Global Diamond Tools expands its classic range of Diamondlife® Blades

Global Diamond Tools has increased its Diamond Life® range with the addition of three new diamond blades to its Classic level collection.

The three new laser-welded blades have been introduced to the Multi-Purpose, Concrete/Hard Materials and Abrasive Materials ranges and are designed to cut various materials in a range of environments on a day-to-day basis, offering an entry level blade for the cost-conscious user.

Highly competitively priced, these blades offer reliable performance and excellent value for money and join the three existing Classic level blades in the General Masonry range (GM8, GM10 and GMt).

The Multi-Purpose Classic (MPC) is a laser-welded blade with a 10mm segment height and deep draft segments for undercutting protection.  It is designed to cut the widest range of materials with ease, from abrasives to medium hard concrete, and is available in four sizes.

The Hard Materials Classic blade (HMC) is ideal for all general concretes and hard materials, from paving stones to granite.  The latest laser-welding technology and a balanced steel core make the HMC the ideal value-for-money blade for a wide range of hard materials.  These blades are available in four sizes and have a 10mm segment height.

Designed for use with asphalt and abrasive materials, the Diamond Life® AAC Classic range blade offers a high level of performance in the harshest of environments and is suitable for cutting materials such as breeze blocks, asphalt over concrete and sandstone.  The AAC is laser-welded with a 10mm segment height and is available in three sizes.

Commenting on the new additions to the range, managing director, Richard Dunn, says:

“Our Diamond Life® brand has proven to be highly popular with both the DIY and commercial user alike and this is largely down to the fact that our products offer excellent, reliable performance over a wide range of applications.

“Without ever compromising on quality, the new Classic blades offer the occasional user a cost-effective alternative to some of the more premium products on the market which are aimed primarily at the specialist user.”

For further information about the range visit, wher e you can buy online or download a pdf version of our new catalogue.

Portable Clamps from Plasplugs-Perfect for DIY'ERS

Respected DIY brand, Plasplugs, now rejuvenated by QEP, has introduced a portable vice into its product range, providing a simple, but clever solution for DIY tasks which need clamping, but do not warrant a full scale vice.  The new Plasplugs Handi Vice has been proven to enable consumers to complete tasks up to three times faster than with a conventional work bench vice – as well as being exceptionally convenient and easy to use.

The Handi Vice is a portable clamp that can be fitted securely to the edge of any surface, whether at home or on the move.   Easily fixed into place, the Handi Vice has a strong rubber grip, ideal for holding a wide range of materials in position such as trims, pipes, timber and tiles for cutting or drilling.

This unique, patented concept, allows the user to keep both hands free whilst retaining a strong grip on the task.   Being much smaller and considerably lighter in weight than traditional work bench style vices, or heavy-duty clamps, the Handi Vice is easily transported and can be stored conveniently in the home or vehicle rather than a garage or shed.  The Handi Vice’s durable design has an adjustable hinge, up to 60mm, to accommodate varying thicknesses of materials or pipe diameters. 

Marketed by QEP, the worldwide provider of innovative, quality and value-driven flooring and industrial solutions, the Plasplugs Handi Vice has a list price of £12.49.  Already nominated by the DIY trade as one of the new season’s best innovations, it offers the retailer an easy incremental sale. 

For more information, please visit

Master Lock introduces the world's most secure bluetooth padlocks

Master Lock has become the first security specialist to unveil Bluetooth padlocks combining keyless entry, shared access and no numerical codes, backed by the latest technology and their 100 years of trusted expertise.

The award winning Bluetooth® Smart Padlocks provide essential peace of mind in countless situations at home, work, or on the move, and use your smartphone or tablet to secure possessions via a simple app, eliminating the hassle of lost keys or forgotten combinations.

Time-limited access to cellars, gates, garages, lockers, sheds, storage units or shared bike and stroller rooms is just a digital invite away for friends, family or delivery drivers thanks to the free Master Lock® Vault eLocks app, featuring military-grade authentication and encryption.

The app also has you covered in case someone tries tampering with your lock, the battery is running low, or you want to view an activity history. Meanwhile, a directional keypad is on hand should your smartphone or tablet be unavailable or stored away in a locker. 

