Makita launches new compact 12Vmax inflator CXT

Featuring Makita’s CXT technology, Makita’s new MP100DZ 12Vmax Inflator is a compact and lightweight tool, ideal for many applications.

The Inflator includes a range of accessories and boasts a number of features designed to improve ease of use.

The new MP100DZ has a maximum air pressure of 830kPA (121 PSI) and can discharge as much as 10litres of air per minute, making it a powerful tool suitable for tasks such as inflating vehicle and bicycle tyres, as well as inflatable beds, loungers, sports balls and toys. The tool comes with a range of adaptors, to fit every need – which can be stored in the tool’s in-built storage section.

The MP100DZ includes a digital pressure gauge, which can be set to bar or PSI, and an auto-stop function, which will stop the tool from inflating an item past the pre-set target pressure. The inflator also includes a thermal cut-off, to protect it from overheating.

Matt Chilton, Product Manager - Tools at Makita said: “Makita’s new 12Vmax CXT Inflator is a powerful, yet compact and lightweight tool for use across a number of applications. The inflator has been designed with ease of use in mind – amongst other features, the Inflator has high stability at ground level and includes an LED job light for improved visibility, ideal should you ever need to inflate a tyre in the dark.”

The MP100DZ is a body only machine; batteries and chargers supplied separately.

Armorgard reinvents on-site H&S information delivery

18 MONTHS after the launch of the InstructaHut, there's a completely new model of the all-in-one noticeboard, meeting point and emergency station.

This time around the unit is getting an update, including improvements to durability and functionality.

Inspired by the company’s continuing ambition to create value for customers and rethink the way crucial health and safety (H&S) information is delivered for them, Armorgard say InstructaHut 2.0 is a hybrid of RAMS, first-aid and fire-safety board that fully embraces the way construction sites are evolving.

“The launch of the new improved InstructaHut is significant, not only for our company but in construction health, safety and welfare,” said Armorgard Managing Director Terry Mitchell. “Our mission behind InstructaHut is to truly change the image of H&S information delivery, as well as making it more efficient and effective, particularly for smaller building and construction sites that may not have portacabin welfare units or RAMS boards.

“Keeping in mind our customers, end users and the changing needs of the health-focused construction site environment, we expanded on the successful design of the InstructaHut predecessor. Our aim was to create an information board that would be recognised by its shape and colour, to instinctively remind anybody on site of H&S instructions and responsibilities.”

The UK construction site equipment designer and manufacturer said the new, improved unit will provide greater visibility than standard site notice boards, helping construction workers to remain compliant while keeping sites safe. InstructaHut has a new double-sided board, which can be vinyl wrapped in red for fire safety products and green for first aid products, offering greater usage flexibility. There is also an optional cabinet, which provides a secure storage area for documents, tools, PPE, fire and first-aid equipment.

VIDEO: See the new Metabo SDS-max hammers in action

EXTREME demolition applications require an extreme amount of power. The new SDS-max combination and chipping hammers from Metabo fulfil this requirement with powerful brushless motors and optimised hammer impact mechanisms.

Thanks to this, the Metabo hammers have, at present, the fastest drill speed and best material removal on the market. However, that is not all: with double vibration protection and effective dust extraction, the new SDS-max hammers make the difficult applications significantly more comfortable. A six-metre-long cable also ensures maximum freedom on the construction site.

Click the video below to see the hammers in action.

  • Powerful brushless motors now also in the mains-powered area for quick work progress during demolition and drilling applications
  • Extremely long service life of the machines, guaranteed with an uncompromising three-year warranty
  • Double vibration protection for best protection of health

Makita unveils new brushless circular saw

MAKITA UK has launched the new DRS780Z 18Vx2 185mm Brushless Circular Saw as part of its LXT range.

The latest addition to Makita’s extensive cordless machinery portfolio, the Brushless Circular Saw includes Makita’s Automatic Torque Drive Technology for optimum operation.

