C.L.M. to showcase brand new range of product by AL-LIFT at Executive Hire Show

C.L.M. Construction Supplies are bringing a selective new range of products by ALLIFT to the Executive Hire Show 2019 at the Ricoh Arena between February 6-7.

The company's four vacuum lifts and one motorised truck which are all new additions to the products already stocked - and all these products will be on stand I16.

The battery-powered AL-BUTLER 200 is a two-man vacuum lift which has a vacuum pump complete with control panel and a maximum Safe Working Load of 200kg.

The two-man vacuum lift AL-MANOLAY can be utilised for taking up or laying porous slabs and kerbstones with interchangeable suction pads (maximum Safe Working Load of 140kg).

The one-man AL-MOBIVAC has a perfect vacuum system for porous tiles and stones due to the extreme vacuum flow, making full use of its Honda generator.

The AL-MOBIVAC provides a Safe Working Load of 200kg. For the vacuum pumps, there is the AL-BLAZER 2000, which is available and compatible with either a petrol, diesel, hydraulic, or electric motor. The Safe Working Load (SWL) for this machine is also 200kg.

The last machine is the FLEXMOVER (pictured above), a battery-operated trolley that is used for moving board-sheets and other materials.

For enhanced manoeuvrability, the front and rear axles move simultaneously. The SWL is 1,100Kg.


PlastiKote's new Trade spray paint range is the essential addition to any tool bag

PLASTIKOTE'S new Trade spray paints, developed specifically for the trade market, will make life easier for painters, decorators, builders, and other tradespersons.

Until now, no spray paint brand has ever targeted the professional builder and decorator with a complete range of easy-to-use, quickdrying, fit-for-purpose spray products.

PlastiKote's new Trade spray paints are function-focused with a colour-coded, easy to navigate collection.

Colour differentiation

The conventional paints are branded orange and these include every day gloss and matt paint colours, Quick Dry Primer Undercoats and Clear Lacquer plus White Satinwood and High Gloss Trim Paint.

Blue-labelled cans denote functional spray paints such as Radiator, Stain Block, Very High Temperature and Anti Slip Paint.

Cans branded green are for more technical products such as Paint Remover, Permanent and Repositional Adhesives, Leak Detector and Degreaser.

All in all, there are 34 trade specific products available.

Every can carries clear and practical usage instructions with the cap indicating finish and colour.

All the paints are quick drying acrylic, can be used indoors and out, and are well priced.

The everyday paints retail at £6.99 for a 400ml can and the functional and technical products at £7.49 per can. The PlastiKote Trade range is available from all good trade retailers.

Toolbank exhibitor for 2019

The leading brand in the UK’s spray paint market, PlastiKote will be at the Toolbank trade shows in 2019 showcasing the Trade spray paint range to new and existing customers.


The Preparation Group showcasing new diamond technology and more

THE Preparation Group will be exhibiting at the Executive Hire Show on Stand J32, with its one-stop-shop range of equipment and services.

The state-of-the-art equipment, which the company will exhibit at the show, includes products for floor and surface preparation, removal, refurbishment, and cleaning.

New for the show, The Preparation Group will be showcasing its latest range of accessories incorporating new diamond technology for removing, grinding and cleaning a wide range of materials.

New diamond disc designs provide air flow for enhanced performance and are longer lasting. The new wool-based cleaning and maintenance pads are not only an ecofriendly process, but they are also good for the environment.

Lighter and universal fit, the new diamond discs and pads join thousands of other consumables and spares that are ready to deliver next day, or same day within two hours of its depot.

The only surface preparation company to be both SafeHire certified and HITS accredited, The Preparation Group provides a professional service, manufacturing and supplying grinders, surface texture grinders, planers, scrapers, shotblasters and industrial vacuums.

The range is carefully developed to be user-friendly, easy to maintain and to produce high quality results with minimal operating costs.

The company supplies the machines, tools and accessories with full fleet management, along with technical support and tailored training for hire teams.


Microdiamant appoint Master Abrasives as UK and Irish market representative

MASTER Abrasives has been appointed the UK and Ireland representative for the range of diamond products for fine grinding, lapping and polishing applications manufactured by Swissbased Microdiamant AG.

The products added to Master Abrasives Superabrasives range can be split into a few categories, including Micron Diamond Powders for the superfinishing of hard materials with demanding specifications for surface quality and dimensional accuracy.

Micron Diamond Powders are offered in a comprehensive product range in micron and sub-micron size range, and in synthetic and natural diamond.

Paul Batson, Master Abrasives’ managing director, said: “We were contacted by Microdiamant, the technological leader in this market, who were looking for a UK partner.