A byword for ‘padlock’ in the United States, Master Lock could be the biggest brand you’ve never heard of. A global leader and innovator in security solutions, the company also invented the original laminated padlock and the first dial combination padlock.

This legendary heritage and continued pursuit of excellence ensures the new indoor and water resistant outdoor padlocks offer the highest levels of strength, reliability and functionality of any Bluetooth model on the market.

“Our Bluetooth Smart Padlocks offer greater speed, ease of use and control to deliver a new level of security, access, and freedom in portable padlocks,” said Rebecca Smith, vice president, marketing for Master Lock. “By turning your smartphone into a key, this product provides a cutting edge combination of security and convenience.”

“Master Lock strives to develop fresh, innovative products that provide consumers with exceptional security, convenience and peace of mind,” said Smith. “The Bluetooth Smart Padlocks pair our brand’s safety and security expertise with new technology to deliver a totally new experience in a portable security product.”

The indoor Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock is priced from £69 and an enhanced outdoor version from £89. Both are available now from Master Lock and leading retailers.

For more information, visit the Master Lock website or connect with us via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube.

About Master Lock

Recognised around the world as the authentic, enduring name in padlocks and security products; Master Lock keeps developing innovative and high quality products.  Leader in security solutions for sports, home, school, work and travel solutions, Master Lock has recently launched a full range of storage security and safes solutions. Master Lock padlocks are covered under a limited lifetime warranty. Find out more information on

NEW Wire Brush ranges launched at Totally DIY 2016

Designed in the UK, the COTTAM and COTTAM XD range of wire brushes have been tailor made for both professionals and DIYers alike.

Available in both wooden and plastic handles, the brushes are enclosed in the AURORA GUARD which protects both the wires and your hands. The guard also includes a euro hook for easy hanging instore.

Developed using the best materials, each product has clearly defined usage icons and product information to enable users to be confident in the brush they choose.

Launched at Totally DIY, the products were well received by visitors to the exhibition stand and initial orders were taken across the ranges. The ranges were also shortlisted in the exhibition’s product showcase section which highlights innovations in the DIY market.

The brushware division focuses on the supply of high quality, good value products - mainly brushes, mops and related accessories. The products are designed with the industrial user in mind and are sold through a range of distributors from large wholesale outlets, serving different client groups in all corners of the world, to smaller independent merchants in niche markets.

Established in 1858, the Cottam family started out making brushes for the ship building and coal mining industries in North East England.

Today Cottam is at the forefront of brush design and manufacture. With extensive knowledge, innovative design capability and modern manufacturing facilities, Cottam has become a trusted partner in specialist industries across the world.

Cottam design and manufacture some products in-house; others we source from quality suppliers to give our customers the very best products.

Cottam supply to the leading buying groups, including THS, BIRA, TROY, H&B and NMBS.

See the complete range at

Contact us on 0191 428 2510 to place your order.

To promote the product in-store, point of sale is available for retailers detailing all the product range.

ABUS was set up to beat the burglar – Sometimes we defeat the locksmith too!

Carl Jacque, owner of Pick & Fix Locksmiths in Caister is used to having to remove locks.  When he was called out to remove a brass padlock with lost keys he felt his trusty 24” bolt cutters would be more than sufficient for the task.

Sadly for Carl he was not aware the padlock in question was an ABUS 65/50.

This padlock has sold millions of times worldwide for good reason.  It is not just a brass padlock, but a piece of balanced engineering and security with a paracentric 5 pin cylinder that makes it a very difficult pick even for a professional, and it’s 8mm hardened steel shackle will prove more than a match for any cutting attack.

As you can see it was also more than a match for Carl’s 24” bolt cutter.  What seemed to be a quick and easy call out turned out to be a very timely (sorry no details of how to eventually overcome a locked ABUS 65/50 without a key!) visit, which then had to pay for a replacement set of bolt cutters.

Carl stocks ABUS and has plenty of 65/50s.  He now knows first-hand that selling them provides consumers with genuine ‘security proven a million times’ against burglary.

The quality and design of all ABUS security products gives you and your customers’ value and peace of mind. For more information on the ABUS range please contact ABUS UK.


