HSS Hire Service Group Ltd Most Considerate Supplier at 2016 National Awards

The Considerate Constructors Scheme - the national scheme established by the construction industry to improve its image - has awarded HSS Hire Service Group Ltd as the Most Considerate Supplier at this year’s National Awards.

HSS Hire Service Group Ltd, whose head office is based in Mitcham, Surrey, triumphed as the ‘Most Considerate Supplier 2016’, making them the first registered supplier to win this prestigious title since Supplier Registration was introduced in 2014.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme’s National Awards are among the most respected accolades in UK construction. By registering with the Scheme, companies and suppliers demonstrate a strong commitment to improving the image of the industry.

The prestigious awards ceremony took place on 10th and 11th November at the Four Seasons hotel in London.

The awards recognise the highest performing companies and suppliers which have demonstrated excellence in relation to the community, the environment and their workforce.

Undertaking inner London deliveries is no easy task, but HSS Hire Service Group Ltd has robust policies and procedures in place to ensure professional, safe and efficient operations.

A stringent approach is taken towards safety, with delivery vehicles in the FORS-accredited fleet replaced every three years to ensure the highest possible standards. Operating at exceptional levels, this company goes above and beyond to ensure the highest standards of considerate practice.

In total, 21 Gold, 32 Silver and 43 Bronze awards were presented to Registered Companies, and two Gold, one Silver and four Bronze awards to registered suppliers. Of the Gold Award winners, seven companies were shortlisted and received the ‘Most Considerate Company Runner-Up’ and one supplier the ‘Most Considerate Supplier Runner-Up’.

Considerate Constructors Scheme Executive Chairman Isabel Martinson said: “Congratulations to all award winners. The Scheme is hugely proud to honour the great achievements of top performing registered companies and suppliers. Over 900 companies and suppliers registered with the Scheme in the past 12 months, representing significant growth on the previous year, and making competition even tougher. With such high demand for construction activity across the UK, it is essential that the industry works collaboratively and continues to raise standards.”

HSS Hire Service Group Ltd Key Account Manager (London) Andy Warin commented: “We are delighted to be named the Most Considerate Supplier 2016. We have a dedicated team of colleagues that work tirelessly to deliver the tools and equipment that our customers need when they need it, often going above and beyond the call of duty to get the job done. Outstanding customer service is part of our DNA at HSS and this award is shared across all HSS colleagues that help to delight our customers every day.”

Click here to see each of the winners in the categories of Runners-Up to the Most Considerate Company Award and Runner-Up to Most Considerate Supplier Award, as well as each Gold, Silver and Bronze award winner.

Visit Twitter @CCScheme #ccsawards and the Scheme’s LinkedIn company page to see more from the awards ceremonies. 


Real industry collaboration to offer members greater benefits

The Considerate Constructors Scheme - the national scheme established by the construction industry to improve its image - and the National Federation of Builders (NFB) – the construction industry’s longest established trade association - have formed a partnership to promote best practice and raise standards across construction industry SMEs.

This first, truly ground-breaking collaboration between two construction industry organisations heralds a new way in which like-minded organisations can work effectively together to offer greater benefits to members, at no additional cost.

The partnership will provide NFB members, with a turnover banding of £500,000 to £3.5 million, free Company Registration with the Considerate Constructors Scheme. It will come in to effect from 1 January 2017.

By becoming a registered company, NFB members (in this banding) will have the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to improving the image of the industry. Scheme-registered companies voluntarily agree to abide by its Code of Considerate Practice. The Code commits those registered with the Scheme to care about appearance, respect the community, protect the environment, secure everyone’s safety and value their workforce.

Considerate Constructors Scheme Chief Executive Edward Hardy said: “SMEs are a critical part of the construction industry’s future success. They have a huge role and responsibility to continually raise their standards and, in doing so, make a valued contribution to improving the image of the industry.

“The NFB provides a great platform for the Considerate Constructors Scheme to help support SMEs in championing the principles of considerate construction. We are therefore delighted to establish this partnership with the NFB.”

Richard Beresford, Chief Executive of the NFB said: “We’re delighted to join forces with the Considerate Constructors Scheme to offer added value to our members. NFB members pride themselves on their professionalism and ability to deliver exceptional quality, so it’s great that their efforts can now be recognised as part of the Scheme.

