Bondhus Introduces New 10 Piece Ball End Set with 7mm Tool - BLX10mm

BONDHUS is pleased to announce the addition of a 10 piece Ball End set to its offering of highest quality tool sets. This new 10 piece set adds a 7mm tool to their most popular Ball End set the BLX9mm (1.5mm through 10mm). The use of screws with 7mm socket heads has become very common throughout the world, particularly in the automotive industry.

All Bondhus  Ball End and Hex tools are made from Bondhus’ exclusive Protanium® steel, which makes them up to 20% stronger than competitors’ tools. All Bondhus Ball End tools carry a lifetime warranty and feature Bondhus’ proprietary ProGuard™ finish, which offers five times more corrosion protection when compared to competitor finishes. A full range of inch and metric Ball End tools are available from 0.050” - 1” and 1.27 – 24mm.

Bondhus Corporation manufactures and distributes innovative, high quality, time saving tools for use in industrial, electronics, automotive, hobby and machine tool industries.

For further details of this and the complete range of Bondhus tools please contact:

Rowland Tools Ltd.           Tel 01494 534755             [email protected]



Since 1925, the Caterpillar name has been synonymous with durability, reliability and raw power. We built the machines that, quite literally, built the modern world. From that proud lineage and deep experience in machinery comes the new RP Series line of portable petrol power generators for the general contractor. Designed and manufactured with every bit of our 85 years of experience in power and heavy equipment, the RP Series is like no other generator before it.

The RP Series launches in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain in early 2017 with three models ranging from 2.5 to 4.4 kW.

Our goal is nothing short of being the very best in the industry, with a line of generators built to generate income for your business. To learn more, visit

Product Details

  • RP2500
  • RP3100
  • RP4400

When we designed the RP Series, we applied every bit of technical and engineering know-how that comes from producing the world’s toughest machines. From the stable, all-steel construction to the protected wiring, RP Series generators are built for portability, safety and reliability.


What sets the RP Series of portable generators apart from its peers?

  • Thick, alloy tubing
  • Never-flat wheels with bolt-through axles for security
  • Folding and lockable handle for easy mobility and storage
  • Fuel-efficient OHV engine with heavy-duty liners for reliable power when you need it
  • Durable, anticorrosion-treated steel fuel tank with fuel gauge, for up to 11 hours of run time
  • Compact wiring to minimise safety hazards and damage to your unit
  • Low-oil shutdown protection
  • One-sided operator’s station with LED light
  • AVR for stable output voltage
  • Custom vibration mounts for low vibration levels
  • Low-noise exhaust silencer

All the power you need right at your fingertips.


Mobile heaters MASTER AIR-BUS are very unique devices designed for special applications. They are recommended to all who need high power heating. The company Master Climate Solutions offers several models in a range of 75 to 220 kW.

Oil heaters AIR-BUS are dedicated mainly to the construction industry, but they also perfectly suit for heating production halls, warehouses and workshops. They are multi-functional devices with a great scope of applications. Thanks to wide range of accessories AIR-BUS heaters can be easy adapted to individual needs as well. A significant feature is the possibility to connect flexible tubes distributing warm air - up to four depending on the selected option. When using them heating difficult to reach places or on the upper floors is not a problem.

Due to a closed combustion chamber, heaters of this type provide 100% pure heat, so they are safe for people staying inside heated area. MASTER AIR-BUS is characterized by durable, damage resistant design and high quality components that ensure trouble-free operation for many years. A big advantage is also a simple and quick installation and low operating costs.

These are definitely the most powerful mobile heaters on the market that provide an immediate temperature rise just after switching them on.

More information:

SWA’s new Battery Operated Crimping & Cutting Tool

SWA’s new Battery Operated Crimping & Cutting Tool is packed with all the features needed to ensure a perfect job every time.

It’s supplied with interchangeable cable cutting blades for copper and aluminium cable up to 40mm diameter – that’s up to 70mm2 4 core PVC/SWA/PVC cable!

SWA’s Marketing Manager, Colin Fletcher, said: “The new BCCT10300 crimp and cutting tool will save time and money for our busy contactor customers!”

The sturdy tool is supplied with all dies, cutting blade, 2 x li-on batteries, and charger and carry strap.

“Designed to complement SWA’s extensive current range of tools this handy new kit is supplied in a sturdy plastic carry case for easy storage”

For further information visit


TriCut electric installation pliers from Wiha – three functions combined in one hand tool.

 "Have you already finished?" Electricians love hearing this question, and customers love posing it! Time is money, and achieving high-quality, professional results safely and simply is the ideal scenario. Hand-tool manufacturer Wiha Werkzeuge offers just that with its innovative TriCut pliers. These VDE-tested installation pliers make cable processing significantly simpler, safer and more efficient, thanks to their ergonomic, cutting, stripping, and skinning functions.

