Portable Clamps from Plasplugs-Perfect for DIY'ERS

Respected DIY brand, Plasplugs, now rejuvenated by QEP, has introduced a portable vice into its product range, providing a simple, but clever solution for DIY tasks which need clamping, but do not warrant a full scale vice.  The new Plasplugs Handi Vice has been proven to enable consumers to complete tasks up to three times faster than with a conventional work bench vice – as well as being exceptionally convenient and easy to use.

The Handi Vice is a portable clamp that can be fitted securely to the edge of any surface, whether at home or on the move.   Easily fixed into place, the Handi Vice has a strong rubber grip, ideal for holding a wide range of materials in position such as trims, pipes, timber and tiles for cutting or drilling.

This unique, patented concept, allows the user to keep both hands free whilst retaining a strong grip on the task.   Being much smaller and considerably lighter in weight than traditional work bench style vices, or heavy-duty clamps, the Handi Vice is easily transported and can be stored conveniently in the home or vehicle rather than a garage or shed.  The Handi Vice’s durable design has an adjustable hinge, up to 60mm, to accommodate varying thicknesses of materials or pipe diameters. 

Marketed by QEP, the worldwide provider of innovative, quality and value-driven flooring and industrial solutions, the Plasplugs Handi Vice has a list price of £12.49.  Already nominated by the DIY trade as one of the new season’s best innovations, it offers the retailer an easy incremental sale. 

For more information, please visit www.plasplugs.com

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