Powered Now Releases Free Version of its Admin App for Sub-contractors

Powered Now is the Invoice, Quote and Scheduling App for Small Businesses. Sub-contractors can bill weekly for no cost.

Powered Now are the people making life easier for smaller trade companies as well as sole-trader tradesmen, have announced a major new pricing scheme to help micro sub-contractors keep track of their billing free of charge.Version 3.6 of the software means that sole traders who produce an invoice a week (generally small sub-contractors) can use all of the features of the full version without any cost. More documents can be raised for a small additional fee.

Meet Dean, from Island Automotive from Powered Now on Vimeo.

Reasons for using Powered Now

  • Powered Now enables invoices and quotes to be raised from anywhere. Guy Hodgson, who runs fast-growing HandyGuy, started using Powered Now when he started his own business. He says “I found an article about Powered Now in a national paper. I tried it, found it easy to use, became a subscriber and have never looked back”.
  • It takes less effort to create invoices and quotations using Powered Now because existing contacts can be copied from the user’s address books. Addresses can be looked up using just the postcode. All descriptions and pricing are remembered and are auto-completed after they have been entered once.
  • Everything is kept securely in one place – customer details, appointments, quotes, invoices and payments. If your device is lost, broken or stolen, all data can be restored.

CEO Benjamin Dyer comments, “Last summer we raised more money and this has enabled us to make some changes to our pricing. We know that it’s a struggle when you first start your business, so this change removes a price barrier for the smallest trade companies.

Some of the services we provide, such as address lookup based on postcode makes it super easy to set up new customers. But this costs us real money as a payment has to be made to Royal Mail every time we do a lookup. Our aim is to help the smaller end of the industry to embrace modern methods and become more productive as a result.

We are planning to introduce support for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) fairly soon, and that will allow invoices to be sent electronically between sub-contractors and contractors. We are very excited about everything that can be done to help this industry.”

The Powered Now app works on iPhones, iPads, Android with support for PCs, laptops and Macs due in a couple of months. Ease of use is a major aim and everything is optimised for trade businesses.

Meet Phil the Electrican from Powered Now on Vimeo.
Powered Now v3.6 is available in the iTunes and Google Play app stores now.
There is a full 7-day trial and a free edition which provides a limited number of documents to be sent per month (with a small charge per document after that) and sole traders wanting more can subscribe, starting at £7/month when bought annually. The Pro version which supports teams starts around £22 per month on an annual basis. All prices exclude VAT.

See http://powerednow.com/pricing/

Metabo UK Managing Director Matt Sheen talks to ToolBUSINESS+HIRE Magazine

It's official, Matt Sheen, is the newly appointed Managing Director of Metabo UK.

The new post clearly brings more responsibilities, but Matt is relishing the challenge. With a UK-based MD now at the helm, he clearly has more scope for streamlining certain aspects of the business and also dealing more efficiently with some of the day-to-day decisions that were necessarily under the aegis of Metabo Germany in the interim.

Matt was also clear that the basic challenges of growing Metabo’s business in the UK have remained the same, but some consolidation of structures in the UK has now taken place and the organization is facing forward to the future.

In the trade sector, Metabo has traditionally focused on selling a range of high quality power tools to independent tradespeople via quality independent outlets and buying groups. Matt tells me that this will not change, but efforts will be made to innovate and expand so that more of the “right” kind of dealers can be brought on board. Apparently, the secret is to sell the first Metabo tool to a tradesman and then the rest is easy.....

Metabo also has a share of a significant industrial market in the UK, especially with its grinders and polishers. Matt believes that market share is there for the taking, especially since Metabo has made such a commitment to developing very powerful and innovative cordless machines that have made huge inroads into other markets, like the US, for example.

However, Matt is keen to stress that Metabo, as a relatively small player, needs to be very strategic and innovative in its efforts to expand its market share. The relatively small sales team is already looking at key targets and products to maximize Metabo’s strengths and product offer to major customers. Expect to become much more aware of Brand Metabo in the UK in the future.

Matt has a twenty-year history of working in the power tool market, starting with Draper when they were the agents for Metabo in the 90s. He moved with the brand when it became independent in 1999 and did a variety of jobs ranging from customer services, van driver, show support, and temporary relief area manager, until becoming an Area Sales Manager for the North West. This gave him a tremendous breadth of experience and maybe helped him move to Bosch UK for seven years, as an Accessory Development Manager and then Key Account Manager.

Matt remarks that working for a bigger company helped him think bigger and smarter, but also to appreciate the processes of product and sales development. However, the phone call tempting him back to be in charge of Metabo UK was an opportunity not to be missed, especially as Metabo seemed to have a newly-found focus on innovation and being first to market – the Metabo quality needs to be taken as read!

Matt is also positive about Metabo’s prospects in the market. While Metabo is one of the smaller players in the power tool market, its innovative products and cordless in particular, have had a huge impact on sales. But he acknowledges that there is still work to be done in some product categories. The reality is that no company can do everything in every category.

Summing up, Matt was keen to emphasize that the team at Metabo UK will continue to build on high standards of customer service, extend the dealer network and to relay the Metabo messages of Quality, Innovation and First to Market to the tool users of Great Britain. We at ToolBUSINESS wish him the best of good fortune.

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