Manage your rebates with Merlin Business software

MERLIN Business Software have announced another new module for their suite of integrated software solutions for merchants.

Hot on the heels of the recent launch of their Merlin Analytics offering, Merlin are introducing an entirely new Rebates Management module.

Merlin’s Sales and Marketing Director, Ashley Jones, explained that the new Rebates module was capable of dynamically managing multiple concurrent rebates schemes for one or more suppliers.

Track time-consuming calculations

The Rebates module will keep track of otherwise-complicated and time-consuming rebate calculations across a variety of different methods, including stepped, retrospective, flat amount, pro-rated, growth bonus and marketing contribution schemes.

Ashley said: “It's always great to be in a position where we’re regularly bringing out fresh and innovative solutions for our customers, and it’s become an expectation of us to keep pushing the boundaries of affordable software to help our customers run their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

"The new Rebates module is the latest of these which has come about as part of our on-going commitment to constantly listen to customers’ needs and react accordingly.

"We did our homework by approaching a number of merchant customers to find out what they would want from a rebates system.

"We quickly discovered there was a colossal amount of time spent doing tedious off-system calculations which would be returned to the business for more productive purposes if we introduced a rebates module which handled everything for them.”

Ashley continued: "We were very concerned to uncover a couple of occasions where some merchants are so busy they simply don’t have an accurate idea of the rebates owed to them at any point in time - as a result, they have to rely on the figures provided by the supplier.

"This cannot be a sound basis for a business to base profit forecasts on.

"The module is designed from the outset to be an integral part of the Merlin suite that can be activated whenever a user needs it, and it can handle both supplier and customer rebates.

"There’s even a capability to manage commissions for the sales team.

“We’ve already approached a select few of our merchant customers with a pre-release announcement about the new Rebates Module, and were delighted when over 40 of them registered interest within 48 hours - including one advanced order from one of our most prestigious customers.

“We’re confident this new module will serve our existing customers well, and we hope this also serves as a further demonstration to larger UK merchants that Merlin is a system already proven to ‘punch above its weight’ with exceptional performance, scalability, and ease of use, and also one that comes with considerably low costs of ownership.”

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