STIHL choose CSL for spiral and sortation system

World leading manufacturer and distributer of power tools, STIHL, recently appointed Conveyor Systems Ltd (CSL) to streamline their order picking operation, which was previously carried out manually over a two tier mezzanine floor area. The process involved using pallet gates in conjunction with a fork lift truck to deliver palletised picked goods to the ground floor and was then done in reverse, to replenish stock to the relevant floors. 

STIHL approached CSL with a brief to provide a semi-automated system to accommodate order picking and stock replenishment over two floors, with a fully reversible capability. They also required the ability to stop product between floors for consolidation. The challenge for CSL was to deliver a system that was both space efficient and featured a ‘bolt-on approach’ for future integration to the new WMS that would include Bar code reading, moving this forward to a fully automated system.

Due to the range of small items and spare parts being handled within this order picking application, all goods are transported in conventional totes. This provides uniformity and is a perfect fit for CSL’s range of standard tote conveyor systems and spiral elevator/lowerator. 

CSL took a unique approach to combine a space efficient product that required no additional guarding or complicated controls – incorporating two spirals, one stacked upon the other.  In essence they are two machines, operating as one solution, providing an infeed and outfeed from the first floor and delivering to either the ground or second floor using the same common conveyors.

From the second floor, totes are loaded onto a conveyor and transported down to the first floor via the top spiral lowerator. Here, a manual sort determines whether the tote requires removal for order consolidation or placing onto the next conveyor and spiral lowerator to be taken to ground level, where another manual sort takes place.  On completion of orders, the finished totes are presented to a transit conveyor to be transferred to the end of line packing operation.  Stock replenishment operates in reverse.

CSL provided the full turnkey conveyor project including control, installation and commissioning of the wide range of packages.


The STIHL Group develops, manufactures and distributes power tools for professional forestry and agriculture as well as for garden and landscape maintenance, the construction sector and the demanding private user. STIHL distributes its products through its network of 40,000 Approved Dealers in over 160 countries.   The Group has 34 sales and marketing subsidiaries of its own as well as more than 120 importers. STIHL has consistently been the world's top-selling chainsaw brand since 1971

For more information:

Jim Farquhar - Sales Director

Conveyor Systems Ltd. Tel: 01283 552255 / email: [email protected], or vist:

Calling all Workers in the Electrical, Building and Plumbing Sectors!

Are you an electrician, builder or plumber? Would you like to win £250,000, a car, a motorbike, a boat and a whole lot of other goodies? Then the UK Worker of the Year competition is just what you are looking for.

Now in its seventh year, the competition, organised by Dickies this year in association with ASDA and HONDA UK, is offering a range of amazing prizes. In addition to the opportunity of winning the whopping £250,000, there is a Honda Jazz car, a Honda Crosstourer 1200cc motorbike, a Honda Marine Rib boat, a year’s free shopping at ASDA, a luxury holiday and that’s just for the winner.  There are more prizes available to our finalists, and spot prizes along the way. The competition is founded on the same principles as the Dickies work wear brand: excellence, professionalism and longevity.

With a wide range of ppe products suitable for electricians, builders and plumbers, Dickies knows what matters to you most when working. The personal protective clothing and equipment you use should only be of the highest quality, which is what you are guaranteed in the extensive Dickies range.

Gary Barak, the event promoter, commented: “This competition is to demonstrate pride in the British workforce, and is open to everyone, regardless of whether you work on the shop floor or are a CEO.”

It’s easy to enter UK Worker of the Year 2016, simply go to the competition’s website: You can also find out more about the competition if you visit our UK Worker of the Year Facebook page or @workeroftheyear on Twitter.

Hitachi Power Tools launches extra battery offer on KC18DPL/JA and KC18DPL/JB two-piece kits

Hitachi Power Tools has launched a battery redemption promotion, with an extra 4.0Ah battery free, when redeemed on purchase of selected KC18DPL/JA and KC18DPL/JB 18V cordless two-piece kits. 

The offer is valid on a limited number of KC18DPL/JA and KC18DPL/JB 18V cordless two-piece kits, which feature a sticker on the case and redemption leaflet inside. To receive the extra battery, the customer simply has to complete the redemption leaflet, attach the sticker and post it to Hitachi with the proof of purchase.

