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Precision made possible: introducing Festool’s new Cordless Oscillator

FESTOOL is expanding its range of cordless tools by adding the new Vecturo OSC 18 cordless oscillator for fitting and assembly work.

The Vecturo OSC 18 includes the innovative StarlockMax tool holder, enabling the user to quickly and conveniently change the tool blade, without the need for additional equipment.

Intelligent system accessories allow for dust-free work, precise cut-outs on the scribe mark and precisely guided plunge cuts.

In addition, the powerful, brushless EC-TEC motor and the large oscillation angle of 2°/2° achieves optimum working progress. Thanks to the clever design and the vibration isolation, the Vecturo OSC 18 makes ergonomic work possible.

Maximum flexibility in everyday work thanks to StarlockMax

The new Vecturo OSC 18 is equipped with the innovative StarlockMax tool holder system, which enables the user to change the required saw blade easily and in just a few seconds.

The patented Starlock tool-holder system covers three performance classes: Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax.

As the new Vecturo cordless oscillator comes with the StarlockMax tool holder, it falls under the performance class designed for heavy-duty applications.

Particularly practical for everyday use, StarlockMax can accommodate accessories from all of the Starlock performance classes. The new Vecturo therefore shows itself to be extremely flexible to use.

Intelligent system accessories

The versatile system accessories for the new cordless oscillator mean that this newcomer is the perfect all-rounder, and enables the user to work in a way that is healthy, comfortable and – at the same time – precise.

With the new dust extraction device, users can also start sawing without generating dust: this improves safety and provides a clear view of the work area.

The new positioning aid for precisely guided plunge cuts allows for accurate positioning on the marking, and simple orientation on the guide rail. The positioning aid is also equipped with a depth stop, for precisely setting the plunge depth.

These system accessories can be fitted onto the adapter easily and without the need for additional equipment – depending on requirements.

Technical data: Vecturo OSC 18 cordless oscillator

Battery voltage 18 V
Oscillation 10,000–19,500 rpm
Oscillation angle 2 x 2.0°
Tool holder StarlockMax
Li-ion battery capacity 3.1 Ah
Weight with Li-ion battery 1.6 kg

Maximum power

The new Vecturo is especially suitable for heavy-duty applications. Thanks to the anti-vibration system, the housing and motor are completely decoupled. This reduction in vibrations and running noises leads to optimum comfort while working.

The powerful, brushless EC-TEC motor with variable speed control allows for a large oscillation angle of 2° to the left and 2° to the right, and therefore achieves optimum working progress.

In combination with the powerful and durable 18 V Li-ion compact battery pack, the cordless oscillator achieves maximum freedom of movement without any cables – even for heavy-duty applications.

The new Vecturo OSC 18 cordless oscillator will be available at specialist retailers from April 2019. Festool also offers full investment security for their new Vecturo OSC 18 thanks to Festool Service.

The free-of-charge service package guarantees direct, practical and comprehensive service for the tool throughout its entire service life.

Accurate insulation needed? Try the Festool

I HAVE seen lots of different styles of insulation – from the ‘stuff-it-in-andhope-for-the-best' method, through to the obsessively neat ‘no gaps at any cost’.

Obviously the nearer you get to the ‘no-gaps’ style, the better the insulation factor. The Festool ISC 240 is the tool to help you do it.

Two Blades for Different Insulation Types

If you think of a cordless jigsaw with much longer and specialised blades, then you have a basic grasp of the way in which the saw works – but this being a Festool, the simplicity is only skin deep.

For the most rigid types of insulation material like PU foams, the jigsaw type of toothed blade is required.

This blade is supported by a wide blade backing, which keeps the long blade straight for accurate cutting into insulation, that could be up to 25cm thick.

Longer blades are available - I am told.

For less rigid insulation materials like rockwool or woollen batts, a different blade formation is required.

This consists of two extremely sharp ‘wavey’ blades, one of which reciprocates up and down the other - creating a kind of scissor action cut, that shears through material which tends to give a bit.

