Birchwood Price Tools is proud to launch four new in-store solutions to help you display your Van Vaults. This is a great opportunity for you to drive your sales - all solutions are available today!

There is a solution to suit all store sizes - from large national stores, through to smaller independent branches - from roller banners and posters to a complete 360 o bay. We have got you covered. Each solution has been developed to enhance Van Vaults presence in store!

Take advantage of these in-store displays today and save up to £200 on Van Vault products! Free marketing support is available to all BPT customers - get hold of yours today!

Remember, BPT can also deliver direct to your customers, meaning you do not have to hold stock! For more information, call the sales team on 0115 938 9000 - option 1, or visit


Birchwood Price Tools has unveiled Matt Hunt as its new Managing Director.

Matt, 42, has joined the Nottingham-based workwear, tools and site equipment business from Rexel, where he was MD for electrical wholesalers WF Senate.

His arrival will signal a new focus and direction for BPT’s market-leading brands Scruffs workwear, Defender lighting and power distribution, Van Vault security solutions and Rhino heating, cooling and drying.

The new boss is already investing in customer and end user insight to help him shape the look and feel of BPT’s ranges and service proposition going forward, in order to provide a complete solution to merchants and retailers.

Matt has a strong retail and merchant background, having previously worked at Saint Gobain for its Gibbs & Dandy brand, and intends to bring this knowledge of merchanting and retailing needs to the supplier side, in his new role, to make BPT brands and products a ‘must stock’.

One of his first actions has been to introduce a multi-brand CRM system to BPT for the first time, to capture customer data across all the ranges in the one place. He insists this will be the first of many innovations introduced under his reign.

2017 will also see Matt spearhead the opening of a brand and innovation room at the BPT headquarters in Nottingham, to enable new product ranges, merchandising techniques and promotional solutions to be showcased to customers as they’re developed.

Matt says: “I’ve worked with many suppliers over the years, so I know what great looks like and the value they can add to the performance of a category.

“I’ve met all the staff here already and can see there is a vibrant, young, diverse workforce at BPT. We have some of the best brands and product ranges on the market - now I want us to be brilliant at what we’re currently good at. That means making our brands even better.

“What excites me is the potential to make a material impact - the big, game-changing stuff. We are known for our innovation and what sparks innovation is knowing customer needs and spotting the gap.

“I want to get the basics right and foster a culture of empowerment among all the staff that drives this creativity and best practice, not just in product development but the whole customer experience.

“I’d like us to be easy to do business with and fun to do business with. The brands all have great personality and I’m keen to build on that.

“Being part of the Travis Perkins group is also very important to me, with the values of the group aligning very closely to my own way of living and working. I place a lot of store in authenticity, family values, treating customers well and making decent returns.”

Matt lives in Stratford-upon-Avon with wife Sharon and their two daughters. Away from work, he is a keen golfer and rugby union and football fan.

Birchwood Price Tools, part of Travis Perkins plc, has more than 40 years experience of designing, developing and selling its own brand products to the trade. It is available in all the UK’s leading builders’ merchants, retailers, wholesalers and more than 8,000 independents. Its ranges are also available online.

New products planned for 2017 include a new range of Defender LED lights, new Van Vault security containers and new Scruffs footwear and workwear.

Secure On-Site Storage

According to the Chartered Institute of Building, it is estimated that the UK construction industry suffers a loss of more than £400 million a year due to vandalism and theft*.

If your customer suffered a break-in and their valuable equipment and tools were taken, could they continue their job without them?

The Van Vault 4-site from Birchwood Price Tools (BPT) has been developed to combat this rise of onsite theft. Tough, durable and highly dependable, the Van Vault 4-site safeguards tools and equipment whilst working onsite, with forklift points for easy loading and maneuvering.

The tough, 2mm sheet-steel construction comes with durable, anti-corrosion protection to withstand the harsh conditions of the British weather. The black finish ensures low visibility to opportunist thieves.

Optional extras include castors to allow the user to easily maneuver the box around and between sites.

The costs in terms of the expense of replacing lost and stolen goods, as well as time lost until replacement tools are available is ever increasing. Ensure your customer is covered by offering them a Van Vault 4-site tool safe.

A break-in takes as little as 10 seconds**. Can your customers afford to lose their tools?

Visit the BPT stand C15 at The Executive Hire Show at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry from 8-9th February 2017 to see more of the BPT hire range.

For more information visit:

*CIOB Report


Rhino - Keeping Tradespeople Working

Birchwood Price Tools is exhibiting its core hire solutions from the Rhino range at The Executive Hire Show at the Ricoh Arena, on 8-9th February 2017.

This core range includes the Rhino TQ3, Air Raid 500 and the Fume Extractor, all key products for hire industry specialists looking for solutions to suit the ever-changing weather conditions in the UK, all year round. From heating and cooling solutions through to the flood recovery range, Rhino keeps the trade working!

The best-selling high efficiency thermo-quartz heater - TQ3 - is ideal for both temporary heating and drying paintwork & plaster. The robust heater has a plastic body which resists dents and scrapes, making it the ideal temporary heating solution. The integral wheels allow for easy mobility, and moving the heater between sites, rooms and store. Available in 110v or 230v.