The DRS780Z 18Vx2 185mm Brushless Circular Saw LXT has been designed with ease of use in mind. The tool includes Makita’s Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT), which automatically adjusts the tool’s cutting speed according to the load conditions. This ensures that the saw is always cutting at the correct speed and continues to work at its optimum level.

Driven by a Brushless Motor, the DRS780Z also benefits from minimal maintenance. As the motor does not utilise carbon brushes, friction is reduced - this results in fewer issues due to wear and eliminates the cost of replacement brushes.

The DRS780Z has a maximum output of 1,700W and is powered by two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries – totalling 36V, providing extended run times and less downtime, and massively improving on-site productivity. Makita’s 18V batteries can also be interchanged across other Makita tools, providing continued on-site flexibility.

When using the saw, operators can benefit from a maximum cutting capacity of 65mm at 0°, 45mm at 45° and 38mm at 53°. With a vibration level of just 2.5m/s², users can safely operate the tool for longer, whilst the lightweight magnesium base allows them to do this in comfort without compromising the durability of the tool.

Matt Chilton, Product Manager - Tools at Makita said: “Makita’s new Brushless Circular Saw offers a number of key benefits for operators. Firstly, the inclusion of Makita’s ADT means that the saw can cut through materials effortlessly, improving ease of use and on-site productivity. Operators can also benefit from Soft Start – which prevents the tool from kicking when making initial contact with the material – as well as the rear handle design, which provides stability and increased control for those ripping through large sheets of timber.”

The DRS780Z is a body only machine.

GYS launches its most powerful induction heating system

GYS, who are well known for their welding machines and battery charging equipment, also now make a range of four induction heaters.

Induction heating as a process is now becoming ever more popular as users discover its capabilities and safety advantages as it enables the application of heat without flame. The most recent introduction to the range, is the 16000 Watt Powerduction 160LG.

Induction is a versatile heating process providing instant and powerful heat to release / separate dissimilar metals of preheat steel, or with some machines aluminium as well, for a range of purposes. The process of induction creates heat through the use of electromagnetism to create eddy currents within the metal. The characteristics of this process are that the metal is heated from the inside out and that is the only object metal that is heated, surrounding parts are not heated.

The GYS range includes machines for every application from small bolt removal, dedicated car body tools to single and three phase high power units from 3.7KW to 16KW, with liquid cooling for heavy duty applications and industrial use.

For a comparison of the respective Powerduction machines, see the video below:

Powerduction has a simple digital display and control panel for precise power control. A range of quick change accessories offers improved accessibility for a variety of applications.

The GYS Powerduction range is designed and manufactured by GYS in France and supported in the UK by the wholly owned GYS subsidiary in Rugby, and a network of dealers nationwide.

Master Lock launches Vault Enterprise

MASTER Lock, the global leader in security, has today launched an innovative business security management software called Vault Enterprise in Europe.

The software, in combination with Master Lock’s range of Bluetooth enabled hardware, provides business owners who manage many locks and many users with a convenient way to control access, oversee products and improve accountability. The Vault Enterprise innovation eliminates the cost, security risk and complexity of physical key management.

Security is always a concern within the workplace, especially in industries that use valuable equipment. In fact, many businesses struggle to control who has access to the padlocks and key lock boxes they have in their systems. In response to this, Master Lock is changing the way businesses securely manage access to multiple security products. This new offering integrates easy-to-use software with Bluetoothenabled security devices to streamline access management. Essentially, security managers can track and share access of multiple Bluetooth padlocks/lock boxes all via one simply smartphone app. 

Master Lock’s Vault Enterprise seamlessly integrates both a newly developed web platform plus its smartphone app to connect with the company’s own manufactured Bluetooth-enabled security devices, including the Bluetooth Smart Padlock (4400EURENT and 4401EURLHENT) and Select Access Smart Bluetooth Key Lock Box (5441EURENT).