And the extras…

To ensure users get a straight and accurate cut, Festool engineers have designed a couple of bases to go with each blade type. The first of these clicks on near the top of the blade.

The base has two channels on it, that can be fitted into the channel along the back of a standard Festool guiderail. These enable users to cut millimetre perfect straight lines in harder types of insulation.

Again, for softer insulation where accuracy may not be as critical, but is certainly desirable Festool engineers have designed a small-wheeled sled that runs in the grooves of a Festool guide rail.

This sled is attached to the bottom end of the sharp ‘wavey’ blades.

When cutting, the guide rail is slid underneath the insulation so the insulation rests on it, and then the saw is slid down the guide rail - where the small weight of the insulation helps to keep it down for easier cutting.

A word of warning though – the ‘wavey’ blades are so sharp - it is best to keep them covered with the supplied bladeguard when they are not in use.

Cordless convenience

While it looks a bit like and cuts like a cordless jigsaw, the insulation saw has several features that sets it apart. For example, most users would notice the fine mesh covering the motor ventilation holes – these replaceable filters are designed to keep out fine insulation particles that could spell an early death to an electric motor.

The on/off switch cannot be accidentally switched – a definite safety factor with extremely sharp blades in action. It needs two quick pushes to start.

Dust extraction is extremely good, via the port on top of the saw head – it needs to be slid back to allow blade changes.

And finally, Festool has included two of its latest Bluetooth batteries that allow remote switching of a compatible vacuum extractor. A truly good thing, as the last thing any user wants to do is inhale ne insulation particles.

There is much more to say about this insulation saw. Having used it, I am impressed with both the ease of use and the accuracy.

Add to that cordless convenience and Bluetooth switching, and you have a very user friendly tool.

Here’s to warmer houses, courtesy of the Festool Insulation saw.

Festool CTM 36 E AC HD Vacuum Extractor All You Need for Dust Safety On Site and Workshop?

Systems, Systems

One of the best aspects of buying Festool is that you are buying into a system that links together wherever possible. So, saws and sanders and benches and vacuums etc, can all be coordinated to create a team of tools that will hopefully enable the highest quality work. This does mean that the user has to be up to the job too, but the Festool System provides a great starting point.

The other thing about the Festool system is that you can be confident that an Research and Development team, better qualified than you or I, has done all of the thinking during the development of the product, so all the user has to do is take advantage of the opportunities provided. This is definitely the feeling I was left with having used the CTM 36 E AC HD vacuum extractor for two weeks on site. I shall endeavour to explain how I came to this conclusion and why it is a comforting one.

The Dust Regulations

As most trades should know by now, the minimum requirement for a dust collector/extractor on sites is at least an M-Class machine capable of filtering out 99.9% of 10 micron size respirable dust from a number of sources.  Most L-Class machines collected heavier dust quite well, but passed the highly dangerous respirable dust through the filter into the atmosphere where the dust particles are so tiny that they can float in the air for up to eight hours.

Confidence and Ease of Use

The first thing that buyers of this Festool vac will know is that it comes with the required HEPA filter and Airflow necessary to extract dangerous dusts up to M-Class requirements.  Along with this is a built-in electronic monitoring system for filters and airflow. If the airflow ever falls below 20m/s a warning beep will sound to alert the user. All the control switches are grouped together and all are marked in green - Festool’s long-established way of marking parts that users need to know are controls.

Up to 5 diameters of extraction hose can be selected, from 16mm to 50mm, and the electronics will take care of power required from the motor to ensure the best possible extraction rate. The guesswork is taken out for the user – simply choose from the options and you can be confident of the correct performance.

Other controls are equally simple. Auto Clean is selected with a switch and this acates an electronic control that forces air under pressure through the filter and it is this that removes the dust from the filter and provides an opportunity for the extractor to take a breath every 10 seconds. To see this in action go to this link: -

By simply plugging a corded power tool into the auxiliary socket and connecting it to the extraction hose, and selecting ‘automatic’ on the switch, the vacuum will come on when the tool is started and turn off when the tool is switched off. I was able to work at sanding a series of six rather woodworm eaten doors outside with no visible dust, and the noise levels from the vac were less than the sander’s. Selecting the suction needed to ensure good extraction as well as efficient sanding is again very easy – just move the relevant switch.

