Engelbert Strauss: power workwear for power teams

Engelbert Strauss is one of the leading brands for work wear globally. It is run independently by a family in their fourth generation, with a factory located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany with approximately 1,200 workforces.

In Autumn 2016, the company joined the Fair Wear Foundation, in order to ensure three things: there is no child labour; fair wages are paid; and working conditions are safe within a reasonable amount of working hours.

Above and beyond the entrepreneurial activities, Engelbert Strauss push to make useful contributions to society. They have decided to focus social commitments on education projects in developing and emerging countries - in particular they would like to make access to education easier for children of workers at their manufacturing sites, for example through the construction of school buildings and providing teaching materials.

They do not have a fixed yearly budget for the money required for these projects, but decide the number of projects to support at their own discretion and personal beliefs.

The Engelbert Strauss products includes aspects of safety, environmental sustainability and fairness. Engelbert Strauss is the trend-setting market leader for workwear and occupational safety.

They develop practical products for everyday use for our customers from the trade, industrial and service sectors. With almost 30,000 items constantly in stock, they offer the widest range of special fields the possibility of purchasing not only workwear, but also important tools and accessories from one source. They focus on their own developed products in the textile, shoes and glove fields so that we are always in a position to offer complete solutions for everyday use. The production is scrutinized from raw material, colour production to cut and sew to guarantee constant high level of quality that are being tested throughout the production process.

As cold days are fast approaching, there are several Engelbert Strauss safety workwear options; from jackets or overalls with multi-functional features such as waterproof, windproof with breathable outer layer to protective hand gear from knitted to leather, with senso grip.

With a large range to choose from with affordable - prices are available on their website:


Engelbert Strauss Frankfurt am Main Health and Safety Workwear
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