The three main steps for processing cable - cutting the cable to length, exposing the wires, and skinning the individual conductors - usually require three separate tools: diagonal cutters, a cable stripper, and stripping pliers. The TriCut combines all three functions, eliminating the need for multiple pliers, which is a compelling reason to use them, especially for frequent work up ladders or near live parts.

TriCut electric installation pliers from Wiha


In narrow spaces, for distribution or junction boxes, the TriCut comes into its own, due to its specially angled head, which allows for ergonomic and energy-saving stripping and skinning lengthwise. Due to the manufacturer's high quality standards and extremely robust processing and production, the TriCut promises a long lifespan and will make light work of hard wires, cables and even chains. Saving space and weight on belts, in bags, and in toolboxes, it is available in a VDE version tested individually at 10,000v AC and approved for use up to 1,000v AC, as well as in a classic design without protective insulation.


For more information please visit

QUADSAW: The Tool That Drills Square Holes

London-based start-up creates world’s first tool that

can drill a perfect square hole into a wall!

For years, electricians have struggled with rulers, pencils and handsaws to cut holes in walls for electrical sockets and other boxes. This method lacks accuracy, creates mess, and can take over five minutes to cut a single hole (including ‘making good’).

QUADSAW solves this problem thanks to its unique four-blade technology, which enables users to cut square holes in seconds, with minimal dust and absolute precision.

No marking up or measuring is required when using the QUADSAW as it has built-in spirit levels and a height gauge for ease of use. It is the ideal addition to any toolbox for both professionals and DIY users.The QUADSAW is compatible with power drills and most battery drills.

With 250,000 electricians* in the UK cutting around three holes each working day, there are almost 200 million square holes cut every year. QUADSAW could save 16 million hours of labour and over £320 million per annum** in the UK alone, and much more globally.

 “This is the first product in the world that can truly drill a square hole,” said QUADSAW designer Michael Sebhatu, co-founder of London-based start-up Genius IP. “The uniqueness of it is not just that it cuts the hole perfectly, but that it does so with total ease and minimal mess, making life easier for anyone who is using it.”

Ean Brown, director and co-founder of Genius IP, added: “When I first saw the QUADSAW in action, I knew it was a winner. It cuts a perfect square hole and it means there’s no ‘making good’, so when you’ve finished there is no returning to the building site to plaster or fix things up. The amount of time and money that this tool can save is remarkable.”

QUADSAW is available to pre-order now, priced at £199 (inc VAT), from



QUADSAW is the first product from Genius IP, a London-based start-up with a focus on breakthrough technology and innovation.

QU4DSAW™ is a trademark owned by Genius IP Ltd.

QUADSAW is a trading name of Genius IP Ltd.

Media contact: Marc Cutler | [email protected] | +44 (0)7786 628 004

Sales enquiries: [email protected]

* Source: (2014)

**Source: Based on £20 an hour minimum average for electricians -

New Lighting Season, New Products! From the Creators of AP Pro Series

New Lighting Season, New Products! From the Creators of AP Pro Series

Active Products, creators of the best-selling AP Pro Series range of high performance torches are pleased to bring to market this autumn five new and improved products to expand their AP Pro Series Professional torch range coinciding with the start of the 2016 lighting season.

Exciting new Additions to the AP Pro Series Range

Brand new AP ProSeries products include;

  • 270 Lumens COB LED + 100 Lumens LED Rechargeable Inspection Lamp & Torch
  • 250 Lumens Cree LED Battery Spotlight

Upgrades to the existing range;

  • 150 Lumens High Performance Head Torch, upgraded from 100 lumens.
  • 300 Lumens High Performance 2AA Aluminium Torch from 125 lumens.
  • 430 Lumens High Performance Torch, upgraded from 210 lumens.

Active Products was established in 2003 and have established a solid reputation supplying affordable, high quality torch products to the DIY, wholesale and Retail sectors.  Their range of torches extend from their budget range of great value AP torches to their high end range of Cree LED professional torches; the AP Pro Series, now an ever popular choice for retailers looking to offer a premium torch brand that strikes the balance of achieving high quality at an affordable price point. 

All AP Pro Series torch products feature the latest CREE LED technology and a minimum five-year guarantee on Flashlights and 3-year guarantee on Rechargeable Spotlights which are packed full of nifty features that make the premium torch range appeal widely across trade professionals, emergency services, commercial use and every-day DIYers who are looking for powerful performance and longevity from their torch.

