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How to protect your construction business

IN ANY business, the protection of your assets is as important as achieving adequate profits, drumming up trade and increasing your capabilities.

It is no different in construction, where projects require good planning, foresight and cash flow measures in order to be completed on schedule. This article takes a sweeping overview of a construction business and points out the weak spots you might want to consider bolstering to avoid disastrous disruption to your business.

By protecting your business against such disasters, you’ll be better able to plan a more lucrative business strategy for the future.


Getting yourself and your employees insured is an absolute number one objective for your business, and you’ll no doubt already have your tools, vehicle and business insurance set up.

The catch here is the small print in insurance documents; there’s nothing worse than finding yourself out of pocket after a disaster at work because you failed to comply with the intricacies of an insurance contract.

Be prepared to read through these and never fail to abide by the rules. A stolen power tool or two can be replaced, but if you are violating construction insurance terms, your business might find itself on the rocks.


Stripping it back to the basics, there are two things you absolutely need to do your job: your tools and your vehicle. Both these essential items need to be in good working order at all times.

When they are not, you miss out on trade, anger customers, and create a backlog that can be very difficult and stressful to work through.

Consider getting a wheel nut indicator fitted on your vehicle if it is constantly loaded with heavy tools because by doing so, it’ll avoid wheel damage and loss.

Always keep your tools secure in your vehicle, and have back-ups should they fail on you.


If you are in construction, you know cash flow can sometimes be a major obstacle, especially when you are looking at the bigger jobs and the more long-term contracts.

When money’s low, and you have to pay your mortgage and support your family, it can act to massively shrink your circle of business, causing more money problems.

Short-term loans can be a quick fix to this problem, or else a frank conversation with your bank about overdrafts or loans might be in order. Often in business, a cash injection is just what’s needed to get you up and steaming again.


Whatever scale of construction you work at, contracts are an incredibly important part of the job.

Whether you qualify as self-employed or you run a larger registered business, you’ll have far fewer rights in a court of law if you cannot brandish a well put-together document proving that you are operating within the agreement, or that a client, customer or supplier owe you money.

Do not let yourself be persuaded to enter into business without the trust that contract-signing brings: you never know who might leave you hanging after a job.

These four tips should be of use to those in the construction business who desire a more robust and failsafe strategy moving forwards.


Safety and security equipment you can really rely on

When it comes to safety and security sales customers are seeking reassurance. They need to feel confident the products you stock will protect them, their property and their possessions.

Draper Tools is a brand with a well-established reputation for delivering reliable, high-quality tools and equipment for almost 100 years. So the safety and security range from Draper Tools is something your customers know they can put their trust in.

Whether it’s site security, home security or personal protection, Draper Tools offers a comprehensive range to keep your customers safe. There’s an extensive collection of high-quality padlocks for indoor and outdoor use, including high security heavy duty padlocks, combination locks, long shackle padlocks and more.

Locking valuables away is one of the best ways to keep them secure that’s why there are safes, key cabinets, cash boxes, chains, cables, hasps and locking equipment for bicycles and motorcycles available from Draper Tools too.

With the darker months upon us adequate lighting is absolutely essential for a safe and secure premises.  You’ll find a great range of security lighting options available from Draper Tools, many featuring cutting-edge COB LED technology which delivers super bright light and maximum efficiency.

High-vis clothing and personal protection items are often in demand at this time of year too, that’s why you’ll find a broad PPE range including high visibility clothing, boiler suits, face shields, masks, eye protection, ear defenders, safety footwear and more.

Whatever your customers security needs, offer them complete peace of mind with Draper Tools.

To browse the full range of safety and security options available from Draper Tools visit:

About Draper Tools

Draper Tools is a leading distributor of hand and power tools. Established in 1919 by Bert Draper, the company is still family owned and run today. Draper Tools prides itself on the range, quality and value of its expanding product portfolio which includes over 9,000 quality products. Product categories automotive, gardening, agriculture, DIY, construction and many more. Draper Tools products are available through a wide range of stockists both online and in stores. For more information, stockist details and trade enquiries visit:


Durability, comfort and support brought to the knees in a snap with ToughBuilt™

Wear and tear from kneeling all day can lead to more prolonged issues in the long-term so it’s important that tradesmen always have the right support to hand. Providing a stable base on a roof, preventing damage to delicate flooring and offering protection against hard and gravelly surfaces, the new ToughBuilt kneepad range from Hyde has it all covered.

This patented system eliminates the need to carry around several different pads for various jobs and removes the nuisance of pads placed in work trouser pockets moving out of place and becoming uncomfortable.

Available in a choice of foam or gel, the base of the kneepad features a TRUErgonomic design for a comfortable fit that embraces the natural shape of the knee and upper shin.. The range comprises the Rocker Snapshell cover for rough terrain, Non-Marring with a pliable rubber which won’t mark the floor, and Stabilizer featuring a wide footprint to create a stable kneeling platform and prevent pressure on the ankles.

Completing the new ToughBuilt collection are a range of foam and gel thigh support knee pads, which are perfect for the professional who spends the majority of the day kneeling. Integrated thigh support keeps the knee perfectly centred, whilst the lower platform raises the shin off of the ground to alleviate pressure on the ankles.

ToughBuiltTM products are distributed in the UK by Hyde. For more information call 0121 705 7987, visit or email [email protected].

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