Abracs “Hybrid” Grinder Discs- Safe, Multi-use Solutions

Aimed at:- pro users who need the flexibility of application and high performance.

Pros: Versatile discs that can cut and grind many materials.

I often think about the phrase “jack of all trades master of none” in the context of tools because it is true that many so-called multi solutions tools are often less easy to use and less effective than having the right tool for the job. But for grinder discs? Could there be such a thing as a grinder disc that works well on both metals and brick?

Abracs have recently launched the Hybrid range of discs that is capable of being used on a number of different materials thus saving the time of constantly having to change discs for different materials and expense of buying different discs for different applications. When you think of how much time is taken changing discs the cost savings become significant.

I was sent three different Hybrid discs to try out and I tried the 5 in 1 MULTI Disc first. This is designed for cutting ferrous metals, alloys, stainless steel uPVC and brick – so a wide range of general cutting is possible. The disc is noticeably thinner than normal cutting discs but it feels quite strong and rigid. I found it really effective on steel – it sent a huge stream of sparks away and cut quite quickly. Predictably, on hard face bricks the cutting rate was a bit slower and a lot more dusty (always wear appropriate safety gear) but the results were good and the wear on the disc was noticeably less than on other cutting discs I have used.

The 3 in 1 Maxi Disc was up next. This is a combined cutting and grinding disc. Because grinding and cutting apply two separate forces to discs the two types are usually made differently. Ingeniously, the 3 in 1 seems to have a layer of grinding material around the periphery without the slight “dishing” that grinding discs normally have, and an extra layer of reinforcing to ensure that the edge does not break up while cutting. Without the “dishing” the edge of the disc is straight leaving an edge that is also safe to use for cutting. The disc is a little bit thinner than a standard grinding disc so has a bit of flex required for grinding. Intended for use on ferrous metals and stainless steel, I was able to cut very efficiently and soon had a stream of sparks flying away from my test sample. For grinding, Abracs recommends a 30 degree angle to the material and it is then very efficient at getting a clean surface

Finally, I used the Plus 20 Flap Disc. This was my favourite disc as it proved to work really well in polishing up a piece of steel from rust to a smooth gleaming shine in a very short time. What makes this disc special is the double row of abrasive cloth, 60g on the bottom and then 40g on the top. Abracs claim that this arrangement has increased the life of such discs by up to 20%. All I can say is that it worked well for me and I would definitely keep this disc on my angle grinder.

In a market where price, habit and availability are key factors it can sometimes be hard to get end users to change their habits, but I think that these new Abracs disc are unique, so they would be worth going out of your way for. The decision could save you a lot of time and money.

Abracs Abrasives Grinder Discs Peter Brett Reviews
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