Perfect for those hot, summer days is the Air Raid 500. This portable higher-output industrial fan has been developed to withstand the demands of all applications - it's as tough as they come! Available in 110v or 230v.

A 3-in-1 air mover designed to cool, ventilate and extract clean or dirty air from both restricted and open environments, the Rhino Fume Extractor is a tough all-rounder. Available in 110v or 230v.

Visit the BPT stand C15 at The Executive Hire Show at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry from 8-9th February 2017 to see more of the BPT hire range and to talk through your hire requirements.

For more information please contact:

Anna Townsend (0)115 938 9000

[email protected]

Getting the Bullet – Birchwood Price Tools new Woodscrews

The days are long gone when the main choice of woodscrews was between steel or brass, countersunk or roundhead. You can still buy these types of screws, but they are for niche markets. The trades, and increasingly every screw user, are able to buy the modern types of straight-shanked, coarse threaded and pozi-headed screws that are meant to be driven by cordless drivers. I don’t miss the old days, fiddling with pilot holes and the hassle of using a screwdriver – bring on the Bullet Screws.

The first thing that struck me when I looked at the sample screws I was sent was the relative coarseness of the threads. On the 5×40 screw for example, there is at least a 3mm gap between the threads. The advantage of a straight shank and coarse thread is that you get a very rapid driving speed with a cordless driver as friction is reduced. The straight shank maintains a constant speed unlike the old elongated cone-shaped woodscrews that actually got more difficult to drive the deeper they got into the material. If you do need a pilot hole with the Bullet screw, it only needs to be as wide as the main screw shank minus the width of the threads.

The point of the Bullet screws is very sharp indeed and has a corkscrew type design that means it is very easy to start. Many screwdriver chucks these days have a magnet in them to hold the screw for starting, but the extra sharp point of the Bullet screw means that a sharp push into the material will hold the screw in place too.

A little way up from the tip a flute has been ground at right angles to the thread. This disperses heat, reduces splitting and allows easier driving into resistant materials.

The countersunk head of the Bullet screw is another minor engineering feat and perhaps helps to explain why woodscrews cost pence each rather than pence per ten these days. There is a crown-ribbed design on the head which means that the screws are self-countersinking as well as being extremely strong. It is not unknown for a screw head to shear off when driven by a cordless driver, but this crown head seemed to be very strong and also countersunk well when I drove some repeatedly into a hard weathered oak gatepost.

In common with many other modern screws the Bullet screws are coated at the factory with zinc and are also given a coat of special wax that makes them easier to drive. The zinc coating makes the screws corrosion resistant and they should be able to be removed more easily as well, even if they have been in place for a while outside. An added advantage is that timber, even notoriously tannin acid oak, should not show corrosion marks where the screws have been inserted.

I drove a lot of Bullet screws into a variety of materials for this test and I can safely say that they are pretty impressive. I tried hard to break some by deliberately being brutal and overdriving them into hard materials. I had no breakages, but instead felt that my 14.4 v driver was actually the victim of the abuse rather than the screws.

The Bullet screws are clearly well made screws and do everything that is claimed for them, and clearly they are welcome competition in the market. We consumers love to have choice and competition. But launching a new screw on an already competitive market is a tough thing to pull off, so a bit more is needed…..

One of the best ideas for marketing screws recently is the plastic case of commonly used screws at a very competitive price. The trouble is I find that however hard I try I always end up with some sizes that I don’t use very much.

Birchwood Price Tools Bullet screws have a better idea. The “Buy ‘n’ Build” system means that you choose the screw sizes you want and contain them in the AMMO case (£29.95 ex VAT) The AMMO case is purpose-built to contain screw boxes separately and safely so that you will never be short of the screws you need. You might just need to remember that the maximum number of screws that fit into the AMMO case is 19,200 and it could weigh up to 15Kgs.

I also like the pricing structure –clear and simple as it is. There are only three price points for three different sized boxes £5, £7 and £15 (RRP ex VAT). Purchasers know what they are getting for the price paid.

We all know that impact drivers are very commonly used to drive screws especially on building sites. ToolBusiness has reviewed some of these specialist drivers and bits and they are pretty impressive.

The latest thinking into impact driving is ensuring that the driving bits are up to the job of absorbing the stresses of impact drivers and larger screw sizes. Each box of Bullet screws has a 50mm long, high performance Red Bullet bit included. The bits come with a standard hex shank, but the Phillips PSD head recess gives a very tight fit into the screwhead. This is claimed to give a better output to screwdriving than conventional bits. Without the technical kit I would need to test this claim I can’t really comment, other than to say that when you attach a screw to the bit the fit is so tight that you can dangle the screw from the bit and shake it and the screw won’t fall off.

Finally, retailers are an important part of any new launch. They will benefit from a nationwide PR campaign by Birchwood Price Tools with events and advertising, direct mail and email to consumers as well as a range of Point of Sale materials and merchandising solutions.

In my experience, poor products can have as much PR thrown at them as you like, but if they don’t work well people won’t buy them. From my tests, these Bullet screws are very good and are definitely worth a look if you are a trade user.3

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