TRUMPF has added 18V-Li-ion technology and brushless, low-wear motors to its range of battery-driven power tools. The new cordless TruTool models - shears, slitting shears, nibblers, profile nibblers, seam lockers and power fasteners – also incorporate the TRUMPF battery-optimised aluminium gear head which, in combination the other new features provide up to 60% longer run time after each full charge.

As a specialist in metal processing for nearly a century, TRUMPF has combined its long-term experience with the latest technology to create this new range of power tools that provide superior operational and economic performance. Alongside its conventional 10.8V products, the new 18V models give fabricators, builders and HVAC engineers an extended choice that allows, for example, the cordless cutting of sheets from 2mm to 2.5mm. 

The TruTool 18V range provides a selection of tools for welding and paint preparation, cutting and fastening. The C250 slitting shear with chip clipper is perfect for interior cuts, notching and curves and the S250 shear provides precise and burr-free cutting, even in the upside-down position. For nibbling and profile nibbling, the N200 and PN200 both provide automatic feed without distortion, emission or sparks.

Seam lockers for closing Pittburgh seams on straight or curved ducts are available for the first time as battery-powered tools within this range; two models provide capacity from 0.4mm to 1.25mm. And completing the 18V programme is the TF350 power fastener for form-fitting, corrosion-resistant joining. 

The TRUMPF 18V TruTools are fitted with robust 2Ah or 4Ah batteries whose low self-discharge rate means they retain their charge, even after months of being idle. Thanks to the microprocessor-controlled voltage monitor in the TRUMPF charging unit, the batteries can be connected to the charger at any time, regardless of their charge level, without causing damage to the cells. For an 80% charge, the 4Ah batteries require 30 minutes and the 2Ah, just 15 minutes.

These models are also the first to feature a new brushless motor that provides contactless drive with almost no wear. Consequently, they require very little maintenance and have an extremely long service life.  Another advantage of this motor is its compact, lightweight design and ability to deliver increased efficiency and higher torque than conventional motors with carbon brushes running on direct current; a soft start feature ensures ergonomic operation and extended service life.

In common with their 10.8V counterparts, the 18V tools are equipped with TRUMPF power head technology a key design feature of which is the motor pinion decoupled from the motor to minimise power loss. This means the power tools can achieve operational performance akin to that provided by considerably more expensive and bulky 28V batteries.

Ergonomically, the new TruTools are exceptional too.  Their compact lightweight design, soft-grip motor housing and optimum weight distribution makes them very comfortable to hold and operate with minimal effort.  Another important feature is the integrated speed controller that allows the cutting speed to be adjusted as required.

All models in the TRUMPF TruTool 18V cordless range are also available as basic machines, without charger and batteries, for customers choosing to purchase multiple tools that are not intended for use at the same time.

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