FEIN UK & Andy Robinson Race Cars combine to notch, grind and weld

FEIN manufacturer modular belt grinders which are optimally adapted to metalworking and metal machining applications, and are popular tools for Andy Robinson Race Cars.

Andy Robinson Race Cars is a Hampshire-based business which fabricates and builds off-road/rally, touring and racing hot-rod cars.

The kit-car specialist company, run by Andy Robinson himself, uses a wide array of machinery to create the exclusive motor vehicles.

More specifically, Andy and his team uses fabrication machines to focus on tubing and welding work to produce role cages, chassis and other work.

Having already used one of FEIN’s multitools (MultiMaster), Andy investigated and found FEIN provide large ranges of metal working machines too.

Andy said: “We use a wide range of metal tools to deliver our projects, but I am really pleased to have the FEIN belt grinder in the collection as the product’s tooling and GRIT settings enable the team to deliver the notching results we need with our pipe work.

“Aside from various fibre-glass and carbon-fibre body work, usually sourced from Canada, and a local partnership with a CNC shop, we can pretty much build a racing car from scratch.

We’ve worked on some incredible projects, such as building a McClaren display car and a replica chassis for a Shelby Daytona.”

When building car chassis and building roll cages – both of which require tube bending and welding work to produce – Andy needs to notch the tubing using a belt-grinding machine.

Representatives of FEIN UK were invited to Andy’s car shop to watch a demonstration of a FEIN GX 75 belt grinder, and see the accompanying units.

FEIN UK’s representatives observed the tubing being measured and notched using the system, which is often done in one sitting.

The belt grinding demonstration was for a project Andy’s staff members were working on, which involved placing the suspension on a Barracuda.

FEIN representatives were also given a tour of the workshop, where they saw a further six vehicles at varying stages and various angle grinders.

Andy added: “Our local dealer EC Hopkins provided us a superb service, securing all of the specialist tooling required.

“Compared to anything else on the market the machine offered great quality in terms of build but was very mid-level in terms of cost - making the purchase one of superb value in our eyes.”

Andy by trade is a design engineer, starting his career serving as an apprentice with Detras Training Aids and GA Platon. He now has a strong team of eight in his workshop, including his son Luke.


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