Two in one: Hand Grinder also becomes a Hand Chaser

THE Preparation Group offers a single phase 110 volt 9’’ Hand Grinder and 5’’ Hand Grinder that with the addition of its steel cutting shield and cutting blades, turns them into heavy duty, portable and compact Hand Chasers.

For small shallow cutting or chasing projects The Preparation Group, a leading expert in preparing, removing and finishing surfaces, provides tools ideal for projects such as chasing into walls and creating expansion joints in concrete and flooring systems to allow for substrate movement.

Additionally, the Hand Chaser’s shield ensures both a safe, efficient cutting action and attaches via ducting to an industrial vacuum, such as the company’s 202DS and M450 range, to prevent airborne dust particles.

The Group offers a range of 4’’, 4.5’’, 5’’ 7’’ and 9’’ long-life, general purpose diamond blades suitable for most standard hand or trolley mounted saws, with the laser welded segments producing optimum cutting results on concrete, asphalt, stone, plaster, masonry, brick and tiles. There are also premium blades for tough projects.

Kate Walshaw, Hire Group Manager, said: "We have 25 years’ experience in the surface preparation industry, providing the highest quality machines, tools and accessories.

"They are built to last with little or no maintenance and minimal operating costs, to maximise hire rental opportunities."

The Preparation Group manufactures and supplies high performance Surface Preparation Equipment and Tools for Hire/Cross Hire, along with complete fleet management; repairs, servicing, PAT testing, technical support and training.

PCDs are the answer for floor adhesive removal

THE Preparation Group has developed a solution for removing old, problematic floor adhesives and other sticky substances in the form of PCDs, polycrystalline diamonds that attach to a hand grinder or walk-behind grinding machine.

The Group is a leading expert in preparing, polishing and cleaning surfaces. So, to move away from traditional grinding methods, which have a tendency to generate surface heat the company's PCDs are designed to scrape rather than grind to efficiently ‘lift’ the material.

They generate less heat so all cutting edges remain clear. This also halts the rendering of the surface residue, which makes it softer and stickier.

Kate Walshaw, Hire Group Manager, said: "An example of PCDs in use is when a customer was presented with 50m2 of thick combed white adhesive that needed to be removed to install a DPM and levelling compound.

"He needed a process that would smooth and clean the surface. We recommended a triple tooth PCD plate attached to his STG450 machine and the material was quickly and effectively removed."

PCDs are available to remove thin or thick adhesives and in disc, shoe or plate format to fit a five-inch or nine-inch hand grinder, the STG450 machine, 180 and 250 grinders and all machines with plates that hold standard grinding shoes.

They are also interchangeable with regular grinding shoes so in this way, a floor can be cleared of adhesives using the PCD’s, and then the cup discs fixed to the plate ready for grinding. To save time, the PCDs can be left attached in the background.

The Preparation Group’s PCD accessories have many additional uses over and above adhesive removal, including the removal of other soft thick materials from latex, screeds and certain asphalts.

Kate added: "For Hire customers, the PCD plate adds yet another dimension to the already versatile STG450 multi-tasking machine."

For further information or a demonstration, call 01522 561460 or email: [email protected]


Swarfega grapples with the dangers lurking under gloves

MANY tradespeople now wear disposable gloves to protect their hands from contaminants and harmful chemicals.

Disposable gloves can be very effective at stopping these contaminants from coming into contact with skin, but they do not prevent occupational skin disorders (OSDs) from developing when worn.

Workers can often remove protective gloves at the end of the day, only to find their hands in less than perfect condition.

How common are OSDs?

Dermatitis is thought to affect 1 in 10 workers according to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work - which can make routine manual tasks a challenge. Red, irritated and dry hands are often considered ‘part of the job’.

However, OSDs can cause severe, visible consequences for business and individuals. The estimated costs of OSDs in the EU is in excess of £500m per year, with around three million lost working days each year.

Sore, cracked fingers and hands, along with other symptoms of painful OSDs, can restrict hand mobility and the ability to carry out everyday workplace activities.

How do gloves cause problems?

Gloves are a great barrier and often seen as the way to prevent skin damage. In certain circumstances they are part of the solution, but when worn for long periods of time, this barrier can also be the cause of some serious skin complaints.

