Energy Solutions unveils innovative hybrid generator

VARIPOWER, designed and manufactured in the UK, is the latest innovation in power incorporating all the elements needed to supply power to remote or off grid locations.

The unit’s core is a true variable speed generator, which runs between 900 and 2,000 rpm; and a highly efficient lithium battery bank which will utilise stored power for when silent power is needed or loads are low. This combination makes VariPower a far more economical and efficient power option compared to a traditional fixed speed generator.

Running at just 900 rpm the generator is using less fuel, making less noise and releasing fewer emissions. This also helps with increasing the longevity of the unit - the unit does not need to run at full speed for every load - therefore increasing the interval between generator services and replacement.

VariPower meets the increasing demand from industry for reduced operating costs, lower emissions and the option of silent power.  Available in - 48VDC, single and three phase options the units offer 19kW prime hybrid power.

VariPower has a proprietary control system which offers a straightforward way to operate and control the unit. The display screen allows monitoring of all the relevant data from the engine, batteries and power electronics. This information can also be viewed remotely via an optional 3G internet connection allowing the reading to be seen on tablet, PC or smart phone.

Said Energy Solutions' Commercial Director Mark Penny: "These units meet the increasing demand from industry - particularly construction, telecom and utilities markets, for reduced operating cost, lower emissions and the option of silent power. With the options to connect renewable energy sources to them as well, they offer a true hybrid power option for business."

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