The new system eliminates the security risk of confusing physical key management amongst a large team. The smart, simple and secure Vault Enterprise software increases accountability as administrators can monitor who can access the locks and for what periods of the day, making security easy to manage and oversee across the whole workplace. 
Innovative features include: 

  • Efficiently manage access to ensure the right users have the right access
  • Easily monitor access with robust data and audit trails
  • Simplify security set-up with bulk user and lock uploads
  • Assured back-up entry method using manual, directional or numeric code
  • Automatically map lock and lock box locations via smartphone
  • Control the security of 256-bit, military-grade encryption 

The trusted Vault Enterprise software has already been rolled out across America in hospitals, oil & gas, telecoms, real estate, and small businesses. Master Lock’s Vault Enterprise has no hidden long-term contracts, monthly fees of shared access fees. Once users have bought the robust hardware they simply download the app for security peace of mind. 

ECCO launches the new SecuriLED II™

WORLD leader in innovative safety solutions ECCO has launched the next generation of directional LED lamps in its popular SecuriLED series.

The redesigned SecuriLED II™ encompasses enhanced performance, features and styling. Suited to larger vehicles and situations where a ‘BIG’ warning signal is desired such as trucks, road sweepers and agricultural trailers, the SecuriLED II™ is fully sealed against moisture and dust ingress, meeting both IP67 and IP69K ratings. The low-profile LED lamp has a more modern and ergonomic design featuring a non-corrosive bezel, is resistant to humidity and vibration, and is available in multiple selectable flash patterns.

Like all ECCO products, the SecuriLED II™ is subject to the ECCO Standard which involves extensive testing more rigorous than the industry recognised standards. The R65 Category X Class II approved LED lamp is available in multiple colours, fully interchangeable with the original SecuriLED and can be synchronised with multiple units.

Michael Shaw, Product Manager at ECCO, said: “We are committed to innovating products that are tested both in the lab and the field to meet the ECCO Standard and work harder for the professionals who rely on them around the world. We are delighted to launch the next generation SecuriLED II and provide the market with yet another trusted and great value solution designed to protect people.”

The SecuriLED II™ is further endorsed by a comprehensive three-year warranty.

COAST announces arrival of new ‘IP’ and ‘EP’ batteries

THE extensive COAST LED Torch and Head-Torch program is set for another strategic expansion with its planned entry into the lucrative batteries market.

Tim Sparrow, Managing Director of BBB (Exclusive Distributor of COAST within the UK, Ireland and BENELUX) further explained this decision: "This is actually an area that BBB and COAST USA have been discussing and planning for several years based upon our purchasing power from the huge numbers of DURACELL batteries we already buy to supply with COAST products globally plus our existing knowledge and links in this product area.”

“We are pleased to confirm that COAST batteries will not only give our dealers and their customers a new battery option which has been extensively tested across the whole of the COAST product range but, equally importantly, COAST batteries also clearly offer an exceptionally competitive alternative to existing leading brands.”

“We have been quietly soft-launching the batteries over the past two months and have already seen huge demand from many of our existing dealers in each of the countries we support including many larger national accounts, each of whom is responding to the incredible value and competitive edge that COAST batteries represent across the whole range against all existing brands.”

The range comprises of AAA, AA, C-Cell, D-Cell and 9.6 volt batteries within the COAST ‘INDUSTRIAL PERFORMANCE’ series and AAA and AA batteries in their COAST ‘EXTREME PERFORMANCE’ series.

AAA and AA batteries in both ranges are available on 4pc hang-sell cards and in 10pc boxed packs as shown.

C & D Cell batteries are available on 2pc hang-sell cards whilst 9.6 volt batteries are supplied in singles on card.

All COAST battery options are now immediately available from BBB’s Leicestershire Warehouse and this exciting launch is made even better by a 5% added discount offer extended to all dealers for their initial COAST batteries order within an initial launch period up to October 31st 2019.

