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Caulking guns are now universally used in many trades and by most DIYers too. Ostensibly a simple tool – used to deliver accurately a steady and consistent bead of silicone, adhesive, or whatever, to the job in hand. But there are “good uns” and “bad uns”. Using an inferior one will make your job more difficult, and the most common mistake for non-professional users, in particular, is to finish the bead and put the tool down, only for it to continue to deliver the bead onto the ground, floor carpet or tiles you have been working on. Cue panic as you try, with silicone sodden wipes, to clean up before it creates even more of a problem!

There are lots of solutions on the market, but probably the easiest one is to invest in a more professional quality caulking gun – two of which, the Dripless 2000 and Dripless 3000, will help you deliver a professional result, as well as having a few other timesaving features that you will soon begin to appreciate.

Dripless Caulking Gun

Both Dripless models use a spring loaded plunger mechanism to ease the pressure on the plunger when the user stops pressing the trigger and this prevents the “trigger creep” that continues to drive the bead even after immediate trigger pressure is released. The user can actually pull back the plunger against the spring if extra reassurance is needed. On the 3000 model the dripless feature can be disengaged via a small lever on the back of the gun.

Common to both series is that they are largely made of a very strong industrial plastic composite. (The plunger mechanism is made of steel) One of the big advantages of the composite construction, as was demonstrated to me by one of the Dripless marketing team, jumping on it repeatedly, was that it will spring back into shape if deformed – something a metal gun will not do. Accidents happen on building sites, so having something that will take a lot of punishment is an advantage.

The second advantage of this composite is, almost whatever silicone, adhesive etc that has been used in the day’s work, can literally be peeled off the gun when it has dried, leaving it nearly pristine. With metal guns in particular, they either become gunged up to the point of needing replacement, or a solvent needs to be used to clean up.

Each gun also has a rotating barrel that can be moved around to suit the job or the preferences of the user, and the ergonomic trigger handles have a rubber overmould for grip.

Both guns have a built in nozzle cutter and metal nozzle cleaner spike that is safely clipped away on the side of the tool until it is needed. Since I can never find a suitable cleaner spike when I need one. I found this particularly useful.

I lent one of my Dripless samples to a tradesman friend and I am afraid that I have already lost it to him. He was delighted by the steady trigger action that delivered an accurate bead and he was also very chuffed with the easy clean-up that the composite body made possible. Since he also stores his tools in what I can only call a jumble in the back of his estate car, I think the uncrushable Dripless is also a huge advantage. My guess is that once you have tried one, you will return to it because it is simply a lot more convenient and easier to use.

Aimed at: Pro users who need to do a good job first time every time.

Pros: Strong, uncrushable and works smoothly.

For more information on Dripless, please visit www.thedecoratingstore.co.uk or phone 0845 8500 557

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