Nixon Hire and AJC Trailers – A green partnership

IN recent times the motivation to supply sites with sustainable, energy saving equipment has gained significant traction within the UK hire industry.

One of the hire firms that are leading the way in this cause is the plant, accommodation, welfare and toilet hire company, Nixon Hire. With its head office in Newcastle upon Tyne and depots nationwide, it is able to supply the whole of the UK with a range of environmentally sound equipment.

Central to its eco-positive hire-fleet is a line of products manufactured by AJC Trailers. Marketed under AJC’s EasyCabin brand, Nixon Hire has invested heavily in AJC’s eco welfare and temporary accommodation units, each designed to reduce the carbon output on site and save fuel costs for Nixon Hire’s clients.

This investment means that Nixon Hire can deliver and install a complete sustainable site set-up facility that operates from a combination of carbon-free battery power and renewable energy.

Electricity on site has been traditionally provided by diesel powered generators. However, with Nixon Hire’s stimulus, AJC designed and manufactured a power pod that produces up 30kVA power, principally from a combination of solar and battery power. Entitled the H2O Solar Pod (Patent Pending), it combines solar PV with a back-up generator and large water tank, providing a comprehensive facility in one sustainable module.

In addition, Nixon Hire now offers AJC manufactured portable solar and LPG toilets. An operator just needs to add water and they are ready to provide efficient, hygienic toilet facilities. These toilets are particularly useful in remote areas.

The use of renewables continues following Nixon Hire’s recent purchase of a fleet of AJC’s solar powered lights. The AJC solar light has a powerful 20w output making it ideally suited for construction sites, compounds, car parks, and pathways.

“We value our partnership with Nixon Hire highly,” stated Jav Samsa, AJC Trailers Managing Director, “Their commitment to expanding the use of renewables is equal to our own ambitions to produce equipment that drastically reduces the use of fossil fuels.

“Nixon Hire’s market intelligence is unsurpassed. They are completely in tune with the demands of the marketplace and they are continually bringing new ideas to us. This is great for the industry and the wider environment.”

Graham Nixon, Nixon Hire’s Managing Director, concurred saying: “AJC Trailers always have an open mind when we make suggestions for developing new, eco-styled equipment. This arrangement helps to keep Nixon Hire at the vanguard of delivering sustainable products to our clients.”

Founded in 1967, Nixon Hire is a family-run business employing nearly 500 people with ambitious plans to grow its depot network. The company has over 50 years of experience in supplying equipment for construction sites and events.

AJC Trailers operates under its EasyCabin brand and manufactures a wide range of sustainable temporary accommodation and welfare units for UK industry. Their environmental credentials have been confirmed by being recipients of three Green Apple Awards.

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