Home security specialist ERA acquires Y-cam

ERA, THE UK’s leading home security specialist, has purchased British smart security pioneer Y-cam.

The acquisition will make ERA one of the most advanced and capable providers of smart security solutions for the home.

Y-cam’s proprietary cloud platform, alongside its range of award-winning security cameras, alarms and sensors, will bring ERA unrivalled expertise in the sector and substantial potential for further growth.

According to a recent GfK Global report, the UK is the fastest growing smart home market in Europe and smart security products have the second highest level of appeal after connected entertainment devices.

Darren Waters, ERA’s CEO, said: “This acquisition is an important strategic move for ERA. Rapid growth in the connectivity of British homes coupled with a big increase in consumer awareness means that demand for trustworthy smart security technology is increasing rapidly.

"Unlike many other businesses in the sector, we’re building our smart capability on 180 years of home security expertise; this unrivalled experience gives massive confidence to trade partners and end-users alike. The acquisition of Y-cam puts ERA right at the forefront of the smart security market.”


Master Lock keeps bike-thieves at bay

MASTER lock has been awarded yet another accreditation to bolster its vast product range: this time to the 8239EURDPRO electric scooter/bicycle padlock and chain.

Now covered by insurance companies, this lock provides customers tried and tested robust protection against theft.

Sold Secure is a trusted review institution dedicated to reducing the risk of crime by the assessment of security products. Products that have been satisfactorily assessed bear the Sold Secure Quality Mark. The scheme has close ties with several police constabularies and insurers who provide regular information regarding the methods of theft plus the tools utilised by criminals in their areas.

The 8239EURDPRO Motor Scooter padlock and chain with Mini D Lock is one metre long and features 10mm diameter square hardened steel links, offering resistance to cutting and sawing. The nylon sleeve provides additional protection to this weather-proof lock, which also comes with Master Lock’s ‘Limited Lifetime Warranty’.

Master Lock’s 90-plus years of security expertise means users can rely on a product that has been perfected and designed from the ground up by a team of dedicated security professionals at the brand’s headquarters in Wisconsin, USA. With yet another product receiving positive assessment from Sold Secure, you can trust that your valuables are protected.

The 8239EURDPRO Motor Scooter padlock and chain is available now from a variety of retailers including Amazon.co.uk.


ABUS UK Offers New Total Door Security

ABUS UK is offering locksmiths an opportunity to add service to sales with their UK Door Bar range.

For many years ABUS Door Bars have contributed to the success of the ABUS security portfolio in Germany, however their very specific fitting requirements have meant that sales in the UK are mostly limited to distributors able to offer a professional fitting service. 

Now ABUS UK has many committed locksmiths across the country whose professional expertise could easily be adapted to fitting these products. While each Door Bar comes with simple-to-follow English fitting instructions, many consumers may feel embarking on this ‘DIY’ task is a step beyond their comfort zone.

So now ABUS UK offers those distributors who are able to offer their customers a simple fitting service a double potential sale - supply and fit an ABUS Door Bar.

There are three Door Bars on offer from ABUS UK:

  • PR1400 internal hand operated door bar:                        RRP £113.04
  • PR1500 internal key operated door bar:                          RRP £152.73
  • PR2600 internal & external key operated door bar:         RRP £160.29

Additional fitting kits are available to adapt to different door openings or structures, if needed. 

The 2 key-operated versions are supplied with a high-security, dimple-key Euro Cylinder, which can be exchanged and re-fitted to suit any ABUS or existing door cylinder system.

For further information on ABUS Door Bars and the complete ABUS security portfolio please visit www.ABUS.com/U


Backed by over 175 years of experience, the UK’s home security specialist, ERA, is passionate about providing the highest performing home security products on the market. Using cutting-edge lock technology, the company’s best selling range of traditional locks and latches provides retailers with a wide choice of superior products with which to maximise sales.

ERA’s traditional range covers all of the essential lock-types:

Secure Doors

Including multi-point door locks, euro cylinders, nightlatches and mortice locks, ERA’s traditional range covers all of the essential lock-types for securing external doors. Including British Standard, SBD and Sold Secure Diamond options, the company’s extensive range of traditional door locks can be used to secure all manner of entryways from classic timber front doors to modern PVCu models, sliding doors and beyond.

Distribution product manager, Stuart Costigan explained, ‘We are keen to offer customers the very best performing product, whatever their specific requirements may be. Whether the homeowner is looking for a replacement nightlatch or a durable mortice lock, our design team work hard to produce advanced, design-led home security products, which really stand out from our competitors.’

