Wera 2go Helps us to Get Organised

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  • Stylish and practical
  • Well designed for easy carrying of a range of tools
  • System built for versatility
  • Strong nylon manufacture for long service life.

Regular users of Wera tools will know that the brand is well known for its systemisation. The tools are designed to work together to help users to maintain some semblance of organisation. Wera does this with careful tool presentation in wallets etc, and by making tool identification as easy as possible.

But wouldn’t it be good to have a quick method of carrying the tools – perhaps gathered from the workshop as well as the van – in a way that keeps them all organised, together and in an easy-to-carry (including up a ladder!) format? As ever, Wera designers are ahead of us, with the launch of the new 2go System.

I will start with what I think is the basic piece, the 2go 1 - a semi-rigid piece of strong black nylon fabric folded in the middle with four faces. Inside and out it is covered with big patches of hook and loop material. Over the fold there is a loop handle sewn in, and to this can be attached an adjustable shoulder strap. In this form the 2go 1 is a blank canvas onto which many other things can be easily attached. Users who already have other Wera tools, like the rigid-walleted Zyklop and socket sets, will be able to attach these to the 2go 1 on both sides, since they have the necessary hook and loop strips on them.

The most distinctive part of the 2go set in my view is the 2go 2. It consists of three pieces – the shoulder strap, the tool caddy pouch and the big, rigid box. This case is 35cm wide, 34cm tall and 11cm deep. The front, back and sides have hook and loop material attached. The front panel can also be folded down for easy access, and the folded panel also has hook and loop attached. This increases the user’s ability to attach the wallets needed, as well as being able to work from the open case.

A similar arrangement on the lid, which can be folded right back flat, means that wallets can be attached here too.

The fact that the case has a big, flat base to enable it to stand upright on an even surface is also really helpful.

It wouldn’t be out of place to carry a small cordless drill driver and spare battery in the spacious main body of the case, but the third part of the 2go 2 comes into its own here. This is a tool caddy with adjustable compartments and its own nylon handle that is perfect for carrying the myriad different screwdrivers we need to have with us these days. And since the screwdrivers can be arranged handle-up, we can take advantage of the fact that Wera drivers can be easily identified by the engraved marks on the tops of the handles, and their new Tool Finder colour code system, thus saving time and hassle.

The padded, adjustable shoulder strap has strong nylon lock-on clips that attach to the tool case so that it can be carried easily, or even taken up a ladder.

The last piece of the set is the 2go 3. This is simply a large, rigid wallet, about 32cm long, 14cm high and 8cm deep with its own small carry handle sewn in. It is a great ‘hold all’ for spanners, pliers, cutters and even a small hammer. A wide strip of hook and loop on the back of the case means that it is equally at home attached to the 2go 2 or the 2go 1, or attached to a space in the van or workshop.

Peter Brett Product Review Wera 2go
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