M450 Vacuum contains it all - dust and liquids

THERE are a range of dust extractors and vacuums on the market, but what about when dealing with dust and liquid spills, or slurry?
The Preparation Group, a leading expert in preparing, polishing and cleaning surfaces, has the M450 model in its fleet, a dual-purpose, heavy-duty dry/wet vac.

With the M450 there is no need for two separate vacuums as it is specifically designed to eradicate dust, with high levels of dust particle containment, yet is equally effective at dealing with liquids.

It can be switched between the two operations with no compromise to the performance and without the need to change the filter.

Kate Walshaw, Hire Group Manager, said: "Our range of Industrial vacuums for hire includes small single motor models of 1.1.kw up to the three-motor M450 at 5.5kw and all are highly efficient.

"We also have longopac models for dealing with hazardous substances or dust sensitive projects.

"Our range is built to last with minimal operating costs, to maximise hire rental opportunities."

Other benefits of the M450

It is powered by three motors which can all be independently used to control suction levels, adding power for tough tasks or conserving energy for lighter duties.

Built from high-grade steel, it is virtually maintenance-free and has a large capacity 60-litre bin for less emptying.

The supplied ‘M’ Filter is removed with one quick and easy action, you simply untie from the frame and replace.

‘H’ filters are also available from stock for collecting very fine, asbestos containing particle dust.


The Preparation Group M450 Vacuum Kate Walshaw
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