“SMEs often miss out on opportunities simply because they don’t have the resources to complete the multitude of registrations and benchmarking initiatives available in the industry. By collaborating in this way, we hope to reduce this burden and improve access to opportunities, working towards achieving a fair playing field for SMEs in construction.”

A record number of over 900 company registrations have been made with the Scheme so far this year, with a total of more than 4,100 company registrations taking place since this type of registration was introduced by the Scheme in 2009. 


Established close to a decade ago, DART has grown year on year, taking the industry by storm. The business is an independent company run by a proactive board of directors with a team consisting of industry experts who really understand how power tool accessories are used.

One thing that can be noted: DART’s products are rarely the cheapest on the market, but they are consistently more affordable than other leading brands and represent real value for money. Customer feedback in the market has repeatedly pronounced that by choosing a DART product, there will be less machine down-time as the frequent need to change your accessory disappears – saving not only on money, but also on time.

DART has always been committed to moving forward and finding improved ways to help their customers, so it is exciting to see their recent developments which include a complete re-brand and a re-launched website with vastly improved functionality.

Firstly, the re-brand, while keeping the name DART, now reflects a strong, modern and powerful brand in the power tool accessories market, through use of ‘hero’ imagery and high definition photography of their tools in use.

According to Robert Paterson, Managing Director “We are dedicated to evolving and growing now and in the future. Our aim is simple: To offer our customers a serious alternative to leading brand products, at a competitive price.”


Secondly, DART has re-launched their website to provide customers with increased functionality and ease of ordering, to save customers time in their already busy working day.

DART’s NEW website offers:

  • Fast and simple online ordering
  • Personalised customer login
  • Saved customer basket – trouble free repeat ordering
  • Full visibility of account history
  • Real-time orders – straight to the warehouse to get packaged and posted
  • Easy navigation and product information


You can check out these developments at www.darttoolgroup.com or follow DART on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. They are certainly a company in the industry worth keeping an eye on!

SIG Air Handling is growing in size, product offering and expertise

What began life in 2001 as Ouest Ventil in France, has now expanded to become SIG Air Handling with over a hundred subsidiaries all over Europe.

This expert in heating, ventilation and airconditioning (HVAC) supports customers and partners with professional advice and specialised systems. Recently, SIG Air Handling has also been developing and distributing products under its own CAIROX brand. In addition, this socially responsible company aims to provide healthy indoor air in cooperation with European organisations like EVIA and EFA.


Healthy indoor air for everyone

With the motto ‘Improving air because we care’ SIG Air Handling's business aims to find energy-efficient total solutions and better indoor air quality. SIG Air Handling devises ventilation systems that ensure that people can breathe healthy indoor air at work, at home and during their leisure time. To achieve this, the experts concerned focus on three elements: air improvement, air movement and air diffusion. In addition to specialist advice and partnerships for total projects, customers come to SIG Air Handling for its extensive and unique range of over 15,000 products. This extensive product range is available via our distribution outlets or can be ordered via a user-friendly webshop.

Own brand and corporate social responsibility

This European company continues to grow; from specialised service and project solutions to production and assembly facilities, and just recently, it introduced its own brand - CAIROX. This means that SIG Air Handling is now developing and distributing products for air improvement, air movement and air diffusion under strong own labels, thus further strengthening its service provision and its position on the European market. 

About SIG Air Handling

SIG Air Handling is a leading supplier of products and systems for heating, ventilation and airconditioning (HVAC). The company operates in 12 European countries and has 100 distribution outlets. SIG Air Handling offers its customers optimal service in the field of distribution. The group also continues to focus on wide-ranging consultancy and project solutions for ventilation in the construction industry. The company embodies top product quality, excellent logistics, technical expertise and a customer-focused, problem-solving approach. SIG Air Handling has a pan-European team, based in Zaventem. Its turnover is approximately 250 million euro and around one thousand people work there.

About SIG plc

SIG plc or Sheffield Insulation Group, founded in 1957, is the European leader in specialised solutions for the construction industry. The group is well-established in its four main product categories of Exteriors, Interiors, Insulation and Air Handling. SIG plc sells and distributes its products and services from 700 distribution outlets spread across 15 countries in Europe and the Middle East. SIG plc is a FTSE 250 company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Its annual turnover is 3.2 billion euro and the company employs approximately 10,000 people. 

