Award winning TYROLIT POWER set to revolutionise sanding and finishing

ABRASIVES manufacturer TYROLIT presents TYROLIT POWER, which won the Innovation Award at Troy Means Business (TMB) 2018 back in October.

TYROLIT, which is a family-owned company, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of grinding, cutting, drilling and dressing tools as well as machines for the construction industry.

The new award-winning product is tipped to revolutionise the sanding and finishing of hard surfaces.

As opposed to conventional dual-action sanders, the patented POWER machine allows for a vibration-free application which minimises the issues associated with hand-arm vibration syndrome.

Replacing grinding disks with strips TYROLIT POWER Strips replace the traditional grinding discs used on a dualaction sander, which dramatically reduces the risk of vibration white finger.

UK Area Sales Manager, John McKechnie, spoke about the product's health and safety features at TMB.

He said: “There are a lot of white finger claims when using grinder disc. Grind discs are still commonly used, but if you use a strip, or flap disc, it’s a lot smoother and there’s less vibration.

“We’ve been putting a lot of our time into improving grinder alternatives because grinding discs produce phenomenal removal rates.”

Cost effective

TYROLIT POWER Strip technology consists of layers made from cactus hair and diamond, which provides extreme hardness compared to traditional abrasives, such as aluminium oxide or silicon carbide.

The specially-developed diamond-coated mesh extends tool life by a factor of six and prevents clogging of the strips – allowing for fast stock removal.

The diamond-coated strips also provide greater control for surface finishing, especially for large mould production.

Longer life span

Sanding is often slow and can be a well-known bottleneck in the finishing process. TYROLIT POWER allows its users to sand down large surface areas, such as turbine blades, eight times faster than the conventional way, which reduces the threat of possible backlogs considerably.

Depending on the customer’s application needs a variety of grit sizes are available along with a range of widths.

Multiuse for larger moulds

Regarding hand-held devices, the abrasive brushes can be fitted to a range of applications including straight grinders, TYROLIT’S air-driven POWER machine, or to a surface sander with a core of 265mm.

All these solutions offer highly mobile and efficient sanding for large moulds.

The toughness of the abrasive brush grain means it can be used to machine glass or carbon fibre, gel coats and other hard composites.

Initially designed for the machining of large wind turbines, applications can be found in boat building, railway carriage construction, aircraft manufacturing and mould making.

The diamond strips are available in grit sizes from 80 to 500 mesh and slot into holders of various diameters and lengths.

For fibreglass, they are able to replace traditional abrasive cloth flaps and reduce processing times by a factor of eight.

The machines and diamond brushes can be used wet or dry. Additionally, the machines have specially-designed dust extraction guards guaranteeing very little dust production during work.

The family-owned company, which was founded in 1919 and is a member of the Swarovski Group, is based in Schwaz, Austria, and currently has over 4,300 employees at 26 production locations in 11 countries and on five continents.

TYROLIT’s Metal and Precision, Industrial Trade, Construction and Stone – Ceramics – Glass divisions manufacture 80,000 different products.

TYROLIT POWER award winning Austria
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