LED and CREE Explained

It’s now quite commonplace to see torches with traditional LED, with many featuring multiple LED’s to enhance performance. However products featuring the ‘CREE’ LED logo see the power source coming from a small micro-chip rather than bulb and brings with it outstanding energy efficiency, brilliantly intense, bright white light, offering a truly remarkable lifespan of the chip when compared to a normal incandescent bulb.  With CREE LED’s efficiency levels, the torch products built with CREE technology achieve brighter light for a much longer period of time,  meaning the torch will use smaller and few batteries than a standard torch, with CREE LED lifespans estimated to be around 100,000 hours.

Exceptional Brightness at the Click of a Button

New for 2016, the 250 Lumens Spotlight packs a real punch.

With its unique handle for precise torch light positioning, the 250 lumens Spotlight will light up the darkest corners with its brilliant bright white light.  The incredible lighting range of 300 metres and up to 100 hours of battery life, the 250 Lumens spotlight will suit the toughest demands from a wide range of users.

Packed full of fantastic features, this handy spotlight is floatable and submersible and water resistant (IP x 7), perfect for boat owners and offers a tough, high quality rubberised finish users have come to expect from the AP Pro Series professional range.

The 3 modes of operation include high, low and flashing useful to emergency situations and the safety lock prevents unwanted on/off activation. 

For tradesmen, DIYers and Campers looking for hands-free convenience, the durable tilt adjustable stand will enable the light to be sat sturdily on surfaces to position the beam where needed for hands-free operation.

Built with XP-G2 CREE White Technology and coming with a 5-year guarantee, this latest addition to the AP Pro Series is a powerful, lightweight spotlight delivering exceptional performance in an innovative new design at an affordable price. RRP £39.99

The Multi-Purpose Inspection Lamp & Torch in One

New for 2016, Inspection Lamp and Torch, no tool box should be without one!

For those people looking for an ultra-bright inspection lamp with a handy built in torch the search is over. The latest addition to Active Products AP Pro Series range sees the creation of the dual purpose Inspection Lamp and Torch, a versatile new lighting solution featuring two high performance lighting options within one unit, allowing users to toggle easily between the 270 lumens inspection lamp, featuring powerful COB (Chip on Board) LED technology and 100 lumens CREE LED torch light.

The rechargeable unit with handy USB connection and 1.5m USB cable is simply packed full of useful features, making it suitable for mechanics, plumbers, electricians and the building trade and a general great all-rounder torch for campers or homeowners to keep on hand for emergency use.  The 30m beam projection on the inspection light provides fantastic coverage for mechanics working with cars and the 2 built in swivel hooks in the rear body, plus three built in magnets is designed for hassle free hands free operation.

With a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee, the two in one Inspection Lamp and Torch is everything and more users have come to expect from the Active Products AP ProSeries high performance range or torches. 

We’re delighted to be adding innovative new products to the core AP ProSeries range, which continues to be a strong seller with retailers including Halfords, B&Q and Argos.” Says Ted McLoughlin, Sales Director at Active Products.  “Buyers of hand held torch products are looking for added value features and seriously powerful performance, all at an affordable price point.  Buyers' feedback suggest our AP ProSeries range is an excellent fit for today’s demanding consumer.”

For further information on the AP ProSeries range, please visit, for trade enquiries please call the Active Products team on 01371 872842 or email [email protected].

Putting Innovation to the test with C.K Magma

Putting Innovation to the test with C.K Magma

Carl Kammerling International has enhanced its already popular C.K Magma range of premium tool storage with the new C.K Magma Test Equipment Case - an industry first, allowing electricians to carry diagnostic testing equipment and a selection of essential tools in one handy case.

Historically, storage and transportation cases for test meters did not accommodate the additional toolkit also necessary for technicians to carry out diagnostic and final certification testing. Until now, there has been no universal solution on the market for storing and transporting both test meters and toolkits.

After conducting extensive research into how electricians store and transport test equipment, Carl Kammerling International noticed this gap in the market, developing the C.K Magma Test Equipment Case as a convenient solution to the problem. The new product is the first of its kind to feature made-to-measure storage for both a test meter and toolkit, removing the inconvenience of having to transport them separately.

The case, with an RRP of £59.57, also offers a more lightweight alternative to carrying equipment compared to the heavier plastic cases often provided by the equipment manufacturers.

Featuring rubber feet and adjustable padded compartments, the C.K Magma Test Equipment Case provides durable, safe storage for testing equipment, plus a separate top compartment for storing a range of tools and accessories. 27 easily accessible pockets, including a handy business card and documentation holder, mean technicians can now carry all the necessary tools and documents for diagnostic testing without the need for any separate boxes, cases or bags.