For more information visit www.sigairhandling.com


Considerate Constructors Scheme seeks new Board Directors

Newly appointed Scheme Executive Chairman Isabel Martinson to recruit new Board Directors to take Scheme to the ‘next level’

The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) – the national Scheme to improve the image of the construction industry - is recruiting for new Board Directors.

Isabel Martinson, who was appointed as Executive Chairman of the Scheme in July 2016, is looking for senior representatives from within and outside of the construction industry to expand the CCS to move to the ‘next level’, to further enhance the construction industry’s image and reputation. 

The CCS is an independent organisation formed in 1997. Since its formation, it has significantly altered the approach the construction industry takes to those affected by its activities, the construction workforce, and the impact construction has on the local environment.  It has achieved wide recognition and is highly regarded and respected by those aware of and involved in the Scheme.

Construction sites, companies and suppliers voluntarily register with the Scheme and agree to abide by the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice. The Code commits those registered with the Scheme to care about appearance, respect the community, protect the environment, secure everyone’s safety and value their workforce.

The Scheme is looking for new Board members who are committed to the Scheme’s ethos, and in particular, those with expertise in the areas of marketing and communications, finance, commercial contracts and outsourcing.

Considerate Constructors Scheme Executive Chairman Isabel Martinson commented: “The CCS provides a hugely important and influential role in helping to enhance the construction industry’s reputation to the public, those within the industry and the Government. I look forward to working with a team of newly appointed Board Directors to shape the future reputation of the construction industry through the Considerate Constructors Scheme.”

Terms of reference, person/skills specifications and the application procedure are available via the Scheme’s website here.

The application deadline is 1200 on Wednesday 5 October 2016. 


A Yorkshire community which was devastated by severe floods is proactively fighting back against the elements with an order of specialist water pumps from Morris Site Machinery.

After the devastating floods of December 2015 which severely affected the country, the town of Tadcaster suffered its largest floods on record where the bridge over the river Wharfe collapsed dividing the town in two, with many homes and businesses damaged in the devastating floods.


Over the past five years Tadcaster has suffered with constant surface water flooding. The floods and subsequent water damage have cost local businesses and residents hundreds of thousands of pounds, with direct costs in the form of business closures during repairs, lost incomes, property repairs and insurance premiums, as well as the wider impact of road closures and limited access to the town.

The Tadcaster Flood Action Group was created to help fight against this major recurring issue and to ensure emergency contingency plans were in place. After the floods of 2015 the Flood Action Group received generous donations from The Masons, Heineken and local businesses. This provided the opportunity to investigate the pumps market and supply the group with flood pumps which could be used anywhere in the town on a reactive or proactive basis where the flooding occurred.


After lengthy research and joint discussions with the Fire Service, Yorkshire Water, the Environment Agency and other companies, the group chose leading pump manufacturer Morris Site Machinery.

Tadcaster Flood Action Group needed a robust and reliable product that could be easily towed, set up and put into use in the case of an emergency and pump the flood water.

The Hilta range from Morris Site Machinery supplies submersible, centrifugal and diaphragm pumps. The entire unit on the Hilta C100 has a road towable trailer and two wheel site chassis options for easier manoeuvrability along with its compact design making it easier to transport.


After rigorous testing of Morris Site Machinery’s pumps, Tadcaster Flood Action Group ordered two Hilta C100 pumps to tackle the flooding hot spots on both sides of the River Wharfe.

To test the products the group used a deep flowing beck with plenty of depth for the soil filter. Once the hoses were in place and rolled out they ensured that they were pumping back into the water supply 100m away to keep the beck full. Thanks to the Hilta’s C100 pump’s strong centre of balance, hitching and un-hitching was effortless and once located for pumping the testing was straightforward and the pump was lifting water at an impressive outflow rate.

An added benefit is that the C100 pumps can be used in residential and built-up areas due to its diesel powered 4" super silent automatic vacuum priming pump which generates very little noise. The air cooled diesel engine allows better fuel efficiency whilst the 4” pump offers high solids handling capacity.

Richard Rafferty, Senior Coordinator of Tadcaster Flood Action Group, said: “We were more than happy with the Hilta C100 pumps and would happily recommend Morris Site Machinery for their products, their value for money and their customer service which is second to none.”

