Pacific Laser Systems Level - What A Range!

What did we do before lasers? Perhaps the lack of them explains some of the slightly dodgy angles I come across when I am around doing various jobs? We just don’t have the excuse any longer for sloping doorways, windows not quite at right angles or rows of tiles that don’t line up.

Kapro Laser Tools from Draper

Remember when lasers were the coming thing in the trade? Some predicted that they wouldn’t be up to the job, but so many great devices have appeared on the market in the last five or so years that it is a no-brainer not to expect to use them. Increasingly, they are incredibly well priced as we follow the usual pattern that the more that they are adopted, the cheaper they get.

DEWALT Laser Level-Toeing the Lines

I guess we all managed quite well before the arrival of laser levels. A plumb bob and spirit level are capable of giving good results in the hands of people that know what to do. For myself, laser levels have been nothing short of minor miracles.


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