Decorative Designs

Alongside its popular collection of traditional locks and latches, ERA supplies a range of decorative hardware, including door handles and hinges. The company’s Fab & Fix branded collection includes a selection of decorative door handle designs in a wide range of finishes, including Hardex Bronze and Hardex Gold.

Stuart continues, ‘When it comes to the home, consumers are as concerned with aesthetics as they are with performance. The Hardex finish used throughout our decorative hardware range is both incredibly stylish and hugely resilient. As a result, our decorative collection makes for the ideal additional product range for boosting sales, when used alongside our traditional locks and latches.’

For further information about ERA home security and decorative hardware products, visit www.eraeverywhere.com or contact the sales team on 01922 490 000 or by emailing [email protected]

ABUS SmartVest Wireless Alarm System - Security Gets Smart

The launch of the ABUS SmartVest Alarm and Smart Home system is a timely introduction into the growing Smart Home market. The system easily integrates its alarm package into ABUS’ well-developed CCTV programme and offers what consumers want from their Smart Home product, including that Smart Home Plug. 

The system offers UK security customers a ‘smart’, out-of-the-box alarm kit with a cutting edge, easy-to-use app, making the system secure, ultra-convenient, and intuitive. Even better, the SmartVest alarm system can be integrated with ABUS CCTV cameras, offering the perfect security package

The SmartVest range has generated keen interest thanks to its many features and benefits such as:

- Simple, guided installation thanks to step-by-step, plug-and-play installation videos

- Intuitive operation via smartphone, tablet or wireless remote control

- Alarm, video, baby care and smart functions in one system and from just one app

- Add-on flexibility thanks to a range of wireless components that can be individually combined and expanded

ABUS SmartVest provides ABUS distributors a smart security wireless system which they can confidently sell to consumers, being easy to install and convenient to use without any prior technical knowledge, thanks to its plug-and-play capability. With a promotional RRP kit available at £234.62 + VAT and promotional sell-in discounts, SmartVest adds up to a great deal.

Further details on the ABUS SmartVest range can be found on our website www.abus.com or you can contact our sales team on: 0117 204 7000 or [email protected]

ABUS Door Closers – Closing Doors Safely and Quietly

ABUS UK are introducing the ABUS Door Closers providing a convenient and safe solution for shutting doors quietly and securely. ABUS Door Closers eliminate the frustration of doors that bang, and doors that don’t shut properly allowing draughts.

Fire doors must be self-closing to comply with legislation and ABUS Door Closers can provide this for both residential and commercial properties. The top-fitting door closers are easy to install and are suitable for almost any door size and design.

ABUS provides a range of models for entrance doors, front doors, internal doors and fire doors including the following:

The AC4223 is suitable for room doors up to 65 kg and a maximum width of 950mm. The AC4223 can be used DIN left and DIN right, has adjustable closing speeds and is EN class 2-3. RRP £30.00 excluding VAT.

The AC7023 is suitable for office doors, front doors to flats and entrance doors up to 85kg and a maximum door width of 1100mm. The AC7023 can be used DIN left and DIN right, has adjustable closing speeds and is EN class 2,3,4 (< 105°). RRP £60.00 excluding VAT.

The AC7124 is suitable for office and entrance doors and for public buildings between 45 and 85kg and a maximum door width of 1250mm. The AC7124 can be used DIN left and DIN right, has adjustable closing speeds, adjustable closing force, opening damping and EN class 2 -4. RRP £85.00 excluding VAT.

The AC7303 is suitable for office doors, front doors to flats and fire protection doors, maximum door weight of 60kg and maximum door width of 950mm. The AC7303 can be used DIN left and DIN right, has adjustable closing speeds, locking function and is EN class 3. RRP £105.00 excluding VAT.

Further details on the ABUS door closer range can be found on our website www.abus.com or you can contact our team on: 0117 204 7000 or [email protected]

ABUS CodeLoxx Makes Locksmith and Customer HAPPY!

Yoursecurelocksmiths, Nottingham, with Jake Theisen as the English/German partner, discovered the ABUS CodeLoxx product, with its ease of use, security offering and suitability for his customers, and managed to order them for his own premises from ABUS Germany.

Then, a customer with a block of flats visited the business and loved Codeloxx, immediately recognising the flexibility and combined security offered, and decided it should be fitted to every flat when vacant. Now each time a new flat without CodeLoxx becomes empty, one is ordered and fitted straight away.

