JCB Workwear release two new products to enhance protection

PEOPLE skidding and falling as they walk down the street, the sound of sniffling around the office and people complaining about standstill traffic can only mean one thing: the winter months are setting in.

Safety is paramount around this time of year, especially for tradespeople, and the best way to minimise danger is through wearing the latest protective equipment.

JCB Workwear’s new products are designed to meet the high requirements and demands for a wide number of industries, including the tool sector.


JCB Workwear’s newly released XSERIES Black Boots provide ultimate protection for workers’ feet with their inner aluminium toe cap and outer heavy-duty scuff cap and heel protection, all the while delivering the latest in comfort and durability.

Additionally, the sleek, heavy-duty XSERIES is lightweight and features a water-repellent design through its material of black leather, to protect against the cold, wet and damp months.

Within the construction industry, sharp objects on the floor pose a significant and all-too-common threat for both outdoor and indoor workplaces.

The XSERIES boots have been tested against EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standards, which means the Kevlar midsole protection will resist a penetration force of 1100N, as well as providing thermal insulation. In addition, the aluminium toe cap will withstand a 200-joule impact.

The new XSERIES footwear is also a product that is SRC slip-resistance tested. This means it has been SRA tested on ceramic tile wetted with dilute soap solution; and SRB tested on smooth steel with glycerol.

The XSERIES Black Boots provide a 5-loop fasten with black and gold round lace, and as an added benefit for those working in high temperatures, is a heat resistant to 300˚C.

The Baselayer: D+SA and D+SB

JCB Workwear’s Baselayer is made up of the D+SA top and the D+SB bottoms, which are made up of 100% polyester and come in sizes medium, large and extra-large.

It is easy to wash and dry, and keeps its colour and shape before and after wear.

The D+SA and D+SB both provide high performance antimicrobial fabric ACTIO:PRO™: a fabric which wicks away moisture from the skin.

This is beneficial as it provides a body climate-controlling aspect to suit its user in both hot and cold weather. Both items also have SPF50+ UV Protection, blocking 99% of UV radiation.

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