“The Swiss company are the only European diamond microniser with fully integrated production. The new partnership between Master and Microdiamant is a positive step forward for both companies.”

Alongside the Micron Diamond Powders, Master Abrasives also now offer both engineered and ready-to-use diamond slurries for various industries, used for lapping and polishing of hard materials.

Engineered slurries offer flexibility in order to achieve optimal performance, process stability and cost-effectiveness.

The ready-to-use diamond slurries combine the highest-level of precision-graded micron diamond sizes with chemical formulations, offering an exceptional removal rate and surface quality.

They also enable customers to achieve high performance, while minimising total process cost.

As part of the Microdiamant range, Master Abrasives now also offer liquid diamond GAFs, diamond compounds and grinding pads, composite polishing pads, polishing pads and metallography products as other sections of their extensive product portfolio.

Microdiamant manufactures diamond products in all common diamond types; natural, monocrystalline, polycrystalline and nanocluster, and in diamond sizes ranging from 18 nanometres up to 100 microns.


Draper Tools’ 12V capacitor jump starter brings even dead batteries to life in minutes

THIS easy-to-use but highly innovative jump starter can be fully primed in approximately two minutes.

It is compact and lightweight yet delivers the same result as a traditional bulky charger.

It’s fitted with advanced capacitor technology that enables the starter to jump start vehicles up to 6L petrol and 3L diesel.

Unlike most on the market, this charger is fitted with an internal battery that energises the inbuilt capacitors, enabling it to start vehicles even when the vehicle’s battery is completely flat.

The unit can be recharged by 12V DC and USB charging cables (supplied).

The LED digital display indicates battery voltage, capacitor charge, lithium battery charge, reverse polarity and function selection.

The unit is fitted with a convenient inbuilt torch with three lighting functions and wrapped in a non-slip protective rubber case.

The stock number for the Draper Tools 12V capacitor jump starter is 82957.

For more information, stockist details and trade enquiries visit:


Reuse and recycle with PRODEM PSB Rotary Screening Buckets

PRODEM, a leader in the excavator attachments market, has today launched their new range – the PSB Rotary Screening Buckets to the construction industry.

The competitively priced and high quality PSB-R series is ideal for waste material selection on demolition sites, aggregate recovery on construction and building renovation sites, organic waste separation in landfill sites, filling containment cages, covering pipes in pipeline works, and much more.

With nine models available, the PRODEM PSB-R range is suitable for use on excavators weighing 2.5-75T and allows the in-situ usage of otherwise wasted materials, thereby keeping costs down.

The design features an exclusive inlet profile to better facilitate material loading and the PSB120R upwards also features a tapered bottom to increase the screening surface and maximise productivity. Other design features include:

It is also available in a wheel-loader version.

Matthew Bastable, Director at PRODEM, said: “In launching the PSB-R range of Rotary Screening Buckets, PRODEM is showing customers their commitment to helping them make their businesses as productive and cost effective as possible.

“Reuse and recycle is becoming something of a mantra in the construction industry and PRODEM wants to make this as easy to do as possible.”

For more information on the new range or any other of the PRODEM attachments call BPH Attachments Sole UK Importers of PRODEM on 0845 017 6972.

Additionally, BPH Attachements will be exhibiting at the Executive Hire Show 2019 at the Ricoh Arena on stand J20 between February 6-7.


Established in 2003, PRODEM has since become one of Europe’s most respected suppliers of high-quality hydraulic excavator attachments.

PRODEM attachments are known for their quality, durability and reliability as well as for being competitively priced, and their customers are in the plant hire, construction, civil engineering, demolition and recycling/waste sectors.


Innovative QUADSAW to save millions of pounds for UK’s electrician trade

QUADSAW, the tool that drills perfect square and rectangular holes, has officially launched.

The innovative drilling product is set to save the construction industry countless hours of labour and, most importantly, hundreds of millions of pounds.

Manufactured in the UK, QUADSAW is a seamless attachment to a power drill that uses patented technology to convert rotary motion into a linear motion – in four planes at once.

It means perfect square holes for electrical sockets and other boxes can be cut in seconds rather than minutes, saving the construction industry millions of hours of labour annually.

QUADSAW Co-Founder Ean Brown said: “Over the past two years we field-tested and improved the product as well as set up our UK manufacturing facility.

"We are proud to have shipped all QUADSAWs to UK pre-order customers and are ready to supply all new orders.”

The product is especially useful in new build projects, electricians and dryliners, where multiple square holes always need cutting.

Tradespeople currently create socket holes with rulers, pencils and handsaws, which is time consuming and inaccurate.

