Mobile heaters MASTER AIR-BUS are very unique devices designed for special applications. They are recommended to all who need high power heating. The company Master Climate Solutions offers several models in a range of 75 to 220 kW.

Oil heaters AIR-BUS are dedicated mainly to the construction industry, but they also perfectly suit for heating production halls, warehouses and workshops. They are multi-functional devices with a great scope of applications. Thanks to wide range of accessories AIR-BUS heaters can be easy adapted to individual needs as well. A significant feature is the possibility to connect flexible tubes distributing warm air - up to four depending on the selected option. When using them heating difficult to reach places or on the upper floors is not a problem.

Due to a closed combustion chamber, heaters of this type provide 100% pure heat, so they are safe for people staying inside heated area. MASTER AIR-BUS is characterized by durable, damage resistant design and high quality components that ensure trouble-free operation for many years. A big advantage is also a simple and quick installation and low operating costs.

These are definitely the most powerful mobile heaters on the market that provide an immediate temperature rise just after switching them on.

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