The KC18DPL/JA and KC18DPL/JB 18V kits includes two 6.0Ah Lithium-ion batteries, two stackable cases and the UC18YSL3 superfast charger, which offers an outstanding 38 minutes charge time on a 6.0Ah battery, and an incredible 26 minutes for a 4.0Ah battery.

“This extra battery redemption promotion means there is even more reason to choose the tougher, faster, more advanced KC18DPL/JA and KC18DPL/JB 18V two-piece kits,” explains Simon Miller, Brand and Product Manager for Hitachi Power Tools.

Hitachi’s three-year warranty is also available on the tools when registered online within four weeks of purchase, meaning trade professionals can be assured of long service and peace of mind.

For more details on Hitachi Power Tools visit

ABUS Padlock triumphs over another very determined burglar!

We know that padlock security can’t always stop a burglar, but we do know that good security buys time, and the better the system the more time it will buy. 

That is exactly what happened to at the Granary Barn, Worcestershire.  At around 11pm, Mr Harris was alerted by noises at his recently converted Granary Barn.  The noise came from his ABUS 83WPIB/53 padlock withstanding some serious leverage from a stillson type wrench, buying Mr Harris enough time to head off the burglars and assess the damage to his barn.  The result was a slightly twisted but still secure padlock, a bent hasp and staple but no entry or theft from the barn – the ABUS padlock had successfully thwarted another determined burglary.

The Granary Barn is 1920’s Government sponsored timber framed agricultural structure, recently renovated for general storage.  The ABUS Submariner 83WPIB/53 padlock proved a more than adequate security solution to safeguard the contents of the barn.  With an 8mm stainless steel shackle and 57mm chrome plated solid brass lock body, fully weather protected with shackle seals and cylinder cover, this padlock has the Sold Secure Bronze and CEN Grade 3 classification.

For total padlock security ABUS offers either its Granit or Rock padlock ranges. All ABUS padlocks have completely weatherproof inner workings, making them the ideal choice for securing appropriate value goods in any outdoor or marine environment.

For further information on the ABUS 83WIPB/53 or any other of our wide range of security products, including padlocks, door cylinders, meachatronic systems, and CCTV please contact ABUS UK.

Unlocking ABUS UK – 21st Century Security Solutions

Report by Peter Brett

History Means a Lot

The ABUS story starts in the village of Volmarstein, Germany, in 1924 when August Bremicker and his sons (hence AB und S = ABUS) founded the company. Initially they made padlocks and accompanying hasps and staples in the cellar of the family home, but 92 years later ABUS production is based in five different German locations, and two Chinese plants with worldwide partnerships and subsidiaries. Its 3000 or so employees are urged to live up to ABUS’ motto of “Security built on quality” so ABUS is justifiably proud of its market-leading security solutions for homes and mobile objects aimed to provide ‘the good feeling of security’

Founder August Bremicker and his family had very strong Christian values and these principles still guide his great grandsons who head the company today.  Honesty and integrity in dealing with customers, suppliers and staff are very important, as well as more current preoccupations like “green” issues and energy usage that have strong implications for the future of next generations. For example, ABUS production methods are so stringent that pollution from its factories is a fraction of current EU targets.

The UK’s current debate over a living wage has not been an issue at any ABUS operations.

There have been many milestones along the way since production restarted in 1947 after World War II. These include the iconic Diskus Padlock in 1949 – still an icon today set apart by its German production and trademark ‘Diskus’ logo.

Increasing demand and market share made it necessary to open the Rehe factory in 1957 in Westerwald, which is now also the centre for developing and testing commercial, domestic and mobile security products.  Rehe is the production base for the ABUS ‘Granit’ padlock range.

1957 also saw the introduction of the first brass padlocks on the market, the ABUS no 75, followed swiftly in 1958 by the first ABUS bicycle lock and a telephone lock. I remember my mum had one to stop my elder sister from having long teenage telephone conversations while she was at work!

The first bicycle U-lock was launched in 1971 and has been much copied, as was ABUS’ first additional retrofit window lock.

With the demand for extra home security solutions in the seventies, ABUS produced a range of retrofit domestic door locking products and the oil tank lock from 1981 again reflected the needs of consumers during the 2nd oil crisis.