QUADSAW solves this problem thanks to its unique four-blade technology that enables users to cut square holes with minimal dust and absolute precision.

This means they can achieve higher consistency in the quality of their work, while saving time and money.

QUADSAW has a built-in spirit level and the blades can be changed in seconds at the push of a button enabling the user to switch between single and double socket sizes.

As of 2018, over 250,000 electricians in the UK cut approximately three holes each working day, and according to survey by TradeSkills4U, QUADSAW could save over 16 million hours of labour and over £320 million per annum in the UK alone (Based on £20 an hour minimum average for an electrician), and much more globally.

Seal of approval

Mike Perkins (below), an electrician from Maidenhead with over 40 years’ experience, was given a QUADSAW for the day on his latest new build project.

He had an ambitious aim to cut 60 holes by the end of the day, but ended up with 82 perfect single and double box holes by the afternoon.

Mike said: “Using the QUADSAW makes the job of cutting square and rectangular holes easier than ever before.

“It’s precise, limits dust, has fantastic build quality, and is going to save me and many other electricians a lot of money. The QUADSAW should be at the top of any workman’s tool list.”

Tried and tested

The first QUADSAW prototype was developed in 2016 and a pre-order campaign was launched, attracting customers from across the globe.

Following a successful period of development and testing those pre-orders have been shipped to all customers from the UK, with customers around the world to receive their orders in the next few months. Improvements to the prototype include:

• Greater longevity – drill up hundreds
of holes with each set of blades;

• More robust – successfully tested in
commercial environments;

• Compatibility with a wider variety
of drills.

Ean added: “In my career as a lawyer and commercial operator I’ve seen a lot of products go to market so when I saw the final QUADSAW in action I knew it would be a winner. The amount of time and effort that this tool will save is phenomenal.”

Inventor & QUADSAW Co-Founder Michael Sebhatu said: “Working as a kitchen fitter, while completing my Master’s degree in Product Design, I watched an electrician sawing the opening by hand to fit an electric box to a wall and wondered why he didn’t use a cutter.

“That’s how the idea for QUADSAW was born. The unique thing about this product is it makes life easier to the person using it.”

Video the video below:


M450 Vacuum contains it all - dust and liquids

THERE are a range of dust extractors and vacuums on the market, but what about when dealing with dust and liquid spills, or slurry?
The Preparation Group, a leading expert in preparing, polishing and cleaning surfaces, has the M450 model in its fleet, a dual-purpose, heavy-duty dry/wet vac.

With the M450 there is no need for two separate vacuums as it is specifically designed to eradicate dust, with high levels of dust particle containment, yet is equally effective at dealing with liquids.

It can be switched between the two operations with no compromise to the performance and without the need to change the filter.

Kate Walshaw, Hire Group Manager, said: "Our range of Industrial vacuums for hire includes small single motor models of 1.1.kw up to the three-motor M450 at 5.5kw and all are highly efficient.

"We also have longopac models for dealing with hazardous substances or dust sensitive projects.

"Our range is built to last with minimal operating costs, to maximise hire rental opportunities."

Other benefits of the M450

It is powered by three motors which can all be independently used to control suction levels, adding power for tough tasks or conserving energy for lighter duties.

Built from high-grade steel, it is virtually maintenance-free and has a large capacity 60-litre bin for less emptying.

The supplied ‘M’ Filter is removed with one quick and easy action, you simply untie from the frame and replace.

‘H’ filters are also available from stock for collecting very fine, asbestos containing particle dust.


From garages to barbershops: Swarfega remains popular degrease choice

FROM the computer game heroine Lara Croft to the ever-delicious Bakewell tarts, Derbyshire has been a source of amazing inventions, products – and ideas such as the study of Sociology.

Adding to the county’s inventive streak, the area also has a proud history of involvement in the oil and grease cleaning industry after Belper-based chemist Audley Bowdler Williamson invented the iconic, classic green Swarfega gel, in 1947 - writes SAMUEL McKEOWN.

The famous Swarfega product is a rapidaction classic smooth green gel formula hand cleanser with added conditioner. It is easy to apply and quick rinsing to remove ingrained oil, grease and general grime, leaving skin feeling smooth. Prevalently used in a variety of industries such as engineering, construction, garages, chemists, and even barbershops.

As a world-leading industrial hand cleaner, Swarfega’s origin stems from AB Williamson’s first invented product, which was known as ‘Deb’, asilkware protector.

Originally a silkware protector, Deb was intended to extend the life of silk stockings and prevent ‘laddering’, the mild solution was applicable for hand-washing silk stockings too.