For further details or to enquire about becoming a COAST stockist please contact  BBB Investments Ltd, on 01858 410551 or email [email protected]

Locks 4 Vans in bid to tackle tool theft

WHETHER you are a sole-trader or you manage a nationwide fleet of vehicles, whether you use your vehicle to work out of and leave your tools in the van overnight or you are a courier company using a fleet of vehicles for deliveries, the contents of your vehicle(s) will need protection against theft as ever-sophisticated criminals employ the latest attack methods to gain entry and steal valuable contents from tradesmen and couriers.

Worryingly, a van is broken into every 23 minutes in the UK – catapulting the rate of tool theft up by over 30% compared to last year. Police figures further estimate that this figure has rocketed by nearly two thirds in two years.

Tradespeople across the country are losing out on thousands of pounds and their livelihoods, as sophisticated thieves target vans for the expensive tools inside.

You only have to analyse insurance claims data to spot a number of worrying trends – from an overall increase in the number of thefts in the last few years, to a rise in the average value of the tools being stolen. In another blow to tradespeople, it seems thieves have wised up to the value of various tools and are actively targeting those that are worth more money. £2,881 is the average value of tools left in UK tradespeople’s’ vans. It points to a worrying trend that shows tool theft thieves aren’t just opportunistic, but organised, too.

And it’s not just the opportunist thief ruining the livelihoods of hard-working tradespeople. This crime is harming sole-traders and major fleet operators right across the country, with major cities in the north, midlands, and south appearing in the 10 most-targeted areas.

Last year, we began to see a rise in the ‘peel and steal’ tool theft technique – applying pressure to the side or read load-area van door with both knees, before ‘peeling’ the door down from the top and gaining access to the contents inside the vehicle.

Organised criminal gangs are now using electronic key fobs to illegally gain access to vehicles without leaving any sign of a forced entry. It makes the criminals harder to catch, insurance claims longer and more difficult to prove.

Often referred to as the ‘relay’ method, it involves two criminals working in close proximity to the vehicle and the vehicles key, one will intercept the signal from the vehicles key fob, while the other uses a replica fob to replicate the signal and open the van door using the replica fob.

It points to a worrying trend that shows tool thieves aren’t just opportunistic, but organised, too.

Locks 4 Vans is committed to securing vehicles and protecting their contents, so let us update you on the latest attack methods and advise you on the most secure and cost-effective solutions for your vehicles.

Armorgard’s quick-build solution for trackside storage

AS rail construction and maintenance come under pressure to reduces disruption to the network, the benefits of flat-pack secure storage solutions for trackside projects grow stronger.

Armorgard, a global provider of storage and materials handling solutions for tools, equipment and hazardous substances, has added quick build storage containers to its portfolios of RISQS approved rail products for the international hire market. 

Forma-Stor, a lightweight, ultra-strong flat-pack alternative to standard containers, is being welcomed by the rail construction and maintenance sector because it eliminates the need for HIAB crane lifts and Road Rail Vehicles (RRVs).

Paul Weeks, a Signal and Telegraph (S & T) Manager for Network Rail and one of the first to use the Armorgard Forma-Stor, said: “The flat-packed design means that overheads do not need to be isolated when transporting the Forma-Stor, which prevents delay minutes, requirements for possessions, stoppages in work and associated costs.

“The Forma-Stor Can be strategically placed in focal positions to reduce delay minutes and walking distance when a variety of items are required on site, ensuring you have total control of the transportation process to optimise logistics and best fit in with the eternal schedule.”

Designed as a walk-in vault that can be quickly transported to trackside and easily set up anywhere on-site, Forma-Stor consists of panels that simply slot into place. The whole set-up only takes around 10 minutes and can be carried out by two people, compared with the team of people needed to organise a standard container lift.

Forma-Stor comes in four different sizes, from 1-4 metres, and can be used for on-site storage of equipment, such as hand and power tools, materials, including cable and metals, and other small to medium component storage. There is also a COSHH version of the Forma-Stor for chemicals and other hazardous substances.


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