Normally, when not wearing gloves, moisture passes through skin and into the environment and helps regulate the temperature of the body.

When wearing disposable gloves, this moisture is trapped against the skin and can cause it to soften and become wrinkled similar to when skin is soaked in water. This can weaken the skin and can cause disorders such as those noted above.

Gloves can trap bacteria against the skin in a warm, moist environment often ideal for bacterial growth. If there are small cuts on the skin under gloves, these cuts can quickly become infected, and impact on the person’s ability to work safely.

An independent study commissioned by Deb Group, owner of Swarfega, found people who regularly wore gloves in the workplace reported the following issues were noticeable:

- 74% found perspiration inside the glove
- 51% found gloves uncomfortable
- 47% reported damage to skin/cracked hands
- 44% reported a foul odour
- 40% reported an allergic reaction to gloves

Poor skin condition does not have to be part of everyday working life. By taking a proactive approach to skin health and integrating this with the use of disposable gloves it is possible to mitigate against and prevent OSDs before they became an issue.

Swarfega recommends the following steps when using disposable gloves:

• APPLY protection cream, such as TOUGH by Swarfega Protection Cream, to the skin before putting the gloves on, this will help keep the skin strong under gloves.

• REAPPLY protection cream before putting on a fresh pair.

• WHEN finishing a shift and after washing the hands, use an after-work moisturising gel such as the TOUGH by Swarfega Gel Moisturiser, to nourish and condition the skin, improve its strength, and prevent it becoming dry or damaged.

• USE a suitable hand washing product. If the skin is not heavily soiled, do not use a harsh handwash as this can cause damage to skin. Swarfega has a great range of hand cleaners suited to all types of dirt and grime.

• ABOVE all, it is important to remove disposable gloves regularly, allowing the skin to dry out, and do not reuse already worn disposable gloves.

Manage your rebates with Merlin Business software

MERLIN Business Software have announced another new module for their suite of integrated software solutions for merchants.

Hot on the heels of the recent launch of their Merlin Analytics offering, Merlin are introducing an entirely new Rebates Management module.

Merlin’s Sales and Marketing Director, Ashley Jones, explained that the new Rebates module was capable of dynamically managing multiple concurrent rebates schemes for one or more suppliers.

Track time-consuming calculations

The Rebates module will keep track of otherwise-complicated and time-consuming rebate calculations across a variety of different methods, including stepped, retrospective, flat amount, pro-rated, growth bonus and marketing contribution schemes.

Ashley said: “It's always great to be in a position where we’re regularly bringing out fresh and innovative solutions for our customers, and it’s become an expectation of us to keep pushing the boundaries of affordable software to help our customers run their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

"The new Rebates module is the latest of these which has come about as part of our on-going commitment to constantly listen to customers’ needs and react accordingly.

"We did our homework by approaching a number of merchant customers to find out what they would want from a rebates system.

"We quickly discovered there was a colossal amount of time spent doing tedious off-system calculations which would be returned to the business for more productive purposes if we introduced a rebates module which handled everything for them.”

Ashley continued: "We were very concerned to uncover a couple of occasions where some merchants are so busy they simply don’t have an accurate idea of the rebates owed to them at any point in time - as a result, they have to rely on the figures provided by the supplier.

"This cannot be a sound basis for a business to base profit forecasts on.

"The module is designed from the outset to be an integral part of the Merlin suite that can be activated whenever a user needs it, and it can handle both supplier and customer rebates.

"There’s even a capability to manage commissions for the sales team.

“We’ve already approached a select few of our merchant customers with a pre-release announcement about the new Rebates Module, and were delighted when over 40 of them registered interest within 48 hours - including one advanced order from one of our most prestigious customers.

“We’re confident this new module will serve our existing customers well, and we hope this also serves as a further demonstration to larger UK merchants that Merlin is a system already proven to ‘punch above its weight’ with exceptional performance, scalability, and ease of use, and also one that comes with considerably low costs of ownership.”

ESAB Rebel 235ic portable welder offers UNBEATABLE performance

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced its Rebel™ 235ic Series of portable multi-process welding machines to expand the Rebel 215 series, which they introduced last year.

