Reader's tip: ToolBUSINESS+HIRE gives builders a boost

BUILDERS, handimen and constuction labourers are notoriously full of clever tips to make the work go smoother, and here at ToolBUSINESS+HIRE towers we always love hearing your tricks of the trade.

So naturally we were very flattered when one enterprising reader emailed in to show us his brand new painting and decorating tool was none other than... well... us!

"As you probably know, when fitting skirting boards it's a good idea to slide something underneath them to keep them raised a little so you don't paint the floor when painting them later," said Jim Greening.

"Well, the cover of your ToolBUSINESS+HIRE magazine is a brilliant tool for that job: thin enough to slip under and yet strong enough to do the job."

Good thing he wasn't reading our e-zine - he might have ended up with paint on his iPad!

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