In the “noughties” ABUS acquired the Pfaffenhain cylinder system company based in Saxony and later the Security Centre Company that enabled it to expand its competence into video surveillance and alarms as well. By 2008 modern security needs required the development of the Secvest 2WAY danger detection system which combined fire and intruder protection and in 2011 ABUS was selected as a security system “best for children” for its range of “child friendly” locks.

A relatively new development, also located at the Westerwald factory, is the ABUS Academy. Its modern facilities are used to train and inform ABUS’ distributors and installers about ABUS security products and general security issues, so their business partners have the best information about both ABUS security solutions and the security industry in general.

This lightning tour of ABUS’ past history is complemented with the introduction of the new series of TITALIUM padlocks in 2012 – a brand new alloy developed by ABUS using, amongst other metals, titanium and aluminium, to create a padlock body that provides a lower cost alternative to brass, but with equal or higher security rating – and the image of solid steel!.  This month sees the launch of shutter and closed shackle TITALIUM padlocks offering further high value and security.

ABUS in the UK – Markets, Marketing and Products

Inevitably there are always differences in the way that markets operate in different countries and Nick Vanderhoest, MD of the UK subsidiary of ABUS has had the job of managing ABUS’ growth since 2006 when CK stopped marketing ABUS and started marketing its own brand of locks independently. Today the bulk of ABUS UK’s padlock business is been managed via wholesale partners Toolbank, Hoppe and Aldridge.

However, markets don’t stay the same. Increasing internet sales and the introduction of more complicated electronic security products using smart technology and video recording, has meant that ABUS has had to develop its own team of experts and additional specialised distribution.

ABUS has not ignored the impact of the likes of Amazon and other internet sales companies, nor have they ignored the big retailers like Screwfix and B&Q and this has meant the development of a range of strategies to keep customers happy. 

The sizeable premises in Avonmouth near Bristol, is home to a team of sales and support staff who manage all the functions of a modern subsidiary. IT, as we would expect, is a key area, with roles in communication, accounts and product development. Each area of ABUS’ security products has its own dedicated Product Manager, whose role it is to explain and develop products and markets, support sales staff and all the other 101 things that come up.

Marketing is also an inevitable part of explaining and expanding awareness of products, and this important role is filled by Sarah Utley, the lady with the “In” tray that is constantly being filled with new demands – some from this magazine.

The building also houses a substantial warehouse space needed for stock as well as cylinder system assembly, servicing and demonstration space for new products and ranges.

Nick is a mine of information about the UK market for security products and how it differs from other markets – particularly the continental market, where security needs differ greatly than in some sectors of the UK.

One example he quoted was window security, where screw type sash locks are considered enough for most purposes in the UK. However, Germany and continental Europe they have floor to ceiling windows that can be tilted or fully open for ventilation and for easy cleaning. These windows provide a significant security risk, because they are easily big enough for an adult to enter through, and big enough to manoeuvre a giant flat screen TV through as well. ABUS has been providing both inbuilt and retrofit window locks for these types of windows for many years and continental householders think nothing of spending €100 or more for secure locks on each window. Hard to imagine an average UK householder spending £80 on door or window locks…… And yet with the more and more modern buildings with walls of glass being built in the UK, it will be only a matter of time, so perhaps specialist security retailers will need to start looking around at the products needed to fulfil the demand. 

It is a similar story with UK home security. As some readers may know already from continental holidays, each European manufacturer may have a range of different keyways to fit a continental euro cylinder lock. This means that European potential thieves would have to have literally hundreds of “bump keys” if trying to access a home via the ‘bumping’ method. However, in the UK, 95% of us use the 1A Yale keyway. While this is convenient for distributors cutting extra keys, limiting the range of key blanks distributors have to stock, it also means that a potential thief has to carry only one “bump key” to potentially gain entry to most UK domestic locks.

ABUS promotes it’s high quality cylinders as the ‘brain’ of the door, and rather promotes correct size cylinders protected by internally fitted strong door furniture across many often patented different key profiles as the better door cylinder security solution.   ABUS has just developed and launched a solution to consumers’ varying cylinder size requirements with its ‘Modular’ cylinder lock system that both minimises the sizes of cylinders distributors need to stock while adding extra strength against ‘snapping’ type break ins.

