Multi-Purpose Rectangular Sanding Plates from National Abrasives

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Piece by piece in the last few months, we at ToolBUSINESS+HIRE Magazine have been revealing the sanding system developed in partnership with and marketed by National Abrasives. Starting with the round and rectangular pole sanders, each new component has added to the versatility of the system. So, this month we have the rectangular sanders to look at.

I was sent four samples and a variety of sanding sheets so that I could explore just how versatile the extra components added to the system are. 

As I have come to expect, the quality of the sanding plates is very high. Made from yellow nylon plastic they are rigid and will not distort even under the pressure of pole sanding. As is common with the round and corner sanders we looked at earlier, the handles are interchangeable. It takes just a few seconds to swap from the nicely grippy D handle to a universal joint into which the professional (and excellently rigid) glass fibre pole can be screwed.

There is also currently a choice between methods of holding the abrasive to the plates – hook-and-loop or clips. I am not such a fan of clips, and hook-and-loop has come on so well that it seems like a no-brainer to me. However, when I was working with some decorators last week they said they preferred clips. I guess choice is the name of the game.

On the clip versions of the sanding plates there is a thin sheet of padded, hard foam rubber on the base of the plate, to provide a bit of ‘give’ needed in some sanding situations where the sanded surface is a bit more sensitive. The clips are also a much better design than the tedious spring clips I am used to on some sanders. The plate has a series of six small spikes that pierce the sanding sheet as it is pulled over – and then, before your fingers get spiked, the clip is brought down until it engages. My experience was that these clips didn’t fail and the sanding sheet stayed firmly in place however hard you pressed them to the sanding surface.

The other option on the sole plate was a simple sheet of hook-and-loop straight onto the rigid base of the sander. Again, the handle/universal joints were interchangeable in seconds, but this rigid base is good for sanding stubborn lumps of filler into submission when trying to get a flat surface to the wall. Or indeed, it is equally at home sanding a flat sheet of timber/ply or whatever.

Having used some of the other accessories on the round wall sander, I am pleased to see that the washable sponge and cloths have been catered for with these sanding plates. I am converted to the use of the hook-and-loop-backed sponge for wiping down after initial sanding, and the microfibre cloth is a must for every serious decorator and builder. The sponge is also used for tiling and grout removal, making this a great multi-purpose tool.

These rectangular plates all add up to valuable additions to the Multi-Purpose Sander System. The good thing is it won’t cost a fortune to add these to a set – and all the bits are compatible!

National Abrasives Multi-Purpose Rectangular Sanding Plates Product Review;Peter Brett;
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