Government to announce plans to get Britain back to work

THE Prime Minister Boris Johnson blew the whistle on the UK returning to work last night as he announced he will set out a plan for reopening schools and restarting the economy next week.

A confirmed date for lifting the lockdown has yet to be set, but speculation is rife that a slow restart will begin very soon.

The Prime Minister stressed that, even though the UK is ‘past the peak’, a slow return to normality would be necessary so that we do not ‘risk a second spike’.

The construction industry was been classified as key workers, and so were not obliged to completely close as long as they were able to meet the HSE’s social distancing criteria. But with supply lines compromised and travel disrupted, many sites doing non-essential work were closed in line with the lockdown policy.

The Government is continuing to work closely with unions and business group to discuss guidelines for working as the lockdown is lifted.

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