Inventor Williamson was inspired by memories of motor fitters suffering from cracked skin and dermatitis through the washing of their hands with petrol, parafin and sand. 'Deb' was then reformulated to a skin cleaner to remove engine oils and grease in order to leave the skin’s natural oils intact the birth of Swarfega.

The hand-cleaning agent quickly established itself as a popular choice in the 1940s and 50s. This led the company to enter the specialist hand cleanser market, with Williamson’s detergent-sales company, Deb Silkware Protection Ltd (now Deb Limited), leading the way.

To go full circle, we took Swarfega back into Derbyshire, travelling just 43 miles from Belper, to the town of Glossop – to be put to the test on two mid-noughties car engines.

First up was a late-2005 registered Ford Fiesta, which needed an oil change and some much-needed tender-loving care after recently clocking over 50,000 miles.

Changing any vehicle’s liquids is a grimy job no matter how old the engine is. On top of that, the Fiesta’s 13-year-old innards were stained with dirt, oil and dust.

After checking the oil level and PCV valve, filling up the water coolant, checking the transmission fluid, and other meticulous (but necessary) tasks, a wipe down of the entire surface was called for.

Remarkably, only a palmfull dollop of the famous green gel was needed to cleanse the hands, wrists and forearms.

Next up was an early-2004 registered Toyota Yaris, which over the years has clocked a whopping 117,000 miles. As expected, a look under the Yaris’ bonnet revealed copious amounts of grime, oil and dirt, collected over a 14-year period.

Although a smaller vehicle than the Fiesta, the Yaris required twice the attention. After cleaning the Toyota’s bonnet interior, hands were disinfected and grime-free within moments after applying the green-coloured gel.

The Swarfega gel impressively, and instantly, neutralised and cleansed three pairs of hands – and forearms – to the same standard as a deep wash. And there was enough Swarfega gel left in the 500ml tub to do at least another 15 cleans.

As well as degreasing/maintenance, and hand and skin cleaners, other Swarfega products include surface cleaning for both the indoors and outdoors; surface wipes; painting remover; and even SPF30 sunscreen, which are all designed for both home and workplace use.

FACT: Swarfega’s irregular name derives from the term ‘swarf’, being the old Derbyshire engineering term for oil and grease and ‘ega’, as in ‘eager to clean’.


Night of Lights proves a towering success at RAF Museum Cosford

A SPECTACULAR light show set to music at the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford celebrated Morris Site Machinery’s position as a leading manufacturer of lighting towers in dramatic style.

As Storm Ali threatened to put a stop to the event by blowing a local electricity pylon down, another of the reliable brands supplied by Morris Site Machinery was on hand to help.

The Denyo Eventa20 ensured that not even inclement weather could stop the event and was ready to silently power the dramatic lighting and music display.

The Night of Lights event showcased an impressive range of British-built lighting towers, which were used to illuminate stunning aircraft in the National Cold War Exhibition hangar at the Shropshire venue.

Morris Site Machinery MD/CEO Chris Morris welcomed 60 people to the evening where Group Captain Tone Baker, RAF Cosford Station Commander, spoke on the 100th anniversary of the RAF. He started his career as an apprentice engineer at RAF Cosford.

Guests were treated to a special presentation explaining how five generations of enterprise have created a stellar line-up of lighting towers.

The lights were introduced and switched on in turn, accompanied by music chosen to reflect their qualities and set the mood.

Richard Denholm, Paul Kelham, Gp Capt Tone Baker, Chris Morris and Phil Winnington (pictured left to right)

PICTURED: Richard Denholm, Paul Kelham, Gp Capt Tone Baker, Chris Morris and Phil Winnington (pictured left to right).

The featured performers included the SMC TL90, which lights up construction sites, events, rail tracks and roads in 25 countries worldwide, and the TL55 Solar, the UK’s first British-built solar lighting tower.

The TL90 Ultimate with Halo, a powerful anti-glare next generation lamp, was another star turn, followed by the compact and super silent SL80 Pallet and the TL60 family of lights.

Chris Morris said: “It was a memorable evening where we demonstrated the greatest line-up of mobile lighting towers in the world in a spectacular setting.

We were proud to show our innovation against a backdrop of amazing exhibits, including British stalwarts such as the Vulcan, Valiant and Victor bombers.

“Our customers and fellow guests said how much they enjoyed the event. Food and drink were laid on, so it was a great way to socialise and strengthen our relationship with them.”

Morris Site Machinery has a manufacturing plant at Gosberton, Lincolnshire and an assembly plant at Four Ashes, Wolverhampton.

Part of a fifth-generation family business group, it manufactures and supplies world leading site machinery brands and products to serve the hire industry across a range of sectors.



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