Draper 160L 230V Cement Mixer

There is a special logic to this mixer – the 160 litre capacity means that it can use one 25kg bag of cement per mix – making it much easier to get a consistent mix. A full load of sand/aggregate mixture, cement and water is roughly 90 litres so with an actual mixing capacity of 110 litres, there is more than enough space in the drum.

Self-assembly is the key to the pricing of this machine, but it is not difficult if you follow the correct sequence – USE THE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET!

Although single-handed building of the mixer is possible, it really helps to have a second person to lift the heavy bits and occasionally hold a spanner.

The tubular-steel tall stand is sturdy stand and has no trouble in supporting a fully loaded machine.

The frame that supports the motor and drum assembly is also made from sturdy steel tubing, and the wheels are big enough to cope with sites. Finally, the tilt bracket is a solidly welded construction that is used to tilt the whole machine when used on the tall stand.

The motor is shrouded in its own plastic waterproof housing. It is simply lined up with the drive shaft and bolted into place onto the frame with no electrics to connect other than a standard UK plug. The motor is amazingly quiet and there wasn’t much noise from the drive gear.  

Getting the mixer onto the tall stand is a one-person job if it is empty and the ground surface is not too slippery. The instructions provide an illustration of how to do it safely, and the height off the ground is good even for loading some of the bigger barrows.

When testing I bought bags of ready mixed concrete and added these to the drum that had some water in it. This was then followed by the rest of the water and after a few minutes I had a perfectly smooth mixture of concrete ready to pour. This I did by simply using the wheels to manoeuvre the mixer to the hole and then tipping the required amount into it.

Cleaning mixers can be problematic - there always seem to be bits stuck that result in the lump-hammer solution to drum cleaning!  I prefer plastic drums – they stick less and don’t respond so badly to lump-hammer cleaning methods.

The Draper, with new paintwork and smooth drum interior, was fairly easy to clean with a jet nozzle – but it does use a lot of water to do a thorough clean.

Why Buy..?

  • Well priced
  • Good capacity
  • Two operating heights
  • Big wheels for easy moving
  • Compact enough for a van 


Draper Cement mixer Peter Brett Product Review
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