New Lockout Catalogue Coming Soon From Spectrum Industrial

Spectrum Industrial, the leading UK supplier of lockout tagout, safety products and signs is launching a brand new guide to Lockout Tagout this spring.

Featuring an extended range of quality lockout tagout products, the catalogue features advice and step-by-step guides to explain their products and specific uses.

Experts in the field of lockout tagout, Spectrum has extended its already extensive range to include new and exciting products developed to cover an even wider range of industrial applications.

General manager at Spectrum, Antony Garlick said, ‘The new guide will provide our customers with an easy point of reference for lockout products including how they can be used and incorporated into a planned lockout procedure. With in-house expertise, we are on hand to offer advice to suit individual requirements.’

You can find Spectrum Industrial on twitter, facebook and linkedin.

To receive the forthcoming Spectrum Lockout catalogue, please visit the website – – and register your interest.

See more information on Spectrum’s range of inspection products and safety solutions at or by calling 01302 800222.

Spectrum Industrial – Where safety matters


An Industrialised World: The Unknown Aspects

So you’re on your lunch break. Maybe you work in an office, maybe you are a teacher, a doctor or a lawyer. What are you going to eat and drink for your lunch? Have you or your partner made you up a lunch, or will you take five minutes to walk to the closest shop, hastily picking up whatever meal deal they have to offer. If you indeed have a lunch box, the chances are you have a bottle of juice, or maybe a flask of tea or coffee, or maybe your employment space is one step ahead and you and your co-workers chip in every so often to keep the coffee supply in the communal area flowing. However you managed to get whatever it is that keeps you going, chances are you have not considered the industrial back force behind it. That jar of coffee was once one of many, sitting in a stockpile in a warehouse waiting to reach you and your cup.

So in a day and age that is so heavily focused on new and innovative technology, it’s no wonder we don’t think of exactly where the material we have acquired has come from, and how the simplicity of it all is a reality. People that do think of this kind of thing however are the businesses producing the items necessary to transport jars of coffee to shops. Companies like SNAPCO that sell industrial and packaging supplies. Stretch wrap, sometimes referred to as stretch film is the tight material often found around industrial products, and as someone who worked in a few restaurants where the products such as cans of juice would be delivered in bulk – that really hard plastic that kills your fingers when trying to open it. This is part of the appeal of stretch wrap however, its elastic recovery means that whatever is covered is safely protected inside.

If you are a producer, or know one, consider where you are getting your stretch wrap from. Is it the most efficient, reliable and good quality stretch wrap available? SNAPCO offer two types of stretch wrap – manual and machine. Manual stretch wrap is, in industrial terms called ‘hand stretch wrap’, and it is a quick way of safely securing your produce. The excellent thing about this manual way of doing things is the pricing is affordable to everyone, so if you do have a small independent business then this is the most reliable way of ensuring that no damage is caused to any of your products. If you are weary of anyone knowing what is underneath your stretch wrap however, you can invest in black coloured film from SNAPCO to ensure not only safety and reliability, but complete privacy as well. The second form of stretch wrap is for machines. This wrap would traditionally be aimed at larger producers, but that’s not to say it’s not a starting point for a small business looking to flourish. A great product to accompany this larger form of stretch wrap is the Fromm F380 Stretch Wrapping Machine which enables a film tension of up to 250%, and also replaces a job of having to manually wrap things yourself. 

It isn’t just stretch wrap that goes in to getting you that jar of coffee however, other pieces of industrial equipment such as abrasives. Abrasives are materials used to smooth or finish off a workpiece and many kinds are used. Such as cutting and slitting disks, the ones found on SNAPCO are an example of precision and will last a long time with a long service life. Other types of cutting material offered include flap wheels which are used to remove imperfections from surfaces. All products are not just for industry, or production. They are a part of daily life for anyone who so wishes to use them. 

Industry is a part of daily life which we are quick to disregard and take for granted. Just think about it the next time you are sipping on your coffee on your break, maybe you’re reading this with a cup of coffee in one hand at the moment. Maybe you’re thinking about going to get one now. However, just remember there is a girl or a boy in the back room of a shop currently struggling to get in to a package of produce due to the elasticity and reliability of industrial stretch wrap. That’s something we should all consider. 

