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Door handle manufacturer sees surge in 'Dual-Tone' hardware

This year's interior door furniture shows Dual-Tone finish tops the popularity ratings.

One of the UK’s leading door hardware distributors has seen a surge in demand for Dual-Tone door handles, with popularity soaring as Dual-Tone becomes one of the biggest interior design trends of 2018.

Birmingham-based Hiatt Hardware has a rich experience of 35 years supplying high-end interior door handles and accessories to the DIY & trade retailers.

Hiatt Hardware's Nipun Agrawal said: “The Dual-Tone has become our most sought door handle finish followed by Chrome this year.

Designers, Tradesmen and DIYers alike are using two tone pieces as focal points to tie rooms together. Upsurge in the volumes demonstrates these handles being used as features in modern interior design.

Monitoring the trends in interior design, the company has experienced a consistent growing demand for Dual-Tone finish door handles and accessories, demonstrating the increasing popularity in modern interior home designs.

Nipun added: "Although door furniture, particularly interior door handles are relatively small parts of the wider interior design canvas, they can impress a sense of style and class upon a room.

“Dual-Tone door handles are not only aesthetically attractive and at the forefront of chic design, but they also have an added advantage to easily match the finish with other door accessories and room interior.”

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