But as we would expect, Nick is also keen to tell us about the latest developments that ABUS has been making in “Mechatronic” (access control via a combination of top class mechanical security with electronic programming) and video security. Ironically this area has grown in the UK because some ABUS dealers have asked the company to help them install their own security system. The knowledge gained with involvement in installing the system has then led to the dealer to be able to confidently recommend and manage the more complicated sales process involved in installing a mechatronic system.

ABUS cylinder systems are already used in a number of high profile buildings like the Burj al Arab Hotel in Dubai, Wembley Stadium and the Gherkin, and ABUS confidently predicts their Mechtronic solutions will be exploited in similar icons. Security issue in large organisations will be complex, with staff needing access to clean and service, while clients need the reassurance of security for themselves and their possessions.

This can now be achieved via electronic key fobs using 6 digit pin numbers that are almost impregnable to either manipulation due to the millions of combinations they offer, and their inherent mechanical strength and quality.

Either commercial or domestic needs can take advantage of this system, but it is not too much of a stretch to see that as the systems become more common (and therefore cheaper) these simple to operate systems will become the norm for “ordinary” householders to programme in unique numbers to allow a plumber access at a certain time, enable the Ocado delivery and let the kids in after school. Done remotely via a smartphone, AirBnB owners could manage a unique access time and code for their individual guests.  ABUS successfully sells many thousands of “key garages” for carer or holiday homes access.  But the mechatronic solution eliminates the potential “key garage” risk where actual house keys could be stolen or copied, and where guests inadvertently or deliberately reset a new “key garage” combination.

Increasingly, even home security now involves the use of video cameras to record movements and events. ABUS’ latest contribution to this are high technology low cost camera systems that are able to use existing analogue cabling to record high resolution digital images that can be used to identify individuals or car number plates.

The ABUS Academy can help provide extra information and training and ABUS’ team of individual Product Managers and Sales team can all be involved in helping clients choose and install a security system that is suitable for particular premises.

By now, readers should be able to gauge that ABUS’ knowledge of security is in-depth and extensive and this is reflected in the range of security solutions the company offers. Whether it is a cylinder lock for a front door, a disc brake lock for an expensive motorcycle or a surveillance and security system for a luxury house, the ABUS people have the expertise to recommend and supply a system that suits – whether this is in the UK or pretty well anywhere else in the world.

My big realization after our visit to ABUS UK is that I need to wake up a bit when it comes to my home and workshop security. And perhaps this is also a message that ABUS dealers could be passing on to customers. Increased security may not always cost that much extra, but as Nick told us, security is only as good as the weakest link and even a determined thief can be put off by the extra time that that extra bit of security might buy us. Time for a security evaluation I think. 

ABUS’ Security Viewpoint

I’d like to firstly stress the vital point of ABUS’ Christian belief.  We live today in a multi-faith country and world, but whatever one’s personal creed, faith or doctrine, we hope all our customers recognise, as do all ABUS staff, the very real benefit of the high ethical code on which all ABUS business is conducted.

This links strongly with the ABUS’ insistence on constant high quality of material and manufacture, and as Peter has already pointed out our founding statement is “Security built on quality”.

While on links, I also pick up and emphasise Peter’s point on security being as strong as the weakest link.  We see unbalanced situations where containers full of high value merchandise are secured by a brass padlock, or where a garden shed with high value leisure goods is secured with a Granite padlock, but the shed door needs only a screwdriver to take off the hinges.  So the fundamental rule of security is recognising all potential points of entry, and ensuring balanced appropriate security for the risk and value is comprehensively applied.  Police advise on cycle and motorcycle security is to spend at least 10% of the value you are protecting on security devises.  This commercial advice can be applied to all security applications.

I also stress Peter’s comments on the varying security needs in different countries, which as an international manufacturer and supplier of security solutions leaves ABUS with the continual challenge, to think global and act local.

I am very proud to work for the brand ABUS, and while we strive for perfection, recognise we sometimes may fall short of all expectations.  We none the less genuinely believe that ABUS, through our valued customers and UK distribution does make a genuine valuable contribution to ‘the good feeling of security’.

Nick Vanderhoest – Managing Director - ABUS UK


New Metal Tile Trims From Homelux

Leading ceramic tiling accessories brand, Homelux is extending its range of metal tile trims with new sizes and new on trend colours to reflect the latest trends in the tiling market.