Other Reassuring Things

For those tired of squashed and easily tangled extraction hoses, the 4 metre-long green and black Festool hose resists kinking and is antistatic. No clingy dust when you clear it up at the end of the day. The machine end of the hose has a rubber adaptor that fits tightly into the front of the machine, as well as into the closing slide that comes with this vacuum. Using the closing slide ensures that the user can close off the hose aperture when the hose is removed, making dust leaks impossible. Or you can use the sealing plug provided. The other end of the hose has a standard rubber adaptor that can be teamed with a Festool stepped adaptor to fit the tool in hand. Storing the hose in transit is done via the foldable hose holder on top of the casing.

To allow for a generous working radius the Festool has 7.5 metres of rubberised mains cord and typically, Festool has thought about where to store it by providing a tool and cable storage holder that is attached to the back by two screws.

By attaching an optional Systainer retainer, other tools in boxes may be attached for easy transport.

Filter and Bag Maintenance

There is little point in providing M-Class extraction only to expose users to concentrated dusts when the dust bag needs emptying or the filter needs changing. Of course, the right grade of face mask is needed, but both of these tasks can be done quickly and easily by the user. Replacements are simply slotted into place with a minimum of exposure time to dust.

The vac can also be used to collect water spills but precautions need to be taken and then it needs to be allowed to dry out thoroughly before reinstalling a dust bag.

In Daily Use

I used this vacuum intensively for two weeks on a barn restoration, where it was used connected to circular saws and sanders, as well as collecting cement and sand dust and clearing up at the end of the day. It has a big 36 litre capacity and took up a large space in my boot. Weighing 14.5 Kgs it is not that easy to lift into my hatchback, but the big wheels make moving it, even on roughish surfaces, quite easy. The truth is, regular site users need a machine with some capacity because of the workloads. By the end of the two weeks I had grown so used to the Festool that it was part of my work routine. Efficient, easy to use and reliable.

Some will always bring up the common complaint about the price – this vac costs over £600. But we need to take into account Festool’s extended warranty, service and insurance offer and 10 year parts guarantee in our calculations. I rather like the ease and confidence that such a machine provides and I am also worried enough about my lung health to think that users need to look at the bigger picture.

Festool Fans, on the other hand, will have none of these concerns – they have already established that being part of the Festool system has lots of advantages.  


Festool Unplugged - A New Generation of Independence

5.2Ah batteries – work for 25% longer

The improved battery range sees all 15V and 18V batteries increasing from 4.2Ah to 5.2Ah, meaning the tradesman can work 25% longer between charges. This combined with brushless EC-TEC motor technology ensures optimal power usage, greater efficiency and longer tool life.

“With our cordless range, we are focusing on increased intelligence, increased efficiency, and longer tool life” explains Festool product manager Patrick Haußmann. To this end, Festool is focusing on the intelligent interplay between its tried-and-tested brushless EC-TEC motor technology and the latest cell technologies.

Festool offers tradesmen a secure investment alongside sustainable compatibility – as Haußmann explains, ” This even applies across systems for older battery packs with NiCd and NiMH cells, which can be used in current-generation Li-ion tools.”

PowerSelect – maximum buying flexibility at no extra cost

The new PowerSelect offers three different buying variants providing flexibility in configuring tools to suit specific cordless needs.

The Basic Version includes the cordless tool without battery packs or charger, but still comes in a high quality systainer and with core accessories.

The Plus Version includes the cordless tool, systainer and core accessories and comes with the battery packs and charger.

The Set Version offers the same as the Plus Version but with added extras and accessories.

The entire Festool Unplugged cordless range is available at specialist retailers from January 2015. Further information is available at and all information about SERVICE all-inclusive is available at

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