film to make Retran®.  The polymer manufacturer has certificates of conformity that confirm the waste source and content.

This then becomes .....

Before becoming .....

The material has been trialled extensively and the results show this material is as strong as the PET film used to make Jetran® tubing and clear folding boxes. 

The crystal clear transparency is maintained as only good quality bottles are used from approved sources.

Retran® can be supplied on cut lengths or on reels.  The film thickness varies from 200 Micron up to 400 Micron.  The Retran® tube can be formed into round, square, rectangular, triangular and hexagonal shapes.

Bell will be offering a standard range of Retran® with over 300 available shapes and sizes. 

It can then be used to make an assortment of different packages as shown here.

The new product will be commercially available in Q1 2018.

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