Maruyama BCV5020 Brush Trimmer & Grass Trimmer – A Powerful and Efficient Performer

Aimed at professionals in grounds care and smallholders.
Pros:- Super quality, reliable, easy start with a fantastic guarantee too!

To give a little back story – By 2014, its 120th Anniversary year, Maruyama made 10 million engines. You can’t make that many motors without becoming an expert, nor can you disguise the fact that Maruyama is a major manufacturer of gardening and forestry related tools that deserves a far greater prominence in the UK market competing against the “market leaders”. If you learn one thing from this review I hope it will be that Maruyama machines deserve to be in any purchasing equation. It is always tempting to stick to the way you have done things in the past – but maybe after reading this you will go and try a Maruyama.

The company can be confident of its kit because ALL machines are tested before they leave the factory. Any machines that don’t meet their rigorous standards are not shipped! Traceability is ensured because serial numbers are logged against test performance.

Maruyama’s engineering tolerances in motors and gears are measured in the 10 thousands of an inch – as good as an expensive high performance sports car, and this may explain why their motors can deliver reliable high performance throughout their working lives. It also helps that all Maruyama engines have matched pistons and cylinder sets and final polishing and grinding of components is designed to make components fit together so well that “hand in glove” comparisons just don’t get close enough.

The Maruyama BCV is a big machine in all sorts of ways. It is a shade over 1.8m long,(6 feet) weighs 8.9 Kgs without fuel and has a 1.91 kW, 49.9 cc engine that can rev up to an amazing11,200rpm as a recommended maximum.

The heart of the BCV brushcutter is the motor – giving it all the power and sophistication it needs to perform well, and again there is a particular story to tell.

The NE series engine is built to deliver higher revs and higher torque – in engine design terms, a paradox. But Maruyama engineers designed a three-piece drop forged piston that is highly durable and combined it with a chromed alloy cylinder that is also lighter and longer lasting – making it possible for Maruyama to offer a Five Year Warranty to commercial and private users on motor and gearbox. (not hire for obvious reasons)

But back again to the review. As is common safety practice these days the motor is almost completely shrouded by a robust plastic covering with appropriate vent holes where required. This means that the user is very well protected from accidental burning by hot exhaust or motor parts. Equally, the shrouding is easy to remove for access to parts that need occasional servicing like filters and spark plug. The nearly transparent plastic fuel tank is slung underneath the left hand side of the motor with a strong black plastic captive filler cap. This is placed where it is really easy to reach it for filling and on the “natural side’ from which users will approach the machine. A protective plate sits under the motor on which the machine can be balanced for starting and also for protection against mud etc.

To comply with anti-vibration legislation the housing is isolated from the motor and driveshaft by flexible mounts and the cowhorn type handle is flexibly mounted as well. Measured vibration tests have shown 2.2m/s on the left handle and 3.2m/s on the right handle – lower than many competitors and vitally important for workers who need to be assured that vibration levels are controlled enough to do a decent length working day.

There is no doubt in my mind that Maruyama motors are easier to start than other two- strokes I have tested. This does have something to do with the Walbro combined carb and ignition module and the twin sprung system on the substantial (i.e. comfortable) pull handle and cord. Even in the cold and wet weather we have experienced recently, the motor was purring after a few pulls on the cord.

Getting the power to the business end of a brushcutter is more difficult than it looks because of torque and vibration issues. Maruyama have optimized power delivery by providing an aircraft grade aluminium driveshaft housing that is rigid. Along the shaft there are five sets of self – lubricating bushes to reduce wear and vibration. When testing the machine I really noticed the rigidity of the shaft and head, even when cutting some bamboo brush. It really does inspire confidence in a machine’s safety and capability when it doesn’t flex in use or feel slightly out of control. Readers might like to know that the driveshaft has a lifetime guarantee – confidence in your products???

The Maruyama harness supplied with the machine is a minor masterpiece on its own. With a large machine such as the BCV5020 the user has to have the weight of it distributed properly in order to work safely and for lengths of time. The full harness is well padded on the shoulders, back and waist as well as having a pad on the leg guard. With easily adjustable clips and snap-on buckles, users can easily customize the harness to suit their height and optimal working balance for the machine. The belt even manages to incorporate a small zipped mobile phone sized pocket on it!

It goes without saying that transferred vibration is minimal and the weight of the machine is well distributed over both shoulders allowing the user to work effectively at the chosen balance and height most suitable for them.

On the business end there is a massive red guard that conceals the cutter head (in grass trimming mode) from the user. This guard is easy to remove (one screw) and also has a black “skirt” that incorporates the line cutter that equalizes the length of the cutting lines as they are automatically extended during use. I guess that this “skirt” is ultimately sacrificial because it is easy to remove by unsnapping a series of clips along the back.

I found that the function of the cutting head was perfect when I was cutting long and even shortish grass and small brush – the line was always the right length and the cutting performance was optimized. All it seemed to need was a simple tap on the ground occasionally.

The line head needs to be removed completely when changing over to the wicked looking, matte-black, three-pointed brush cutter blade. This involves locking the gear head with a pin, removing the line head (left hand thread remember) and then using the box spanner to tighten the brush cutter blade securely with the nut and cup washer supplied. It takes less time to do than writing this, so not really an onerous job.

I can genuinely say that the Maruyama BCV5020 delivered all the power and performance I could expect from a heavy-duty brushcutter – it cut through quite heavy 12 to 15mm brush and trimmed heavy grass easily and magnificently. Vibration and noise were well-controlled and general handling and starting were really easy. I have no hesitation in recommending it as a professional quality solution.

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