ABUS Love Locks series - Combine romantic European custom with increased sales opportunities

More and more couples are engaging in the European custom of hanging a lock on a bridge then throwing the key in to the water to symbolise an everlasting relationship or using it to mark an anniversary or similar happy major occasion.  ABUS Love Locks are an ideal padlock for this scenario which is of course particularly relevant on Valentine’s Day or at that BIG Anniversary.

ABUS Love Locks series of padlocks are perfectly suited for this declaration of love and sensibility.  The 72/40 LoveLocks are available in bold red with six romantic motifs and space for personalised engraving.  The new addition to this collection, the 72LL/40 is available in 10 different colours with enlarged space for engraving with both of these padlocks giving the retailer the opportunity to increase sales by offering their engraving services.  The T65AL/40 myLove Lock has a protective plastic cover with two different love motifs. 

For a limited time ABUS are offering a special buying price PLUS free merchandising material AND either a free V6, 6 hook Blister Packed counter display when you purchase 12 LoveLocks and 6 myLove locks or a FREE Heart Counter Display when you purchase 10 of the 72LL/40 engraveable padlocks.

With the attractive displays and merchandising materials, this makes for a beautiful presentation at point of sale.

For further details please contact ABUS UK 0117.204.7000



LED Lenser – Make A Bright Start in 2016

LED Lenser enjoyed a record-breaking year in 2015, picking up more awards for its market-leading range of top quality Torches and Head Lamps, and reaching out to nearly 20 million people in the UK with a combined TV and radio campaign in the run-up to Christmas.

Firmly established as first-choice lighting instrument for professional tradesmen, emergency services personnel, search & rescue teams and serious outdoor enthusiasts, LED Lenser is renowned for superior performance and perfect light in any situation. Ideal for night work, outdoor tasks, safety checks and emergency repairs, LED Lenser makes superior quality torches that turn night into day, with consistently bright, white quality light.

LED Lenser sets the standard for professional lighting, with innovative features like patented Advanced Focus System optics and Smart Light Technology across the range. Engineered in Germany torches have aircraft-grade aluminium bodies, gold-plated battery contacts and high-powered CREE LEDs. A huge range of Head Lamps provides everything a tradesmen needs, including lightweight, high-power and fast-charging options for hand-free light in the darkest of spaces. Popular models like the P7.2 hand torch, the mini-rechargeable M3R and the H14 head lamp series have helped make LED Lenser an essential tool for any domestic or industrial work space.

The company promises to continue to lead the way in 2016, with more new products, superb trade offers, enhanced packaging and dealer support. Tool trade dealers can make a bright start in 2016 by stocking LED Lenser Torches and Head Lamps – essential lighting instruments for any tradesman’s toolbox.’

For more information, please visit or ring 01344 876222


Wolverhampton based construction industry supplier, Shindaiwa is shining the light on the launch of its solar hybrid lighting tower that is offering customers up to £300 in fuel savings each month.

The ECO Solar Hybrid Tower is the first of its kind in the UK that is totally self-contained and requires no external charging, unlike similar solar lighting towers.  The Shindaiwa tower uses an average 1.46 litres of diesel a day and offers a running time up to 60 days on a single tank of fuel.

Ideal for the construction industry, the tower is lighter than conventional products as it has aluminium body panels and a galvanised chassis, so it’s also corrosion resistant and able to withstand the harshest environments. 

Shindaiwa managing director Andy Munford said: “We are delighted to be bringing the ECO lighting tower to the UK market.  It offers customers the best of both worlds by using the very latest in solar power and diesel hybrid technology, which in turn dramatically reduces overall carbon emissions, fossil fuel consumption and air pollution. “Initial interest has been high and we are confident the ECO tower will be a welcome addition to our product range that includes Shindaiwa welders and generators.”

The ECO tower features seven ultra bright LED lamps that can be used for eight hours before the need to recharge.  The twin cylinder Kubota diesel engine automatically charges the batteries in just over an hour and is programmed to run at specific times of the day, guaranteeing silent mode at night.

Shindaiwa has been manufacturing welder generators for over 40 years and launched in the UK and Eire in 2010.  Its products offer exceptional welding power, Super-Silent technology and unfailing strength.  The ECO tower is the latest product to be introduced to the UK market by Shindaiwa.

For more information please visit


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