JCB 2CX /G Suede and Mesh Boots Perfect for Winter?

I hate having cold and/or wet feet while working but these boots are as modern looking and as stylish as work footwear can get without being impractical. Taking them off and putting them on is made easier via metal lace loops. The strong nylon woven laces slide through these without catching. It would be great to have hooks on the last couple of to make it even easier.


My foot comfort in work boots relies heavily on having the boots lined with a sympathetic but insulating material – and in this case the box is more than adequately ticked because comfort and warmth is taken care of by a heel to toe lining that is thick enough for warmth and good padding.

It took only about an hour or so to go from “new boots” to “comfy boots” and the fit is wide enough for adequate room for your protected toes.

Cleated soles are great for muddy grip, but they carry a lot of mud – the soles on these didn’t – a great feature.


When it comes to protections though, the relevant EN ISO 20345:3011 standards apply so you will be protected against slipping, penetration, electrical currents, water absorption etc. 

I am happy to report that I found these grey suede boots all of those and they will therefore be joining my small collection of work shoes that I definitely will use again and again – especially in winter.

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