For more information on Morris Site Machinery and their products visit www.morrismachinery.co.uk or call 0345 409 0280 to speak to a member of the sales team.

ABUS Brings Security and Price Stability in an Uncertain World

Since the Brexit result in June, from governments down there is international uncertainty concerning the UK’s future trading position.  Uncertainty brings speculation, resulting in the dramatic decline of the value of the £ against both the € and the $.
The £’s decline has already forced many UK suppliers and manufacturers dependent on goods supplied from Europe or China to increase their prices, often with a double digit percentage.

Neither the UK hardware and security market in general nor ABUS in particular are immune from these issues.  ABUS UK is reliant on supply of quality products supplied in €s from Germany, and in $s from our factories in China.

While the current £ v €/$ is cutting very deeply, we are not just ABUS UK, but ABUS and our parent Company fully support the ABUS brand in the UK.

Therefore with ABUS Group support, ABUS UK is pleased to confirm:

ABUS 2016 £ RRPs will remain in place till April 2017,
15 months after our January 2016 RRPs were confirmed.

We therefore pass on this very positive message to our UK distributors:

ABUS now more than ever is the brand to stock.

In a changing and uncertain world, ABUS offers the UK hardware and security market quality and price stability.  For full information on our security solutions please contact ABUS UK:

[email protected]


Telephone: 0117 204 7000

Scruffs Looks Great For UK Masters Tour

Scruffs is hitting the road again this September, with its biggest ever tour of the UK celebrating Britain’s tradespeople as part of the ‘Masters at Work. Masters of Workwear’ campaign.

Inspired by the success of the inaugural Super Dealer programme, Scruffs has now officially appointed 15 Super Dealers, with a mix of online and offline trade retailers selected following an extensive process.

The 17 event, 6-week-long tour kicks off on September 8th and spans the whole of the UK from Inverness to Portsmouth.

The highlight of each roadshow event will be a virtual reality trip to the top of the Severn Bridge. Tradespeople will be invited to test their nerve on a job like no other, in a stunning hi-tech simulation.

There will also be a charity ‘Top of Your Game’ football challenge, where tradespeople will be challenged to score a goal into a cement mixer! Each ball booted into the cement mixer will result in a donation towards local good causes.

At each event, the person who scores the most goals will be awarded a football shirt of their choice, a pair of Scruffs GORE-TEX® boots and they’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a £250 Scruffs voucher.

The ultimate tour champion will receive £1,000 in cash, with the runners up also receiving a 50-inch screen TV and £250 worth of Scruffs vouchers.

Chris Mellor-Dolman, Head of Scruffs Marketing, says: “It’s important for us as a brand to support all of our hardworking dealers and help to create the best experience for their customers.

“Our Scruffs Super Dealers have been selected following an extensive selection process, with each of them sharing in the belief that tradespeople deserve the absolute best in terms of quality and service.

“Each Super Dealer will receive an on-going support package of powerful, business-boosting initiatives including exclusive product and marketing workshops, national advertising campaigns, striking new in-store merchandising solutions and a consistent supply of printed and digital assets.”

The tour officially kicks off on 8th September 2016 and will continue until 12th October 2016.

Ledlenser Powers Forward

Ledlenser, the leading light in handheld torches and headlamps moves up to another level this year with the implementation of sector leading support for its brand.

Sure to grab consumer attention, National TV and Radio campaigns have once again been booked for later in the year. These will be supported by new product ranges, product extensions (new P7R, new Auto Rechargeable), and a winter campaign designed to drive sales. All of this and the introduction of an impressive 7 year consumer warranty (upon registration), new brand logo and a stunning new website ensure that the only light that your customers demand from you this year will be a Ledlenser. Ledlenser – Lighting Instruments for Professionals. Contact your local Ledlenser sales representative or contact the central sales office to profit from this extensive support. 

Ledco Ltd |Kingswick House |Kingswick Drive | Sunninghill | Berkshire | SL5 7BH

T: 01344 876 222| F: 01344 630 999| E: [email protected] W: www.ledlenser.co.uk

With 40% longer sawblade life, Dynashape provides real benefits for Metsec

With 40% longer sawblade life, Dynashape provides real benefits for Metsec

Dynashape, the UK’s most experienced sawblade servicing and manufacturing specialist, has secured a new 12-month contract with Britain’s largest specialist cold roll-forming company, voestalpine Metsec plc.