The Rebel 235ic holds many benefits for the tool business and hire sector, while offering multi-process functionality, including MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA.

Weighing only 24kg and with a 235amprated output at 40% duty cycle, Rebel 235ic has the best power-to-weight ratio in its category.

Rebel 235 features ESAB’s exclusive sMIG (smart MIG) technology, which enables users to begin MIG welding – with an extremely stable arc – just by setting metal type and thickness and wire diameter.

The advanced TFT/LCD colour display helps users to access operating instructions.

It provides an owner’s manual, parts list, and enables switching between two operating modes:

  • Basic Mode – to simplify operation;
  • Advanced Mode – adds a full-suite of professional-grade arc controls.

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products are recognised leaders in the welding and cutting industry.

From time-honoured processes in welding and cutting to revolutionary technologies in mechanised cutting and automation - ESAB’s filler metals, equipment, and accessories provide solutions to customers.

Managing customer and prospect data just got easier for distributor with OGL Computer

FINDING your niche in a marketplace can be rewarding for many years, but over time you will need to take a closer look at the information you have stored, and take a proactive approach towards keeping your data accurate to ensure continued business growth.

Whether you gain business via email marketing, telephone calls or visiting a potential customer, having the correct information readily available is crucial in the selling process.

An individual contact can have a number of roles, and therefore interact with your staff for different reasons.

This can often lead to duplicate or inconsistent records being held about a single individual in different locations.

It can also sometimes lead to a new customer’s contact information being misplaced, leading to confusion and wasted follow up time.

No matter the scenario, the key is to have a central system that is open to your employees to share and store information in an efficient, secure and timely manner.

Wasting precious time searching for customer information can damage both customer relationships and staff morale, not to mention the risk involved if the information is incorrect or lost.

Helping your staff provide the best level of service to your existing customers should be a top priority.

A misplaced email containing vital information about a business will not only make you look inefficient when speaking with the customer, it could also cause issues for your accounts team at the time of payment.

As well as this, trying to impress a prospect to become a new customer using out-of-date information can be near impossible for your sales staff, leading to decreasing orders and disgruntled employees.

Other issues such as staff absence can also leave you without access to vital customer information, leaving room for competitors to gain ground with your prospects.

Cindy Phillips, Marketing Manager at OGL, said: “OGL’s business software for stockists and distributors, prof.ITplus, manages documentation centrally in an integrated CRM module, helping to remove these obstacles and giving full visibility of past communications, contact information and related records.

Access to live data regarding customers is possible from any location, giving sales teams the power to maximise sales opportunities by cross-selling, up-selling, offering discounts, and plugging special offers.”

The Solid Gear VENT safety shoe – precision safety and comfort

SOLID Gear continues to modernise safety footwear with the revolutionary ‘In­finity’ technology in this new shoe.

Combining a lightweight athletic look with maximum breathability and superb safety features, the new VENT safety shoe is ideal for workers who are constantly on the move.

VENT’s upper is made from lightweight mesh combined with Cordura and a TPU reinforcement to ensure cool comfort, maximum breathability, and enhanced durability.

While the shoe’s two midsoles deliver stability, ‑ flexibility and optimal energy return for enhanced comfort on your feet, the rubber outsole provides a high level of anti-slip protection.

For added protection, the shoe’s NANO toe cap is 40% stronger than fiberglass and has a more athletic look that conventional metallic ones. What’s more, the BOA fastening system provides ‑ flexibility and high precision adjustment of the shoe.

So get to know more about the quality and innovation, plus the top class safety functionality in every Solid Gear product – your feet will notice the difference.

To get more information on Solid Gear - the Next Generation of Safety Footwear - call the Helpline or visit the website: 01484 854788

Snickers Will Stretch Your Visibility

A SUPERIOR Range of Hi Vis Working Clothes – for all kinds of light conditions. Snickers Workwear takes personal protection very seriously.

That’s why this new range of cool and functional Hi-Vis summer clothing is streets ahead of anything else.

With an extensive range of jackets, trousers, shorts, toolvests, shirts and ‑ fleeces from Snickers’ LITEWork, FLEXIWork and ALLROUNDWORK families, there’s a host of different garments in the range to satisfy the specific requirements of Classes 1, 2 and 3 protection levels.