In case you are wondering, Jake (who has now discovered and uses ABUS UK for all his ABUS Products) and the customer love using ABUS CodeLoxx so much because of its easy-to-use, adjustable, modular design, its option to use an electronic Key Tag or code-entry system with possible audit trail, and its well-priced security. “All in all, a great ABUS product” says Jake.

See for yourself by watching Jake’s training video on how to fit the CodeLoxx via the link below on YouTube, or visit www.ABUS.com to see CodeLoxx as well as the new ABUS App based system, “wAppLoxx”


For more info on the whole range of ABUS security, please contact ABUS UK:

Tel:                   0117 204 7000

Email:               [email protected]

Website:           www.abus.com

ABUS Review 2016

2016 has seen some major ABUS introductions with the launch of the TITALIUM 96 and 98 padlocks, the new TS007 BSI* cylinder ranges, the Modular cylinder size adaptor system, and the new wAppLoxx programme of access control.

These introductions secure ABUS’ position as a top padlock supplier, enhance our door cylinder range, and bring ABUS to the forefront of security technology. 

For full details on these new products please contact us on 0117 204 7000 or visit www.abus.com

Our website also highlights that Christmas and a New Year are just around the corner and ABUS season’s greetings are of course there, along with important information on end of season office hours and order delivery.

ABUS, as a German manufacturer, is not immune from the Brexit effect on currency. Despite the significant increase in the cost of the €, ABUS UK is supported by the ABUS Group and able to ensure the good feeling of security remains a commercially attractive offer.  ABUS 2016 £RRPs are being held until April 2017. 

ABUS would like to thank our customers for your business and support throughout 2016 and we look forward to the challenges of 2017. 

"ABUS wAppLoxx: Access control developed further"

The new ABUS wAppLoxx access control system, voted “Best Product of the Year 2016/2017” at the Plus X Award, makes security possible with just a flick of the wrist: For complete user convenience wAppLoxx is designed so the door can be opened or closed either on site or on the go using web or app access. For an all-encompassing security solution wAppLoxx can be networked with an alarm and video surveillance system.

The ABUS wAppLoxx access control system combines convenience, flexibility and maximum security. wAppLoxx is accessible via PCs, tablets and smartphones, the central control unit can be operated and configured both locally via the Intranet as well as worldwide with the help of the integrated web interface. Changes to the locking rights can be implemented in the space of seconds and are valid online immediately via radio at all doors.

Security and flexibility for private and commercial properties
Up to 20 wAppLoxx cylinders and 150 users can be easily administered via the wAppLoxx Control unit. Thus wAppLoxx is suitable for use in your own home as well as commercial properties such as medium-sized offices, medical practices or law firms. Once installed wAppLoxx can be extended to meet the changing requirements of the property. Comprehensive individual consulting is available from ABUS Customer Service to determine the optimum wAppLoxx security solution.

Intelligent networking for convenient security
wAppLoxx offers a high level of convenience for the user: The system has a first-class alarm connection including rights administration. This ensures the successful connection of access control and alarm system with optional video surveillance. This means the alarm system can be deactivated when the building is opened and activated when the building is locked, which virtually rules out false alarms. The use of wAppLoxx can be conveniently integrated into everyday life while providing maximum security.

Promotional POS units and starter deals are available to help distributors exploit this award winning access control innovation.

Further information can be found at www.abus.com or by contacting ABUS UK.

ABUS Brings Security and Price Stability in an Uncertain World

Since the Brexit result in June, from governments down there is international uncertainty concerning the UK’s future trading position.  Uncertainty brings speculation, resulting in the dramatic decline of the value of the £ against both the € and the $.
The £’s decline has already forced many UK suppliers and manufacturers dependent on goods supplied from Europe or China to increase their prices, often with a double digit percentage.

Neither the UK hardware and security market in general nor ABUS in particular are immune from these issues.  ABUS UK is reliant on supply of quality products supplied in €s from Germany, and in $s from our factories in China.

While the current £ v €/$ is cutting very deeply, we are not just ABUS UK, but ABUS and our parent Company fully support the ABUS brand in the UK.

Therefore with ABUS Group support, ABUS UK is pleased to confirm:

ABUS 2016 £ RRPs will remain in place till April 2017,
15 months after our January 2016 RRPs were confirmed.

We therefore pass on this very positive message to our UK distributors:

ABUS now more than ever is the brand to stock.

In a changing and uncertain world, ABUS offers the UK hardware and security market quality and price stability.  For full information on our security solutions please contact ABUS UK:

[email protected]


Telephone: 0117 204 7000


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