The new colours are champagne gold, brushed gold, brushed black and rose gold. Homelux tile trims are available in round, straight, square and quadrant profiles in a variety of sizes to ensure there is a profile for every need.  Homelux quadrant and square edge profiles are available with matching three-way corners, eliminating the need to mitre, making installation even quicker and easier.

The new finishes have been designed to match the latest trends in fashion and home improvement.  The new rose gold and champagne trims complement natural travertine tiles, while the brushed black trim is a stunning contrast to a gloss black tile.

The range extension is in response to customer demand for the latest on trend metallic colours to be represented in this popular trims collection which will deliver a neat finish to any tiling project, concealing raw edges and protecting from chips and damage.  Tile trims can be used very effectively to frame windows or external corners, edge a tiled bath or splash back and provide a smart finish when boxing in pipework.  The new colours are also perfect for matching metal borders or co-ordinating with other fittings such as taps, lighting and door handles. Homelux Metal Trims are available in eight foot lengths with an RRP from £25.  They are available in most good tiling retailers. 

Marketed by QEP, the worldwide provider of innovative, quality and value-driven flooring and industrial solutions, Homelux is the leading, global supplier of tile accessories, to the DIY and professional markets.   Products include, plastic and metal tile trims, flooring profiles, bath and shower seals, under-tile heating, crack isolation and waterproofing solutions and most recently, mosaic tiles.

For more information on Homelux, please visit

SmaartWipes – bigger, tougher, smarter.

Toolstream’s exclusive new range of SmaartWipes introduces a smarter, instant-cleaning solution for shifting the most stubborn dirt, grease and grime from a multitude of surfaces in the home, workshop, garage and garden.

Bigger, tougher and more effective than your average wipe, SmaartWipes are available in five categories – Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel, Carpet & Upholstery, Universal and Trade. All SmaartWipes deliver a strong, advanced degreasing action that pulls away grease and oil, making them particularly effective for cutting through the stubborn grime and dirt regular wipes simply can’t handle.

Heavy Duty SmaartWipes are coated with abrasive fibres for agitating stubborn dirt, grease and grime, making them ideal for use in the shed and workshop for cleaning hand tools, bikes and machinery parts. Stubborn kitchen grease and dirt is easily shifted with the Stainless Steel wipes, which leave a rejuvenated shine on taps, splashbacks, cookers and other stainless steel surfaces. Covered floors and furniture are also taken care of with Carpet & Upholstery SmaartWipes, which are perfect for removing everyday spots and stains from carpets and upholstery as well as vehicle seats and trim. Also available are SmaartWipes Universal and Trade Value, for widespread cleaning of paint, tar, ink, adhesives, PU foams, caulks, silicone, duct tape residue and pet mess plus much more.

All SmaartWipes are independently tested to BS EN 1276:2009 and contain lanolin, aloe vera and Vitamin E, which means they are environmentally friendly and kind to skin.

SmaartWipes are exclusively available from Toolstream from an RRP of £1.72 (Universal Tough Wipes). Go to for more information.

State of the art! SWA’s battery-operated crimp tool launched

SWA’s new advanced Hydraulic Crimp Tool is packed with all the features needed to ensure a perfect job every time.

It’s a product designed with ease of use firmly in mind, offering auto cut-off when optimum crimping pressure is reached, a 180-degree rotatable head and an ergonomic grip. Weighing in at only 3.3kg, the cordless tool comes with a pair of high-capacity 18v Bosch lithium batteries. There is even a built-in LED torch light and a useful battery level indicator.

Designed to complement SWA’s extensive current range of crimping tools, the new hydraulic tool is suitable for copper tube terminals from 10mm2–240mm2 and is supplied with a box of 11 hex crimp die sets spanning that range of sizes.

The tool, which is supplied in a sturdy plastic carry case, also has its own battery charger. The SWA order code is BCT10240.

For more information, please visit

Ray® Has Arrived: The Innovative Tool That Guarantees a Perfect Seal Everytime

BATOIDEA LIMITED, has announced today the official trade launch of the Ray®, an effortless sealant finishing tool that seals, smooths and removes silicone residue in a single pass, producing a perfect finished seal every time.

The Ray® is proving to be an indispensable addition to plumbers, builders and DIY enthusiasts tool-kit.  The time saving device helps reduce product wastage and gives users the confidence to create the perfect finishing touch when working with all types of silicone, fillers and putty. 