These ‘outstanding’ products combine Snickers’ unrivalled hallmarks of functionality and comfort with the requirements of the EN471 standard for high visibility warning clothes.


With advanced designs and high-tech fabrics, all the garments have durable, colour-fast protection that will last wash after wash, retaining shape and comfort throughout the life of the garments.

Added to which, all Snickers Hi Vis garments can be custom-pro led to ensure ‘stand out’ coverage for your corporate brand.

Getting more information on the Snickers Workwear range of Hi Vis Workwear is easy. You call the helpline on 01484 854788.

Check out and download a digital catalogue.

 [email protected]

Put Carl Kammerling to the test with its New Kasp Starter Display!

DESIGNED and manufactured to the highest standards, Kasp locks are renowned throughout the industry for being locks you can trust.  As part of its ongoing strategy, Carl Kammerling International is keen to help its customers maximise sales and its latest introduction, the Kasp Starter Display, is no exception, offering the perfect solution for new customers to put sales of locks to the test.  This eye-catching at-a-glance Starter Display includes a great range of Kasp best selling locks, covering all basic requirements and designed to help consumers choose their product quickly and easily.

The new Kasp Starter Display includes a great range of locks offering a choice through three different colour coded security levels (low, medium and high).  Based on Kasp best sellers, the Kasp Starter Display offers consumers some great premium padlocks, ideal for a wide range of tasks. These include:  Combination; Weatherproof; Long Shackle; Keyed Alike; Laminated; Premium Brass; 160 Disc; Harsh Environment; and Heavy Duty Combi padlocks.

The display itself includes a gloss highlighter card (680mm x 450mm), which provides a smart backing to hold the range together and create maximum impact in-store.  The card is ideal for placing on an existing retail display, hanging perfectly on wide and narrow slat and pegboard displays.  The display card also highlights the three levels of security to help consumers select the lock that is best suited to their needs.

Tina Skinner, Kasp Brand Director comments:  “We are always looking for ways to help customers increase their sales by trying out new concepts and the new Kasp Starter Display provides an ideal opportunity for new customers to test a great range of locks in-store.  The Starter Display is designed to help consumers make their choice easily, by clearly highlighting the different levels of security, whilst helping them to gain a better understanding of the choices on offer.” 

The Kasp Starter Display is available as a single purchase item (£254) and is also included within the Hotbox 18 promotion, offered at a very attractive price – call us for more details.

For more information about Kasp products please call 01758 704704 or visit

The guide to selecting equipment & tools

The Preparation Group, a leading expert in preparing, polishing and cleaning floors and surfaces, has produced a poster to show the best equipment and dust extraction choices for a range of common tasks including; preparing concrete, removing adhesive, carpet & vinyl and polishing floors.

Covering its range of 110v machines, the poster details everyday issues and asks in simple terms questions like, the properties of the substrate to be removed or the degree of polishing required, to select the exact equipment needed. It also includes information on edgework and suitable dust extraction for the method used.

There are 14 main projects covered from floor paint removal and surface reduction to cleaning.

The Preparation Group offers flexible solutions with a large fleet of Planers, Grinders, Multi-strippers, STGs, Shotblasters, Vacuums and Hand Tools available for Hire anywhere in the UK. It is the only surface preparation company to be SafeHire accredited, providing quality, easy to use equipment with guidance for safe operation. Hire customers can also benefit from complete fleet management; repairs, servicing and PAT tests, to ensure legal compliance, long life and continued performance.

Says Kate Walshaw, Hire Group Manager, ‘With over 25 years’ experience in the surface preparation industry, we provide the highest quality equipment complete with dust extraction. Huge stocks of machines, tools and accessories are available to ship next day, or the same day within two hours of our Lincoln depot. Our range is designed to last, with little or no maintenance and minimal operating costs, to maximise hire rental opportunities.’

‘What sets us apart is our technical support, knowledge and expertise. The Guide is a handy reference, but we can advise on the exact equipment to select in different circumstances and importantly how to effectively use it to get the job done. ‘

For a copy of the poster call 01522 561460 or email: [email protected].


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