RUBI UK & Ireland celebrates its 15th birthday

IT has already been 15 years since RUBI opened its doors in the UK and Ireland.

It was in April 2004, when the company started running with a team of seven employees, four of whom still work in the company. The main professional cutters available at that time were the TS and the TX manual cutters.

RUBI UK grew significantly and had to move in June 2007 to the current much larger premises. Since that date the growth has continued rapidly to where RUBI UK is today with over 15000 loyal users in the UK & Ireland. 

The following years were crucial in terms of technology and innovation. RUBI UK launched the redesigned TX & TX-N range in 2009, the predecessor of the latest most advanced TX to date, the TX MAX, and also the new TS-PLUS range with a more powerful breaker system. Three years later, the company launched the Slim System Cutter in the UK & Ireland, the manual cutting system with connectable guides for large format tiles up to 310 cm.

In 2016 Rubi UK & Ireland employed a new sales representative to service the North and South of Ireland. This completed the Sales Representative team giving users a great service from Lands End to John O’Groats, Ireland, the Channel Islands and Shetland. 

RUBI hasn’t stopped innovating and developing new products and, in 2017 it launched the TS MAX manual cutter, a manual cutter with a high-performance breaker and patented the RUBI ZERO DUST, a system to improve on-site working conditions with electric bridge saws.

Following this trend of innovation, in 2018 RUBI launched the most advanced manual cutter in the market, the TZ. Also launching the new Speed Magnet and TR Magnet into the professional cutter market. 

All these efforts have been recognised when RUBI won the Delta Awards by the Industrial Design Association of Arts and Design (ADI-FAD) in the category Best Design, for the Tile Level Quick levelling system and the TZ manual cutter, and been ranked on the top 4 Catalan companies in number of patented companies by the European Patent Office. 

This year 2019 has seen more new innovative products: RUBI upgraded its SLAB System range, introducing the SLAB TRANS HEAVY DUTY and the TC-125 KIT for large format tiles, and presented the powerful TX-MAX, a professional manual cutter with high-performance multipoint breaker.

But all these achievements and improvements wouldn’t have been possible without the trust and support of more than 15000 loyal users of the RUBI Tools!

RUBI wants to thank these users for the confidence shown over the last 15 years and offers to their users great deals on the TX-MAX professional manual cutter.

For more information, visit RUBI's 15th anniversary page.

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