Recognising the need to keep such expensive equipment safe and secure, C.K Magma has fitted a lockable zip system to the case.

With comfort as well as convenience and security in mind, a carry handle and padded shoulder strap have also been added to provide maximum comfort during transportation and use. The shoulder strap allows technicians to carry out equipment testing whilst carrying the case, making the process much more efficient.

Charles Whitfield, Product Development Manager at C.K Magma says: “We work closely with a dedicated group of professional tradesmen to create products that meet their working needs. Feedback revealed a need for a single solution to transport a diagnostic testing kit and a small selection of essential tools, without having to carry their full toolkit. The new C.K Magma Test Equipment Case is a direct result of this process and has been well received by electricians.”

A product demonstration video is available to download via YouTube and Vimeo. Watch out for Freebie Friday competitions on Facebook andTwitter.

For further information please visit  or call 01758 704704.



Inventor of the oscillating multi-tool and co-developer of the revolutionary new Starlock accessory mounting system FEIN has released three new universally fitting accessories with excellent blade life and cutting performance.

With all the advantages of the FEIN’s German manufactured top selling accessories, the three new bi-metal blades will fit any oscillating multi tool (OMT) with the 12-point mounting system, as well as fitting new machines accepting the Starlock system. The new E-Cut Universal long-life saw blades are available in the following sizes: 50mm x 50mm bi-metal wood blade (wood and nail tolerant), 55mm x 28mm (metal / wood – hacksaw pattern) and 55mm x 44mm (metal / wood – hacksaw pattern).

Made with a stainless steel holder for even greater precision, durability, reduced noise levels and vibration, the wood and nails blade is perfect for cutting all wood, plasterboard, plastic materials and is not affected by mild steel nails up to 4mm in diameter. Equally, the metal / wood blades are ideal for cutting sheet metal up to 2mm, aluminium profiles, copper pipes, all wood, plasterboard and plastics.

Based on the top three selling blades from the pre-Starlock FEIN range, these new accessories have been slightly shortened and narrowed to make them suitable for lower powered machines with the 12-point mounting system. With these three new additions, the total range of Starlock accessories available for the wider OMT market numbers 28. What’s more, because of their superior manufacturing, Starlock accessories can actually improve the performance of the machines they are attached to, offering faster work progress and extra durability. When they are combined with a Starlock machine, the three-dimensional fit provides a more secure connection and increased power transmission from machine to accessory.

Andy Mills, National Sales Manager at FEIN, commented: “The Starlock accessory mounting system is the fastest there is, taking less than three seconds to change a blade, and offers complete power transfer between machine and accessory. The great thing about these new Universal blades is that they offer all the benefits of the superior Starlock accessories to OMT users who don’t have a Starlock machine yet. So while they can’t enjoy the quick blade change, they can at least take advantage of the improved performance and durability of our accessories.”

Available from dealers, prices for FEIN Starlock E-Cut accessories can be bought for as little as £4.99 (excluding VAT). For more information or to find your nearest dealer please visit

"ABUS wAppLoxx: Access control developed further"

The new ABUS wAppLoxx access control system, voted “Best Product of the Year 2016/2017” at the Plus X Award, makes security possible with just a flick of the wrist: For complete user convenience wAppLoxx is designed so the door can be opened or closed either on site or on the go using web or app access. For an all-encompassing security solution wAppLoxx can be networked with an alarm and video surveillance system.

The ABUS wAppLoxx access control system combines convenience, flexibility and maximum security. wAppLoxx is accessible via PCs, tablets and smartphones, the central control unit can be operated and configured both locally via the Intranet as well as worldwide with the help of the integrated web interface. Changes to the locking rights can be implemented in the space of seconds and are valid online immediately via radio at all doors.

Security and flexibility for private and commercial properties
Up to 20 wAppLoxx cylinders and 150 users can be easily administered via the wAppLoxx Control unit. Thus wAppLoxx is suitable for use in your own home as well as commercial properties such as medium-sized offices, medical practices or law firms. Once installed wAppLoxx can be extended to meet the changing requirements of the property. Comprehensive individual consulting is available from ABUS Customer Service to determine the optimum wAppLoxx security solution.

Intelligent networking for convenient security
wAppLoxx offers a high level of convenience for the user: The system has a first-class alarm connection including rights administration. This ensures the successful connection of access control and alarm system with optional video surveillance. This means the alarm system can be deactivated when the building is opened and activated when the building is locked, which virtually rules out false alarms. The use of wAppLoxx can be conveniently integrated into everyday life while providing maximum security.

Promotional POS units and starter deals are available to help distributors exploit this award winning access control innovation.

Further information can be found at or by contacting ABUS UK.


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