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SWA’s new Battery Operated Crimping & Cutting Tool

SWA’s new Battery Operated Crimping & Cutting Tool is packed with all the features needed to ensure a perfect job every time.

It’s supplied with interchangeable cable cutting blades for copper and aluminium cable up to 40mm diameter – that’s up to 70mm2 4 core PVC/SWA/PVC cable!

SWA’s Marketing Manager, Colin Fletcher, said: “The new BCCT10300 crimp and cutting tool will save time and money for our busy contactor customers!”

The sturdy tool is supplied with all dies, cutting blade, 2 x li-on batteries, and charger and carry strap.

“Designed to complement SWA’s extensive current range of tools this handy new kit is supplied in a sturdy plastic carry case for easy storage”

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SWA Cordless crimping cutting New Product Showcase
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