JCB Cagelow Safety Trainers

Why Buy..?

These JCB Cagelow B safety trainers from Progressive Safety felt comfy after about half an hour, and by the end of the day I wouldn’t have been able to tell that they were new shoes. This is because the fit is wide and the toes rounded without looking clumsy.  I found myself adopting them for everyday use even when I wasn’t working in the workshop or on site because they looked fine with their black uppers and flexible grey mesh covering that provides comfort and ventilation. The dual density heels and soles cushioned the feet nicely.

The trainers are easy to put on and take off and the padded tongue and ankle pieces make feet feel comfortable and secure. A loop on the heel can be used to pull the trainers on to avoid muddy hands in the case of dirty shoes.

Since my work is mainly indoors or in my workshop, I prefer the flat soles whose ridged patterns don’t collect as much mud as cleats, and are easier to wipe off on a mat. The grippy pattern of ridges and bumps on the soles provide a secure feeling when walking, but won’t leave a trail of gunk behind you.

The soles are also antistatic rated for reducing, removing or preventing static build up. They are also tested to the highest levels of slip resistance (EN ISO13287 (2011) so should give you a firm footing. But they are also flexible so that when I was kneeling down and my feet were bent, the soles were able to accommodate the movement.

The Cagelow Trainer’s non-metallic sole offers protection from penetration from a force up to 1100 Newtons.

Without giving you a ‘lumpy-toe’ look, the toe protection provides protection up to 200 Joules and an energy absorbing heel.

I found that the comfort and protection offered by these JCB Cagelow Trainers suited me very well and I am happy to recommend them. 


  • Comfortable
  • Meets safety specs
  • Sole doesn’t gather mud etc
  • Mesh makes for flexibility
  • Good ventilation

JCB Safety Trainers safety shoes Progressive safety
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