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The Future for Tools Too?

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  • Modern ergo design
  • New cool battery technology
  • Bosch Connected Range of tools
  • Bosch ToolBox App enabled

It seems as though we need ‘Smart’ everything nowadays, and in this regard, Bosch has taken the lead by introducing a small range of six connected tools for what they amusingly call the ‘Millennitool Generation.’

The basis of the tool connectivity is the well-established Bluetooth model for sending or receiving data. While Bluetooth doesn’t have a long range (about 30m with no obstacles in the way) it is nevertheless a very handy way of connecting.

Loading the Bosch Toolbox App is simple and I found it commendably simple to use. By pressing the drill’s trigger, thereby activating the Bluetooth signal, I was very soon informed of the exact model of drill on my screen and that the battery needed charging! By clicking on the image of the drill a whole lot of information, from run times to kickback activations is available on the menu so that you can get a really detailed picture of how the drill has been used. The perfect way to check up on the people who borrow your tools or indeed, valuable info for a service department.

Since the connectivity module is an option, users can choose to buy into it or not. However, I offer this observation: having had the opportunity to observe the performance and capability of the drill after a couple of weeks, I became fascinated with the ability to change and control it, look at usage patterns and generally keep an eye on it.

It is clear that Bosch has put some thought into choosing the other tools that are part of the ‘connected’ range. The new range of GCL 2-50 C and CG Professional Line lasers, available since the beginning of April, have a few features that would make my life easier. For example, with the laser in locked position and fixed to a firm base, it would be possible to move the laser beam by using a smartphone as a control – even if you are perched on a ladder on the other side of the room tracking the laser beam’s position.

Some of the other ‘connected tools’ are the GSB 18V-85 Professional Combi drill and drill drivers, and the GWS 18V-125 Professional angle grinder. These have state-of-the-art EC brushless motors and electronic control systems to prevent kickback and overheating.

Bosch clearly wants its users to embrace the ‘Millennitools’ and their connectivity and avoid being stuck in ‘Neandertool’ times. I like innovation, not always for its own sake, and I can see that Bosch’s connectivity system, because it is so flexible and future-proofed, will be widely adopted.

Peter Brett Product Review Bosch Connectivity
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