The contract is for the supply of TIALN-coated SHSS (Super High Speed Steel) and TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) sawblades, as well as for sawblade remanufacturing.

900 more cuts per new blade

“This will be the second year that we have provided sawblade services for Metsec,” comments Dynashape’s Managing Director, Chris Parkes, “and I am absolutely delighted that the team at Metsec has chosen to appoint us again. When we first won the business in 2015, we demonstrated how our sawblades were capable of delivering in the region of 3,000 cuts per blade. That’s around 900 more cuts per blade than Metsec was achieving using a competitor’s products. More importantly, it underlines the true cost effectiveness of the improved sawblade technology that is employed by Dynashape.”


Remanufacturing blades to perform like new

Providing Metsec with sawblades that have a much longer life, however, really is only part of the story. Dynashape’s considerable investment in the latest CNC sawblade manufacturing technologies – the same machinery that is used by leading sawblade producers globally – means it is also able to remanufacture Metsec’s blunt blades to ‘as new’ standards.

“We presently remanufacture some 20 to 30 SHSS sawblades each week for Metsec,” adds Dynashape Sales Engineer, Richard Meacham. “Depending on usage, blades can typically be remanufactured up to twelve times – and all for a fraction of the cost of buying new.”


TCT and SHSS blades for Metsec’s roll-formed solutions

Metsec specialises in providing the highest quality cold roll-formed solutions. These include purlins and side rails, lightweight steel framing, dry lining and cable management solutions, for the construction industry, as well as custom roll forming and profile manipulation for a wide range of market sectors including construction machinery, transport, office furniture and energy.

Dynashape supplies sawblades to both the Custom Roll Forming (CRF) and Profile Manipulation (MPM) areas at Metsec’s Oldbury-based manufacturing site. The CRF division produces bespoke profiles from S460 steel and uses Dynashape’s 600mm diameter coated TCT and SHSS TIALN-coated blades. Metsec’s Profile Manipulation division uses Dynashape’s 300 - 315mm diameter SHSS TIALN-coated blades.


Considerable savings for Metsec

“The improvements in sawblade life and the resultant cost savings that Dynashape has brought us are considerable,” says Lee Clark, Production Manager of Metsec’s Profile Manipulation division. “The combined effect of longer-lasting blades and highly effective sawblade remanufacturing at lower cost equates to savings of around £2,000 per month over both divisions. Such impressive savings are extremely important to us as they play their part in helping us to give our customers the very best possible value. The service provided by Dynashape is also exceptional. They are never more than a phone call or email away and they always collect and deliver on time.”


Dynashape: the UK’s complete sawblade service

Following a £1 million investment in infrastructure and the very best CNC sawblade production technologies, Dynashape is well equipped to assist manufacturers with everything involving sawing machinery and sawblades – and all from under one roof.

Only this year, the business added five new CNC machines – three of which are robotic – to its already impressive capabilities. As a result, Dynashape now has the very latest 4-, 5- and 6-axis high precision CNC sawblade production technologies from leading manufacturers including Loroch, Vollmer and Walter, and is able to offer the most comprehensive one-stop solution for manufacturing and remanufacturing TCT, SHSS and solid carbide sawblades, as well as PCD tooling.


Remanufacturing, never just sharpening

Instead of sharpening blunt sawblades, Dynashape’s approach is to remanufacture them using its advanced CNC machinery. For the majority of Dynashape customers, this means that for around three-quarters of its useable life, a remanufactured blade will perform like new, before there’s any issue of degradation due to reduced base material and tooth facet. “The real point,” stresses Chris Parkes, “is that our remanufactured blades perform just as precisely as they did when new, all for substantially less than the cost of purchasing new blades.”


Creating bespoke cutting solutions

Using its CNC machining technologies and calling on its many years of sawing expertise, Dynashape can also enhance new blades to improve on OEM-supplied products and create bespoke cutting solutions and tooth profiles for superior results when cutting all manner of materials. An example of this is the company’s ability to manufacture ‘special plastics’ blades with a unique tooth design for the creation of an aesthetically pleasing ‘diamond-polished’ finish when cutting acrylics.

Dynashape is part of the Addison Group, a UK-based organisation that has been at the forefront of metal sawing technology since 1956.



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