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Delta Plasma UseWe are supposed to be living in the silicone age – but I doubt if the geeks in Silicone Valley would recognize the features of the silicone used in the range of silicone tapes from Delta Adhesives, a company based in Yorkshire.

Having had a number of minor disasters when it comes to leaks and breaks and having used tapes to seal them, I am very pleased to have discovered the Delta tapes, because, used properly, they almost always work. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I have a 100% success rate with Delta tapes and a couple of trade converts as well.

There are two key things to remember with these tapes:- They only stick to each other and they need to be used correctly in order to achieve the perfect result. Delta recommends that when repairing a leak for example, the wrapping of the leak should start around 7cm away so that the requisite strength and coverage can be built up to resist the leak pressure.

The tapes come in white and black on 3m long reels. Each tape is backed with a clear plastic liner to prevent it sticking to itself when you don’t want it to. Resistant to water, petrol, oil, acids, solvents, salt water and UV rays and able to withstand pressures of 700 psi when used correctly, it doesn’t take too much imagination to realize that everyone from motorists to sailors to tradespeople would be able find a use for them.

Delta Plasma being used

Tests have also revealed that the silicone tape will withstand voltages of up to 8000v as well as temperatures of -65 to +260 degrees celcius, so add polar scientists and boilermakers to the list of potential users!

I used the tape on both rigid copper pipes and flexible plastic pipes with water spouting out of them just to make my job more difficult. As I applied the tape I stretched it to almost double its original length. This has the effect of making the tape thinner so that it adjusts to any contours on the pipe as well as ensuring that the wrap is as tight as possible to obviate leaks. Most times I was able to seal the leak with a couple of layers, but for a long-lasting repair, six or seven layers of wrapped tape are recommended.

Actually, the Delta tapes are so versatile that they can be used to seal gas leaks, insulate electrical wires and even as a grippy wrap on a hammer handle for example. The uses really are only limited by the imagination of the user.

I showed the tapes to a few tradespeople I work with and they were quick to gather that the tapes could be a lifesaver in many situations. Pricewise, there is no real reason why a couple of reels couldn’t be part of a toolbox investment, especially since when you want one, you want it now! A quick trip to the trade counter might be too much time to wait.

My verdict – definitely recommended, it worked every time for me.

Aimed at: Pro and knowledgeable DIY users who need quick and easy solutions.

Pros: So versatile that it should be part of any professional toolbox.

Delta Plasma

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