 “We set out to design and develop a simple, easy to use and capable finishing tool to solve the frustrations faced by tradesmen and DIYers when it comes to tackling a sealant job.” says Roger Morley, Inventor and Founder of Ray®.  “We are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive response so far from both retailers and users and we are looking forward to making the product as widely accessible as possible across the major DIY stores, builders merchants and garden centres.”

The Ray® is indeed a remarkably simple, but clever little device that takes on the challenge of creating a perfect finished seal.  Made from a single piece of moulded polypropylene with two wings sprung from the central body which converge at the surface of a joint.  When passed along the seal, the Ray® simultaneously cuts away and collects the residual material, whilst smoothing the surface of the silicone for a beautiful, clean, mess free finish.

The Ray® tool’s genius design and simple shaping is the secret to its successful application every time.

  • Convex smoothing edge which denotes the seal shape and width.
  • Tapered blade edge, profiled for efficient material removal.
  • Thumb locator for convenience.
  • Tensioned hinge to maintain regulated pressure against the respective interfacing surfaces.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Ray® tool guarantees an accurate seal with no mess.  The Ray® has proven to be a popular little gadget amongst both tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts and retailing at £4.95, the price is both affordable and accessible for amateurs and professionals alike.

"After many years of struggling unsuccessfully with silicon sealants and various methods of smoothing the bead, I purchased this simple little tool. I could not believe how easy it was to use. Giving a perfect bead first time, every time. It is as simple as the video demo illustrates.”    Ian Price – November 2015

Ray® is designed and manufactured in Great Britain by Batoidea Ltd. Each pack contains two width sizes per pack, including a 4mm blue Ray® and a 6mm black Ray®. Ray® also comes available to buy in CDUs for shelf or till display and handy clip strips for convenient shelf hanging display in store.

For full instructions on how to use Ray® tool please visit

Powered Now Releases Free Version of its Admin App for Sub-contractors

Powered Now is the Invoice, Quote and Scheduling App for Small Businesses. Sub-contractors can bill weekly for no cost.

Powered Now are the people making life easier for smaller trade companies as well as sole-trader tradesmen, have announced a major new pricing scheme to help micro sub-contractors keep track of their billing free of charge.Version 3.6 of the software means that sole traders who produce an invoice a week (generally small sub-contractors) can use all of the features of the full version without any cost. More documents can be raised for a small additional fee.

Meet Dean, from Island Automotive from Powered Now on Vimeo.

Reasons for using Powered Now

  • Powered Now enables invoices and quotes to be raised from anywhere. Guy Hodgson, who runs fast-growing HandyGuy, started using Powered Now when he started his own business. He says “I found an article about Powered Now in a national paper. I tried it, found it easy to use, became a subscriber and have never looked back”.
  • It takes less effort to create invoices and quotations using Powered Now because existing contacts can be copied from the user’s address books. Addresses can be looked up using just the postcode. All descriptions and pricing are remembered and are auto-completed after they have been entered once.
  • Everything is kept securely in one place – customer details, appointments, quotes, invoices and payments. If your device is lost, broken or stolen, all data can be restored.

CEO Benjamin Dyer comments, “Last summer we raised more money and this has enabled us to make some changes to our pricing. We know that it’s a struggle when you first start your business, so this change removes a price barrier for the smallest trade companies.

Some of the services we provide, such as address lookup based on postcode makes it super easy to set up new customers. But this costs us real money as a payment has to be made to Royal Mail every time we do a lookup. Our aim is to help the smaller end of the industry to embrace modern methods and become more productive as a result.

We are planning to introduce support for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) fairly soon, and that will allow invoices to be sent electronically between sub-contractors and contractors. We are very excited about everything that can be done to help this industry.”

The Powered Now app works on iPhones, iPads, Android with support for PCs, laptops and Macs due in a couple of months. Ease of use is a major aim and everything is optimised for trade businesses.

Meet Phil the Electrican from Powered Now on Vimeo.
Powered Now v3.6 is available in the iTunes and Google Play app stores now.
There is a full 7-day trial and a free edition which provides a limited number of documents to be sent per month (with a small charge per document after that) and sole traders wanting more can subscribe, starting at £7/month when bought annually. The Pro version which supports teams starts around £22 per month on an annual basis. All prices exclude VAT.



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